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10 Best Sweaters for Men that are as Warm as a Hug


Sweater weather is right around the corner, and we couldn’t be more excited to level up on our layering game. Whether you are a professional, a homemaker, or a student, having a few comfortable, warm and cosy sweaters are a must.
The best sweaters for men are those that are easy to style, soft on the skin, extremely warm and simple to maintain. Whether it’s a heavyweight cashmere sweater or a James Bond-inspired turtle neck, trendy men’s sweaters are a dime to a dozen in both online and offline marketplaces. But, before we dig deep into what men’s clothing brands you can explore for sweaters, here are a few essential tips to consider when planning on purchasing stylish sweaters for men:

Tips to Purchase the Best Sweaters for Men

Tackling the winter season in style can be a bit challenging if you are unsure of what you require. Here are some tips to help you make a wise shopping decision when it comes to sweaters:

  • Check the Material: This is the first factor that one looks at when purchasing any kind of men’s clothing. It is the material of the sweater that will ensure longevity, comfort and warmth of the piece. Some of the most commonly used materials in sweaters for men are:
  • Wool Sweaters: Wool is one of the most conventional materials used for making sweaters. Individual yarn is sewed in together into a fluffy ball of warm exquisiteness. Wool is known to possess properties of insulation and extreme softness and is considered, an ideal material for creating the best sweaters for men.
  • Cashmere Sweaters: Another interesting material commonly used in sweater composition is cashmere. The cashmere fibres are extracted from cashmere goats. It also possesses incredible heat retention, thereby keeping you warm for hours on end.
  • Cotton Sweaters: Cotton is one of the most sustainable and budget-friendly fabrics available in the market. Cotton sweaters are easy to maintain and can last for quite a few years. The material, however, is not suitable for cold and wet winters as cotton takes time to completely dry.
  • Alpaca Sweaters: Another popular material for making sweaters is alpaca fibre, derived from namesake hilly animals in South America. This material can be frequently spotted in knit caps, beanies, mittens and other woollen accessories. 
  • Polyester Sweaters: The king of synthetics is, undoubtedly, polyester. It is a highly affordable and stretchable fabric. If you are looking to buy a seasonal or trendy piece, this is the material you should opt for.
  1. Always Go through the Wash Instructions: Any sweater available in the market comes with an attached wash-label. This can give you an idea regarding maintenance costs. Materials with a ‘Dry Clean Only’ tag might not be the best as they could add to the maintenance cost. Sweaters that can be washed and dried at home may be a more affordable option. If you are online shopping for a sweater, pay close attention to the composition section.
  1. Check for Allergenic Fibres: Certain individuals may develop allergies due to the fibre composition. Polyester can feel scratchy to some extent, so if that is one of your concerns, this is one factor to keep in mind.
  2. Look for a Long-Term Investment Piece: We cannot emphasise on this point enough. Sweaters can be a bit pricey, especially the ones offering great comfort and warmth. Therefore always remember to measure the cost per wear of any clothing item. If you pay a good amount for a sweater and wear it frequently too, the amount you pay each time you wear it may feel insignificant in the long term. You may very well get all of your money’s worth and style your wool sweaters for years to come.

Our Picks for Top 10 Best Sweaters for Men

  1. Bossini
Bossini Men Solid Crew Neck Sweater

No fashion label out there screams casual-chic and minimalistic quite like Bossini. The fashion label is often associated with looking polished with basic, affordable pieces. Each sweater features a minimalistic detail such as text or pattern, making for a great addition to everyday casual wear. For example, you can find crew neck pullovers in stunning colours made from rich-quality cotton, offering a comfortable fit. You can style them with a casual pair of jeans finished off with white sneakers, and a trendy wristwatch.

2. Ed Hardy

Ed Hardy Men Printed Sweater

Ed Hardy is that one men’s clothing brand that allows you to play around with colours and prints. From basic floral prints to exotic camp prints, Ed Hardy is the definition of casual dressing with the right amount of funky. Some of the best sweaters for men from their range include sophisticated fits in vibrant colours that can elevate just about any boring outfit and make it winter-chic appropriately. Experiment with unique and playful colour palettes for sweaters with Ed Hardy.

3. Fame Forever

Fame Forever Men Sweater

Another wonderful brand known for selling minimalistic and basic staple pieces for men and women is Fame Forever. The neck designs, patterns and prints are as simple yet elegant as can be. Fame Forever offers extremely affordable clothing items at reasonable price incorporating high-quality cotton into most desirable designs. Their range of best sweaters for men are also spun from cotton fibres, offering high-comfort with an accessible front-button or broad neck detailing. Style their sweaters with formals as well as casuals to add the right amount of elegance into your everyday life.

4. FORCA by Lifestyle

Forca Men Textured Crew-Neck Sweater

FORCA by Lifestyle is one fashion label that combines high-comfort and functionality with polished styling. The label has been turning heads ever since it came into the online and offline marketplaces. Some of the best sweaters for men from the FORCA range are of premium quality, have intricate textures, and are easy to wash. You can filter through a wide array of products that are easy to style and incorporate into your wardrobe. Their pullover styles are some of their most classic pieces and are definitely worth the price for the quality offered.

5. Allen Solly

Allen Solly is often associated with delivering high-quality formal wear for both men and women. Allen Solly’s range of best sweaters for men are built from a variety of fabrics, including cotton, wool and polyester. One thing to note is that shape and structure are their core strengths, making it a great investment piece for the long run. The cost per wear for Allen Solly sweaters is considerably low, indicating that these are some of the most worn sweaters in a man’s wardrobe.

6. Lee

LEE Solid Regular Fit Polo-Neck Sweater

Lee has made a name for itself as one of the most premium clothing brands offering casual-chic attire and some of the best sweaters for men. For a better part of the ’90s, Lee jeans rocked the Indian subcontinent and continue to capture our hearts to this day. Lee also has a range of casual winter wear for men, including the likes of comfortable sweaters, fleece sweatshirts and structured bomber jackets.

7. LP Sport

LP Sport is one such men’s clothing brand that never ceases to surprise the casual dresser. If you are someone that finds basic textures and monochromatic clothing a bit boring, LP Sport is a great option to go for. LP Sports offers intricate sweater patterns with colorful, bold stripes accompanied by a delicate V-neck collar. You can style them with crisp white shirts and allow for the collar to peek through to give some personality to the outfit. Some of the best sweaters for men in the LP Sport range can be styled with both formal and informal clothing.

8. Celio

CELIO ColourBlocked Full Sleeves Sweater

Celio is one level above LP Sport when it comes to the colors and prints. Nothing about Celio sweaters says ‘basic’. The fashion label has some funky prints to offer modern-day casual dressers. Browse through a vibrant and colorful selection of the best sweaters for men along with sweatshirts and other winter-style staples at jaw-dropping prices.

9. Kappa

KAPPA Men Colourblock Full Sleeves Sweater

One fashion term that defines Kappa the best is ‘color blocking’. The Italian sportswear brand has been creating some wonderful loungewear pieces for the modern-day man. The color blocking technique incorporates the use of colors that are on opposite sides of the color wheel. An example of this is mixing yellow with blue or green and red. Both the color combinations complement each other really well and can add color to a rather drab outfit. Find the best sweaters for men in interesting color-blocked patterns with Kappa.

10. United Colours of Benetton (UCB)

UCB Men Textured Full Sleeves Sweater

United Colors of Benetton is considered the top clothing brand for men and women alike. The brand is known for sophisticated, formal and minimalistic clothing. UCB focuses on details such as closure buttons, collars, necklines and hemming etc. that add interest to clothing. UCB offers the best sweaters for men in structures and fitted silhouettes.

That does it with our list of top ten brands for the best sweaters for men. It is crucial to meet that sweet spot between style and functionality, and find that perfect sweater to beat the cold winter. Whether you prefer a chunky knit or a body-con fit, we would highly recommend you look through these brands and add interesting pieces to your winter wardrobe.

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Kavika Krishnamurthy
Kavika Krishnamurthy
2 years ago

Beneficial blog. Especially the tips for purchasing the sweater part really helped me settle on one from the long list of sweaters sitting in my cart. I bought some of the best sweaters for men from FORCA by Lifestyle and Lee for my brother, and he loved them!

Monika Sharma
Monika Sharma
2 years ago

My dad loves wearing sweaters during the rainy and winter season. So I thought of gifting him one for his 45th birthday. Apparently, I ended up buying three after reading this article on the best sweaters for men. Hoping that my dad likes them too.

Parmeet Kaur
Parmeet Kaur
2 years ago

With the winters hitting Mumbai like they never had, I found the tips to purchase the Best Sweaters for Men section to be really helpful and well written. Out of all the different brands mentioned, I really liked the fame forever and bossini one.

Niddhi Kumar
Niddhi Kumar
2 years ago

This is a handy blog and has given me so much insight into the best sweaters for men. I recently purchased the lifestyle sweater for my dad after reading this blog, and let me tell you; he loves it!!