Home Women Slay in Faballey Dresses for women in India 2022

Slay in Faballey Dresses for women in India 2022

FABALLEY Women Floral Print V-neck A-line Dress

For any woman, fashion plays a huge part in how she presents her true self to the world. However, when it comes to wardrobe essentials, the one type of fashion wear you cannot miss out on our dresses. There are different types of dresses for different people. To find the ones that work the best for you, you need a brand that provides top options for you to add to your wardrobe, and that’s just what Faballey dresses have to offer.

Faballey Clothing is a brand founded by two young women in 2012, wanting to make the latest fashion more accessible and affordable to young women in India. With a strong passion for fashion, they have worked together to make their dreams come true. With an aim to bring you the prettiest dress options, Lifestyle has put together a collection from one of the best Faballey dresses online; take a look!

Which Faballey Dresses Should You Buy?

Casual or fancy, Faballey dresses make for the perfect outfits that fit in just right wherever you want them to. To narrow the best ones down, here are 10 Faballey dresses you must buy:

Women Solid Sleeveless Maxi Dress

1. Flared Dresses

Also known as fit and flare dresses, these have a tight fit on the upper body and a fitted bodice on the waist. The skirt flares out in an extremely flattering way and gives the dress a flowy lower finish.

FABALLEY Women Shimmery High Neck Bodycon Dress

2. Bodycon Dresses

Bodycon dresses are ones that have a rather tight, figure-hugging fit. These are made to smoothen out your curves and give your body a flattering silhouette. Often considered an ideal option for fancy parties, bodycon dresses make one look extremely attractive and elegant.

Women Solid Cutaway Neck Midi Dress

3. Midi Dresses

While midi dresses don’t have any unique fitting specifications to identify them with, they sure have a particular, uniform length. Midi dresses fall between your ankles and knees, so they are shorter than gown lengths and longer than knee-length dresses.

FABALLEY Women Solid A-Line Dress

4. A-Line Dresses

“A-Line” refers to the shape of the skirt area in a dress. A-line dresses fit tight at the waist and loosen below it but not quite enough to call it flared. The skirt falls in a way that gives it an “A” shape, hence known as A-line dresses.

Women Solid Halter Neck Maxi Dress

5. Maxi Dresses

Faballey maxi dresses are floor-length, informal dresses. They are cut out to have a long, flowy skirt area with a fitted top. They come in a variety of patterns, prints, and designs, which makes them an elegant choice.

FABALLEY Women Striped T-shirt Dress

6. T-shirt Dresses

 As the name suggests, t-shirt dresses can be easily described as a longer version of your regular t-shirts. They look like a t-shirt and have no waistline or similar details woven into them. T-shirt dresses are a chic option that is currently all the rage in the fashion industry.

Women Floral Lace Layered Sheath Dress

7. Sheath Dresses

A sheath dress is rather a tight-fitting one but has a straight cut that doesn’t have a figure-hugging hemline. While this type comes in many patterns, a solid sheath dress is essential as this works great in professional environments.


FABALLEY Women Roll-Up Sleeves Solid Shirt Dress

8. Shirt Dresses

Shirt dresses look similar to a shirt in terms of little details like collars, cuffs, buttons, and such. These have a looser fit that is often defined at the waist by a belt.


Solid Sleeveless Skater Dress

9. Skater Dresses

Similar to the costume of a figure skater, skater dresses have a tight waist with an A-line skirt that ends above the knees. This is a very fancy and posh option from Faballey Dresses that is perfect for dinner parties and such.


FABALLEY Women Printed Wrap Dress

10. Wrap Dresses

Wrap dresses are those that have front wrap closures, similar to a jacket, and are fastened together by buttons or strings. Casual and chic, these are a fun option for the summer.


Is Faballey an Indian Brand?

Faballey is an Indian brand founded by two Indian ladies, Tanvi Malik and Shivani Poddar, headquartered in Noida. The brand has gained popularity due to its ever-changing latest fashion options that work for all ages and sizes. Faballey dresses are affordable, chic, and just the perfect addition to your wardrobe.

Why is Lifestyle a Good Site to Buy Faballey Dresses From?

Lifestyle stores are one of the most convenient shopping sites available, thanks to their excellent shipping and return policies. With shopping options that allow you to pick up your products at the nearest Lifestyle store to the economical price range and commendable quality products, there is no better site to buy Faballey dresses, Faballey tops, etc. Start shopping and revamp your wardrobe!

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Vidhi Patel
Vidhi Patel
2 years ago

I have heard so much about Faballey dresses, and I saw this blog later that inspired me to shop one for myself. Last month, I bought a skater dress from the brand via Lifestyle, and I absolutely loved it! The brand is definitely worth the hype. It offers such good quality products at an affordable range. Moreover, I bought it during the sale period, so it was a steal deal for me. 

Sanjana Gupta
Sanjana Gupta
2 years ago

While looking for a birthday dress, I came across this blog, and the Faballey Dresses mentioned stole my heart. I got myself the black bodycon dress for my Birthday dinner. Faballey offers affordable and chic outfits.

Saanvi Khatri
Saanvi Khatri
2 years ago

These Faballey dresses are so cute and pretty. I am really looking forward to buying one for myself. My favourite one is the skater dress and I am very excited to explore more.

2 years ago

Finally things have started being normal and outings has started. I wanted to buy few dresses. The suggestions of dresses Faballey Dresses had really blown my mind. Thanks for the help blog