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10 Tips You Need to Know About Lingerie


Only black and white? What’s the right type? There is a lot to know to build your lingerie wardrobe the right way. Read on to score right on your intimates…

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1. Quality matters

When you’re buying lingerie, quality matters more than anything else, especially when it comes to bras. Bras do more than just look good. They provide the right support and lift to your bust to keep you comfortable too. Triumph is one the lingerie brands that provide high-quality lingerie in pretty designs and colours.

2. When to wear a padded bra

Padded bras are not just for smaller sizes. Sure, when you want to add to your curves, opt for the solid padded bra. But a thinly padded bra is great for the bigger bodies too as it provides good support. Check out the pretty Floral Lace-padded Multiway Bra from Triumph. Detachable shoulder straps and non-wired seams add to comfort.

TRIUMPH Floral Lace Padded Multiway Bra

3. You need more than one type of bra

One size does not fit all. Neither does style. Your outfits and lifestyle call for different types. A T-shirt bra, for instance, is seamless and comes with a smooth cup – so no revealing bra lines even under that body-hugging T-shirt. A sports bra on the other hand is a must when engaging in any kind of physical activity – it supports and protects. The Triumph Colourblock Sports Bra with a zip closure is so cool that you may want to leave out your track tops when exercising in it – totally feels good.

TRIUMPH Women Colourblock Sports Bra

4. When to opt for a minimiser bra

Minimiser bras are not suffocating (Yes, this is a common myth). They are constructed to help those struggling with bulges at the side or back. Women with a larger bust should check this out. The Triumph Solid Minimiser Bra has non padding detail and guarantees strong support.

TRIUMPH Women Solid Minimizer Bra

5. Go for colour in lingerie

It’s a guaranteed feel good. The Triumph Solid Non-Padded Bra is practical and snug but so pretty in a deep navy blue. How about different colours for each day of the week? Your little ‘inner’ secret.

TRIUMPH Women Solid Non Padded Bra

6. Underwear for the summer

If you tend to perspire or are most comfortable with cotton in the summer, opt for cotton underwear. Triumph has a variety, ranging from the High Cover Maxi Brief to the Lace Detailed Hipster Panty.

TRIUMPH Stretty Cotton 80 High-Coverage Maxi Briefs - Pack of 3

TRIUMPH Women Lace Detailed Hipster Panty

7. Lacy underwear, always in fashion

Lacy smalls have never gone out of fashion down the decades. Check these: Triumph Floral Lace Tonga and the Lace Detailed Elasticated Panty. If you like them, take your pick from the wide array of lacy ‘littles’ from TRIUMPH.

TRIUMPH Women Floral Lace Tanga Briefs

8. How to store lingerie

Always store your intimates folded properly. This ensures long life and maintains bra-fits.

9. Opt for matching underwear

One way to ensure you have matching sets of bras and panties is to work out your colour palette – that way you are more likely to always have a similar coloured pair handy.

10. When to wear white and black bras

White under white and black under black – this is the rule of thumb with lingerie. A black bra is fine under dark colours as well. A nude bra is best under coloured ensembles and prints – especially if your garments are even somewhat sheer.

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