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10 Work from Home Outfits to Add in Your Wardrobe

Work from home outfits

Over the last year or so, we have all experienced some of the biggest, unexpected changes in our day to day lives. The spread of this virus has put a stop to it all, but there’s one thing that must go on – work. Working from home is now the protocol everyone follows, so important meetings, daily briefings, client conversations and more, all take place on virtual platforms. 

Considering how the situation has lasted longer than anticipated, many people have also decided to make the work from home situation a permanent one. Virtual platform or not, one still needs to keep up their fashion game, so work from home outfits are a priority more than ever.

Your work clothes are known to have a solid impact on your professional image, and work from home clothes are not any different. What you’re wearing will affect the perception of any fellow employees and potential employers, so it’s best to stock up on the best work from home outfits while you have the chance. 

Being one of the biggest shopping stores both online and offline, Lifestyle is home to eye-catching men’s and women’s wear collections that are just what you need to find the perfect work from home outfits.

10 WFH Clothes That Balance Comfort and Professionalism

For any working person, the current work from home dynamic poses a string of challenges. However, with the correct WFH clothes, you can find something that relaxes you during these difficult times. To make this transition easier, here are 10 work from home outfits you should consider adding to your wardrobe:

For Men:

1. FORCA Striped Collared Shirts: Collars on men’s shirts can change your entire look. They can make you look much more professional, and you can pull off the perfect look with one from FORCA by pairing them with wide-leg trousers and a dark belt.

FORCA Men Striped Regular Fit Casual Shirt

2. Kappa Solid T-shirts: Get your hands on some crew-neck T-shirts, regular T-shirts, Solid T-shirts for men from Kappa and wear these tucked in with pleated-front trousers for maximum comfort with an edge of professionalism. Monochromatic colours will work great with this outfit combination.

KAPPA Men Solid Regular Fit Polo T-shirt

3. Levi’s Stonewash Tapered Fit Jeans: Pair these with loose shirts for comfort and a semi-formal look. You can opt for men’s tapered fit jeans from Levi’s in dark shades and pair them with pastel shirts and such for this look.

LEVI'S Men Stonewashed Slim Tapered Jeans

4. BOSSINI Cargo Trousers: Find yourself a pair of comfortable solid men’s cargo trousers from BOSSINI. Wear them with T-shirts that compliment the color like blue, maroon, black or even white.

BOSSINI Men Solid Slim Tapered Fit Cargo Trousers

5. Colorplus Grey Chinos: Chinos from Colorplus are men’s wear so versatile that you can wear them anywhere. Donning them all day long will cause you no discomfort, so put these on with a fun coloured sweatshirt and a jacket for a balanced look.

COLORPLUS Textured Slim Fit Chinos

For Women:

1. Code by Lifestyle Open Front Shrug: Shrugs are a type of loosely knit garment used to layer over different clothes. Layer a Code by Lifestyle shrug on a black coloured V neck blouse. Paper bag pants will give this outfit a relaxed vibe while also keeping it classy.

CODE Women Striped Open-Front Shrug

2. Ginger By Lifestyle Sweatshirt: A sweatshirt is one of the most convenient things to wear. You can put together the best outfit by pulling one over from Ginger by Lifestyle on a light colored collared shirt with a pair of jeans.

GINGER Women Printed Round Neck Sweatshirt

3. Ginger By Lifestyle Solid Jumpsuits: Jumpsuits can be a go-to WFH outfit option as they’re easy to wear and also extremely comfortable. Choose a solid jumpsuit from Ginger by Lifestyle with a unique cropped length and wear it with your favourite pair of stud earrings.

GINGER Women Solid Cropped Jumpsuit

4. Melange By Lifestyle Printed Dresses: Pair these from Lifestyle with your comfiest slippers and a locket to accessorise. In case of important meetings, you can make it more professional by pulling on a blazer on your dress.

MELANGE Women Printed A-Line Dress

5. Nexus Jeggings: Jeggings from Nexus, specifically meant for plus size women, worn with a comfortable, printed shirt layered over a tank top is the way to go. Add a smartwatch and use the French tuck for a modern-day outfit.


Perks of Shopping for WFH Outfits from Lifestyle

One of the main reasons Lifestyle has a trusting customer base is their excellent customer service. From quick delivery of affordable and top quality products to hassle-free return/exchange processes, shopping with Lifestyle is an extremely easy process. 

Start shopping for work from home clothes along with footwear, accessories, kids’ wear, etc. and make this lockdown a good one fashion-wise! All you have to do is sign up to begin your shopping spree.

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Janvi Roy
Janvi Roy
2 years ago

My husband & I were thinking about updating our WFH clothes, and then I came across these suggestions. These work from home outfits ideas are great, and we are indeed going to try these outfits.

Zeel Patel
Zeel Patel
2 years ago

Work from home outfits are like a must-have for all the professionals who are working from home. I was so confused about which outfit will look professional and comfortable to wear home all day. I then came across this blog, and this has some really great wfh outfit