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20 Stylish Winter Outfits to Add to Your Collection!


It is the season of hot chocolate, bonfires, holiday celebrations, and more than anything, cute and cosy clothes. Winter is the best time to experiment with fashion and bring out your inner fashionista. 

However, there is more to winter fashion than just a winter dress. Broaden your perspective, and a whole different world of fashion opens up for the season. Seasonal fashion for the chillier months is an untapped arena for many. But with the right winter outfits, you can look cute and sophisticated even when it is freezing outside. You just need to look beyond the obvious. 
Lifestyle assists you in this endeavour by bringing a collection of the best winter wear that will change your fashion game for the season.  From cute winter dresses to cheerful sweaters, we have come up with 20 winter outfits that can elevate your style.

Check out our list of winter must-haves before you explore online shopping for the cold season.

1. Turtle Neck Top

FAME FOREVER Solid Turtle Neck Top

A high-neck or turtle-neck top is the epitome of winter fashion style. Turtle neck tops keep you warm and snug and give you that classy winter outfit look. Dress it up by matching it with a skirt or play it down with a pair of your favourite jeans. They are also great for layering over a sleeveless winter dress. We suggest investing in a collection of turtle neck tops in your favourite colours.

2. Leather Jacket

The sheer class and versatility of a leather jacket are unbeatable. They are highly effective in keeping you warm even on the coldest winter days.  These jackets are also the perfect way to add an edge to your outfit. For versatility, opt for a solid leather jacket in shades of black or burgundy. If you love experimenting with fashion, go for faux leather jackets with embellishments.

3. Cashmere Sweater

Nothing feels better than slipping into a soft cashmere sweater on a cold winter day. They look classy and have a very luxurious feel to them. Solid cashmere sweaters are perfect for everyday wear, be it for work or a dinner date.  Pair them with a good old pair of jeans or style it over a camisole satin dress for a chic winter outfit look.

4. Woollen Skirt

This season, swap your denim skirts for a woollen skirt. A lush well-fitted woollen skirt is an essential winter outfit. They are crafted from wool which keeps you warm even on the coldest winter days. A knee-length or midi woollen skirt is perfect for work and parties and dressy events. For a high-class look, style your woollen skirt with a solid v-neck blouse in the same colour as the skirt.

5. Basic Jumper

No winter women’s clothing collection is complete without a few basic jumpers. From slouchy to collared ones, there are a wide variety of options to choose from. Whatever your personal style preference is, there is something for everyone. Cosy up in a fuzzy jumper or add a bit of sparkle to gloomy cold days with an embellished jumper.

6. Knit Set

Embrace the cosiness of winter with matching knit sets. Co-ordinated sets have become incredibly popular over the years for their classic appeal. This winter, cosy up in a matching knitwear set while you lounge around with a hot cup of cocoa. For a truly snug look, opt for a top and pant set with a matching long cardigan. Style it with some fuzzy slippers, and you are good to go.

7. Slip Dress

Want to look fashionable even when it is freezing out? A slip dress is your answer. A slinky slip dress is graceful and sophisticated. You can layer it over fitted sweaters, tops, and turtle neck T-shirts for a warm yet alluring look. Looking for a winter outfit when heading out? Just add on a pair of tights underneath, and you are good to go. We suggest going for lingerie-inspired slip winter dresses with lace in velvet or satin.

8. Wool Pants

It is time to give your work wardrobe a seasonal makeover. Swap your chiffon and cotton pants for warmer pants as the temperature dips. Wool is the ultimate winter fabric and never fails to keep one warm. Tapered and wide-legged wool trousers make for the perfect formal winter outfit. Style them with printed or solid blouses and a pair of suede shoe boots.

9. Collared Shirts

Do not stow away your shirts just yet. Despite their non-insulating properties, shirts are still useful in winters. They are perfect to work under fuzzy sweaters and jackets. They can also be styled under men’s clothing items such as woollen vests and fitted sweaters. They are also perfect for layering when you are travelling. Just throw on a black sweater and vibrant fuzzy cardigan on top of a white shirt, and you are good to go.

10. Scarf

BIBA Women Printed Scarf

Warm accessories are a must-have in your winter collection. A chunky knitted scarf is a functional and stylish winter accessory that everyone needs to have. The simple addition of a scarf not only elevates your outfit but also adds warmth. It can be worn with pretty much any outfit from winter dresses to a simple sweater. A good scarf is as important as a pair of fuzzy socks in the winter.

11. Long Coat

CODE Women Solid Notch Lapel Collar Trench Coat

Nothing says ‘Winter is here’ as a fashionable long coat. From lightweight trench coats to polished woollen ones, there is a wide range of options available. Choose from long coats in belted, pea, military, cape, maxi, and duffle styles. While a solid black or camel coat works best for everyday wear, you can also experiment with printed coats for an extra dash of winter magic.

12. Jumpsuit

VAN HEUSEN Women Solid Jumpsuit

A jumpsuit is the perfect blend of function and fashion. It is the perfect way to stay cosy and look stylish in winter. We suggest opting for jumpsuits in corduroy, velvet, wool, and tweed. You can also opt for a strappy jumpsuit and style it with a well-fitted top for a put-together winter outfit or wear a fuzzy jacket over it for a high-fashion look.

13. Sweater Dress

ONLY Women High-Neck Sweater

A sweater dress is key when it comes to winter formal dresses. They are comfy, cosy, and stylish and can be dressed up or dressed down. For work, opt for a ribbed sweater winter dress with a high-neck. Are you heading out for a coffee date? You could opt for a cute oversized sweater winter dress in a pastel colour.

14. Button-down Cardigan

MONTE CARLO Women Textured Full Sleeves Cardigan - winter outfits

Button-down cardigans are a classic winter outfit. One can never have enough of them. From pastels to jewel tones, cardigans come in every imaginable colour and are a winter essential. This humble fashion piece can be paired with everything, from T-shirts to winter dresses. Lightweight cardigans are perfect for layering, and chunky ones are best for adding warmth to your outfit.

15. Beanie

Every woman needs a cute winter beanie in her collection of winter outfits. Not only does it keep you warm, but it also keeps your hair in place despite the harsh winds of the season. They can be styled with both casual and dressy outfits. You can opt for a woollen beanie with sparkles or pom-poms for an extra chic look.

16. Suede Skirt

Want to don a pretty mini skirt for your Christmas party but afraid of falling sick? Opt for a suede skirt. It will keep you looking fashionable and warm while you celebrate and party with your loved ones. If you plan on wearing a suede mini skirt, we suggest styling it with tights or thigh-high boots for additional comfort.

17. Boots

CATWALK Women Solid Chunky Heel Ankle Boots - winter outfits

Boots are an integral part of a well-functioning winter outfit. They are comfortable, keep your feet warm, and go with pretty much every winter outfit. For example, ankle-length boots with chunky heels are perfect for casual wear, and thigh-high boots are suitable for dressier events.

18. Puffer Jacket

CELIO Men Solid Mock Collar Puffer Jacket - winter outfits

If you love the oversized clothing trend, you will love puffer jackets. True to their name, they are puffy and big. These bubble-shaped jackets are key to keeping warm and making a fashion statement simultaneously. We suggest buying a colour-blocked or a metallic colour jacket if you are in the mood to experiment.

19. Sequin Dress

CODE Women Sequinned Sleeveless Fit and Flare Dress - winter outfits

Bring some glamour into your winter clothes with a sequined dress. It is a must-have for all those parties you will be attending during the festive season. We suggest opting for a v-neck bodycon style sequined dress and styling it with knee-length boots for a glamorous look.

20. Faux Fur Top

ONLY Women Solid Hooded Faux Fur Jacket - winter outfits

Who does not love the soft and comforting feeling of a fuzzy top? Cute and cosy, it perfectly complements the magical vibe of winter. Choose from long-sleeved and short-sleeved faux fur tops for your next get-together with friends. Style it with a pair of jeans and ankle-length boots.

From leather skirts to puffer jackets online, Lifestyle has the perfect winter wear for you. So explore options online and find the balance between stylish, comfy, and snuggly. Sign up to the platform now to unlock a fantastic winter shopping experience.

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3 years ago

What a lovely post! Great style and design and it fit you so well. Thanks for sharing such a great idea!

AL- Maxi Dress Trend

Rita Roberts
Rita Roberts
2 years ago

As winter is around, I wanted to shop for some winter outfits, and my research landed me on this blog article. I bought a turtle neck top that feels very cozy and is super stylish

Payal Rajapara
Payal Rajapara
2 years ago

Quite an insightful blog on winter outfits. I learnt so many new ways to style my outfits for the cold season. Thanks for sharing.

Priyam Gupta
Priyam Gupta
1 year ago

I never know what to wear in Mumbai winters but thanks to this article I was able to pick so many amazing winter outfits.

Rohit Pathak
Rohit Pathak
1 year ago

As winter is just around the corner I was looking for some winter outfits that are easy to style and looks stylish at the same time. This blog has some great ideas!

Suryam Srivastav
Suryam Srivastav
1 year ago

What a stunning collection of winter outfits! I’m definitely going to try all of these this December and I would highly recommend bookmarking this piece for future reference.

Sarthak Kumar
Sarthak Kumar
1 year ago

These are some of the best winter outfits that I have ever seen and the best part was that the products are linked below.

Mokshada Deshmukh
Mokshada Deshmukh
1 year ago

I loved the winter outfits ideas in this blog! I am not really into fashion and this made it very easy for me

Hrishikesh Chikane
Hrishikesh Chikane
1 year ago

Trust me this blog has some great winter outfits ideas that you can try if you are not that creative when it comes to fashion. My fav is hands down Knit Set.