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Top 5 perfume brands for women that will make their man go crazy

top perfume brands for women


Nothing is more desirable than a woman that smells as fresh as a flower. You, too, can captivate an entire room full of people with the power of a potent fragrance. Make heads turn with the top perfume brands for women. Each brand will give you plenty of options to pick and choose fragrances that suit your personality, preferences, and potency requirements perfectly.

The perfume collection showcased by Lifestyle Stores ticks every criterion for a powerful scent. The collection ranges from floral to spicy with mild to overpowering strengths. Here is the breakdown of the top perfume brands for women that are worth every penny to help you find your favourite perfume.

What are the Best Smelling Perfume Brands for Women on Lifestyle Stores?

Here are the top five top perfume brands for women that you must check out when shopping for women’s fragrances on Lifestyle Stores among the various renowned brands for perfumes.

1. Embark


Embark offers an exclusive irresistible perfume range for women. Each of them is a unique infusion of floral and oriental scents refreshing and pleasing to the wearer. The top perfume brand for women offers scents that come in a printed glass bottle with quantities ranging from thirty to a hundred millilitres. Among them, the My Dream range by Embark is regarded as their most pleasing fragrance to date. Make sure to keep an eye out for this fragrance when shopping online.

2. Davidoff


Perfumes with beachy undertones are quite popular among women. Davidoff is the ultimate specimen of this and has an entire range dedicated to coastal water scents. Each bottle features a natural beachy scent combined with citrus notes. The range is filled with exotic perfumes for women from sweet-smelling fragrances to musk’s pleasing aroma. Escape the monotony of your work life and enter into a peaceful world that reminds you of the oceanic waves and coconuts with one of the top perfume brands for women.

3. Burberry

BURBERRY-Brit-Sheer-Eau-De-Toilette - top perfume brands for women

Made popular by Gretchen Wieners from Mean Girls, Burberry is a work of art and produces some of the world’s finest fragrances. Each scent for the designer label combines the zestiness of citrus fruits and aromatic notes from pineapples, mandarin, and grapes that create the feeling of freshness. The Brit Sheer perfume is a popular choice to consider from this range. 


SKINN-Nude-Fragrance-for-Women - top perfume brands for women

Channel your sensuality with SKINN perfumes by Titan. Each fragrance is formulated by perfumers based out of France. The label continues to astound Indian women with its wholesome body fragrances ranging from floral scents to spicy notes. Get inspired by sensual aromas that bring forth a spellbinding fragrance with SKINN’s exclusive perfume selection for women.

5. Calvin Klein

CALVIN-KLEIN-Eternity-Eau-De-Parfum-For-Women - top perfume brands for women

This top perfume brand for women has been quite well-known for its extraordinary range of apparel, fashion accessories, and perfumes. Each scent by Calvin Klein exemplifies the feelings of freshness and keeps you smelling good all day long. There are plenty of scents to choose from, thanks to Lifestyle Stores’ exquisite range of Eau de toilette perfumes from the brand. Each bottle comes packed in a beautiful box that can make for a wonderful present for your lady love. 

Apart from the conventional floral scents, Calvin Klein brings forth other earthy fragrances combined with woody notes. Another wonderful thing to note about the label is its cruelty-free policy. Such perfumes are carefully manufactured without the use of animal testing. Drop by Lifestyle Stores today and pick out the perfect Eau de toilette perfumes online.


How to Maximise the Potency of Top Perfume Brands for Women?

Make the most of Lifestyle Stores’ top perfume brands for women by following the below-mentioned application tips:

  1. It is essential to clean your skin before you proceed with applying perfume. 
  2. Always apply perfume on the pulse points. These points include the wrists, the base of the throat, behind ears, knees, and the inner elbows as they capture body heat well.
  3. To ensure the fragrance lasts long, rub a tiny bit of petroleum jelly to the pressure points right before applying the perfume. This habit prevents volatile scents from evaporating quickly. 
  4. Make a scent last longer by applying a mist and perfume with the same fragrance.
  5. Always apply perfume from a distance of about five inches.

What Makes Lifestyle Stores a Cut Above the Rest When it Comes to Perfumes?

There are several perks of online shopping when it comes to Lifestyle Stores. Along with bringing you the top perfume brands for women, the platform offers a plethora of options, tons of brands, top-notch packaging, hassle-free returns and 100% customer satisfaction. All products are authentic and come wrapped in their original packaging, so you can be assured the perfume is legitimate.

Add to your fragrance collection by filtering through some of the best colognes for women, among various other attractive accessories offered on the platform. You could even offer them as presents with the platform’s E-gift card facility. So go ahead and sign up now.

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Karan Sharma
Karan Sharma
2 years ago

Buying gifts for my wife is one of the most challenging jobs for me, but luckily all because of this article on top perfume brands for women, I could gift my wife the best perfume on her birthday.

Vidhi Patel
Vidhi Patel
2 years ago

There are so many perfume brands available for women in the market that it gets challenging to pick one which last long and smells good at the same time. So this blog suggested some great top perfume brands for women, which made my shopping easy!