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5 fashion tips for going back to work

5 fashion tips for going back to work

After two years of wearing sweatpants and only paying attention to how our top halves look on video calls, most of us are now returning to work. If you’re feeling the jitters and don’t know how to put together some workplace fashion to go back to dressing every day, these 5 back to work fashion tips are what you need to get started…

1. Declutter your closet

First things first. Getting ready to put together your outfits for work would be a lot easier if you started by organising your closet. It’s one of those things we’re always putting off but doing it will make dressing in the morning before work that much easier. Get rid of anything you’re sure you won’t wear or even those few things you’re saving for one fine day. Let’s face it; it may never come! Keep what you want and categorise everything – tops, bottoms, layers, scarves, accessories, etc. Knowing where everything is will help you dress to look your best.

2. Get some workwear essentials

2.	Get some workwear essentials


Investing in some fashion essentials for work is another tip we can’t stress on enough. Joggers and baggy tees won’t cut it anymore. It’s back to blouses, trousers, dresses and more when you’re headed to an office. Pick apparel that you can pair easily with several different outfits. That means versatile cuts and designs in neutral colours. Once you’ve got this foundation right, you can add those statement pieces you want so you can make a ‘wow’ impression.

3. Find the right accessories

3. Find the right accessories

Workplace fashion is no different from casual fashion looks when it comes to accessories. Whether your style is more minimalistic or attention-grabbing, get some go-to accessories to wear throughout the workweek. Jewellery, watches, handbags, scarves… the right accessories will make even the most basic outfit pop.

4. Choose your work bags

Choose your work bags

From a roomy tote to an easy-to-carry backpack, updating your back-to-work wardrobe should include a few stylish handbags too. An effortless everyday handbag in Black or Brown for the days you don’t want to think about what to wear or a bold shoulder bag that will get everyone talking. Which style is more you?

5. Plan ahead

5. Plan ahead

A big part of being dressed well is planning what you will wear. If you can’t plan for the week, at least try planning your outfit the night before. This will give you ample time to figure out what individual pieces to put together to create the look you’re going for. Doing it in a hurry before rushing out the door only leads to us wearing the same things over and over again or doing the bare minimum to look presentable. So, take about 10 minutes out of your night-time schedule and lay out what you will need for the following day.

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