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5 Winter Makeup Tips for Creating a Flawless Look

Winter Makeup Tips

Everyone is gearing up to transform their wardrobe with new winter outfits as the cold season is beginning to set in. When upgrading your closet, you also need to refresh your makeup choices because the drop in temperature will likely collide with the fall in moisture level of your skin too. Like we prefer layering clothes to keep ourselves warm, even our skin requires extra protection against dryness, flakiness, dullness and other skin concerns, thus we need some handy winter makeup tips. 

To completely eliminate unsightly skin dryness along with a host of other skin concerns, we have curated a list of essential winter makeup tips that you must keep in mind and put on your to-do list during the cold season. 

Follow these steps for Flawless Winter Makeup Tips this Season

1. Use of Moisturizer, Face Oils and Serums to Preserve Your Skin’s Hydration:


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Even on summer days, the foremost step to preparing your skin is to use a good hydrating moisturiser. The skin needs an extra boost of hydration during winters, which a regular moisturiser cannot fulfil, especially if you have dry skin. To overcome this, you should apply face oils or serums or use a nourishing moisturiser that sits well into your pores. 

Face Oils 

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Pro Tip:

Ensure to apply oils and serums after using your regular moisturiser. Allow the product a few minutes to settle in before moving on to the primer and foundation.

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2. Switch to Liquid and Cream Foundation:

Liquid Foundation 

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Cream Foundation

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In winter, it is recommended to stick with liquid and cream foundations for a flawless base application. The flowy consistency makes it easy to blend with both a brush and hands. Liquid foundations and concealers will assist you in creating a flawless makeup look and prevent the skin from drying. 

Pro Tip:

One of the most effective winter makeup tips is to mix your regular foundation and moisturiser to form a quick DIY hydrating base. This will save you the hassle of purchasing a dewy foundation along with a host of other winter makeup products

3. Avoid using Powdery Makeup Products:

Even if you are thoroughly following a proper hydration routine before applying your makeup base, your attempts to create a flawless look will go to waste if you use too many powdery products. Normal and oily skin types can still use compacts or translucent powder. However, women with dry skin should certainly adhere to such winter makeup tips and consider shying away from powders as it may further cause flaking.

Pro Tip:

One of the best winter makeup tips would be to use pressed powder to set your makeup as it is less drying on the skin. You can apply it to the skin by using a makeup sponge or brush.

4. Use Liquid Blush and Highlighter:

Liquid Blush

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A hint of peachy or rosy hue on the cheeks can instantly enhance your winter makeup look. If you want to use a highlighter, opt for a strobe cream or liquid formulation to create a dewy makeup look. A cream formula gives a subtle sheen to the skin than a pigment-packed powder. You can choose any liquid blush and highlighter of your choice from Lifestyle’s wide variety of best makeup brands.

Pro Tip:

For an everyday natural look, you can shop for lip and cheek tints or liquid lipsticks as they can serve multiple purposes and is one of the best cost-effective winter makeup tips.     

5. Use Creamy or Demi-Matte Lipsticks:

Creamy Lipsticks 

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Demi-Matte Lipsticks

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One of the best ways to create a standout winter look is to play with different lip colours. For winters, opt for creamy or demi-matte lipsticks to avoid drying. Also, for achieving a smooth lipstick application, don’t forget to moisturise your lips with a hydrating lip balm of your choice. If you are creating a party makeup look, you can also opt for lip gloss. Never deal with chapped lips ever again through the application of lip balms, cream lipsticks and gloss. They will ensure that your lips are soft, supple and hydrated throughout the day.

Pro Tip:

If you are still worried about dry lips, top your lips with a coat of gloss. The added shine will also make it appear as though you made a lot of effort in getting ready.

We hope you enjoyed reading this article and gained some insights when it comes to creating winter makeup looks. Incorporate these easy winter makeup tips into your regime to create flawless winter looks using your favourite products and brands. You can find all the best makeup products and essentials exclusively on Lifestyle stores. 


How should I do my makeup for winter?

The best way to ace a makeup look in winters is to maintain and preserve the skin’s moisture level. A few winter makeup tips for dry skin is to prep it at night, wash your face with gentle cleansers and moisturise as much as your skin requires. 

What are winter makeup colours?

Winter is the best time to flaunt and create natural dewy makeup that consists of subtle colours. You can dive into colours like pinks, a few purple shades, neutral browns for the winter season. Further, you can add rosy, peachy or neutral eyeshadows to create a funky winter eye makeup look. 

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Saanvi Khatri
Saanvi Khatri
2 years ago

I loved all the pro winter makeup tips given here, and I will definitely add some of the products recommended here to my makeup vanity. Must-read article!

Sakshi Verma
Sakshi Verma
2 years ago

In winters, my makeup tends to be cakey due to dryness. After reading these winter makeup tips, I started using liquid products and purchased serums and oils to prevent tit. I am glad I used the tip as my makeup application has become smooth like butter.

2 years ago

It becomes very difficult for me to create a flawless makeup base in winter as my skin tends to be very dry. The Winter makeup tips given in this blog is so helpfull as it is very detailed.

Yogendra Sankhala
Yogendra Sankhala
1 year ago

Winter is just around the corner and it’s time for me to upgrade my makeup kit. This is an exceptional article that gave me so many amazing Winter Makeup Tips!

Naveen Kumar
Naveen Kumar
1 year ago

It becomes difficult to do a smooth makeup in winter as my face becomes super dry in winters and make up looks cakey. My friend suggested me this blog and it has some great winter makeup tips!! Its super useful.

Netranand Pathak
Netranand Pathak
1 year ago

Winter skin is my worst nightmare and all of these Winter Makeup Tips have helped me keep my skin hydrated and keep the flaking at bay.

Subhodeep Bagchi
Subhodeep Bagchi
1 year ago

I have been using these Winter Makeup Tips so far and they are working great for me. All of these tips are perfect for my skin combination skin type.

Mathews M
Mathews M
1 year ago

Winter makes my make up very cakey! This blog really has good Winter Makeup Tips for creating flawless makeup this season

Tanmoy Debnath
Tanmoy Debnath
1 year ago

This blog has some nice and easy Winter Makeup Tips that will help you to have a smooth makeup. If your makeup gets patchy like me in winters you can try these ideas.