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6 pant styles every man should have


You may not pay too much attention to the pants you slip on every morning. It probably seems like you’re picking more of the same thing… dark blue jeans versus black trousers? All the same, right? That’s not entirely true. There are so many types of pants for men! From lounging at home to heading to work, here are 6 pant styles you should have in your wardrobe…

1. Cargo Pants

A must-have in any man’s wardrobe, there’s so much you can do with a pair of cargo pants. The functional style can be made more fashionable with different fabrics and prints. If you’re the outdoorsy type, you will definitely love a pair of these rugged pants, but even if not, these comfortable pants deserve a spot in your collection. For a more versatile look, a navy blue or black pair will do the trick, but if you prefer something vintage, opt for a khaki pair.

2. Corduroy Trousers

If you haven’t paid much attention to corduroy clothing, here’s why you should start! The cord-based pattern trousers are appealing on more than one level. The soft material is comfortable, the loose fit lets you move freely, and they don’t look as casual as denims. So for those times that you are wearing smart-casuals, corduroy trousers will offer you the best of everything. This is why they’re one of the pants every man should own.

3. Casual Trousers

Diversify your wardrobe with a few pairs of casual trousers. Mainly made in cotton, you can find these trousers in various fabrics and colours. While they look very casual, they work well with smarter outfits too. Think of a Polo t-shirt or a knit sweater on top. You can also experiment with your footwear to make these trousers look dressier – sneakers for a casual look or derby shoes for a formal one.

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4. Formal Trousers

These trouser styles for men are necessary for all working men. From going to the office to attending formal events, these trousers need a space in your mix. You can choose between flat front or pleated trousers, the latter having a looser fit in comparison. Both trouser styles have a well-tailored look to them. Be sure to pick the right size for you, including length and waist and hip size. Trousers are only as good as their fit.

5. Black Joggers

When it comes to your casual wardrobe, the best pants for men in this department are joggers. The comfort factor is unmatched, and they can still look oh-so-stylish with anything you wear with them. The key to looking smart in joggers is picking better fabrics. Knitted fabrics in dark hues and fitted cuffs are the way to go.

6. Blue Jeans

There’s no doubt that jeans are a staple in everyone’s wardrobe, whether a man or woman. You can’t deny their charm, especially regarding comfort, variety and versatility. They can be worn in various settings – from blue jeans for a casual lunch to skinny black jeans for a formal party. These iconic pieces of bottom wear for men deserve a prominent spot in your collection.

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