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7 men’s dress shoe styles for formalwear


From dressing up for work or an interview to a formal gathering or date night, knowing how to style your formalwear is an unmissable skill. These 7 men’s dress shoe styles will create that dapper look like never before…

  1. Loafer sandals

Just right for the warmer months, these shoes have the comfort and look of sandals and the style of loafers. This brown pair from Code has a detailed slip-on design and a textured sole. The velcro-straps make it easy to wear while the cut detailing on either side make it an edgy design that works well with all types of formalwear.

2. Mule loafers

These dress shoes mix two famous styles together – mules and loafers. They are comfortable, practical and still complement formal outfits nicely. Code’s grey mule loafers have a suede-like synthetic fabric with a metallic accent on the front.

3. Lace-up boots

What’s more often than not considered a part of casualwear, a pair of neutral lace-up boots have a utilitarian vibe that contrasts formalwear making it a great option. The black pair of textured mid-top lace-up boots by Lee Cooper are perfect for every occasion. Wear them with ankle-length trousers to pull off this look.

4. Oxford shoes

The closed lacing system differentiates these shoes from Derbys. They can be worn with a variety of suits and are meant for very formal events like weddings. A good choice for a wedding-like event is Ruosh’s black pair complete with a contrasting red panel and an engraved pattern on the tip.

5. Derby shoes

A classic in men’s dress shoes just like Oxfords, Derby shoes are similar in design and pattern apart from the lacing system used. They are also less intricate in design compared to Oxfords. A pair of brown Derbys like the one from Ruosh comes with a perforated design on the front and along the side as well as simple laces to tie it together.

6. Monk-strap shoes

These unique shoes feature a strap or buckle on the front as part of its design and is a good change-up from Oxfords or Derby shoes. The monk-strap formal shoes from Ruosh are light brown and have two gold buckles on one side with a textured strap underneath. Wear them without socks with tapered trousers for the best feel.

7. Loafers

Loafers have been a part of men’s formalwear for a long time and the moccasin-style shoe is a nice, relaxed touch to your formal looks. Traditionally worn without socks, they can be styled in a number of ways. Code’s dark blue loafers are made in a very traditional design and is complete with metal detailing on the front flap. Pair it with shirts and trousers or a full three-piece suit and it will always look dapper.

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