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A Quick Guide on How to Wear Lehenga with a Saree


Are you prepping up for a festive gathering to celebrate traditional festivals? Or is it your cousin’s wedding? Do you just want to dress and bling yourself up for pooja at home? Well, fret not, effortlessly stylish lehenga sarees are here to your rescue. 

Not so many years ago, the concept of incorporating the drape look of a lehenga in a saree hit the rail. It has been riding the train of popularity ever since. This trend has piqued the curiosity of many women who are keen to wear a lehenga saree now. 

Are you one of them? If yes, let us help you figure out all you need to know about this astonishing piece in women’s clothing.

How to Wear a Lehenga Saree? – A Step by Step Breakdown

So, the day is fast approaching when you have to take your attire out of the closet and flaunt it to your friends and family. But are you still wondering how to wear lehenga saree step by step? Here is all you need to know about how to wear lehenga saree perfectly:

Step 1 – Wear an underskirt, preferably made of shimmer or high-quality satin fabric. This is especially important if your lehenga saree is made of thin or see-through fabric or both. Support the drape of the lehenga saree with a thick fabric underskirt. This would make the pleats appear like a lehenga.

Now, tuck the other end of the lehenga saree behind your waist, at the centre, and then bring it to your right side. Tuck it in properly as you bring the saree to your right-hand side. This is the first step to wear a lehenga saree.

Step 2 – Now, it is time to pleat the saree. Needless to say, neat pleats are a must. For the first one, take a width of 4-5 inches and form it concisely. The following pleats should be the same width as you continue to fold the saree. As you keep up the process, ensure that there is little to no gap between your pleats. Repeat the routine until you finally reach the left-hand side of your waist, and tuck in the last pleat.

Step 3 – Neatly tuck your saree as you keep reaching the back, and then cross the previously tucked-in first layer. Once you reach this step, continue moving the saree to the right-hand side, behind the waist.

Step 4 – This is the point where you create the pallu drape. Once you have reached the back of your waist on the right-hand side, take the remaining fabric of the saree, and pleat it. Then drop it like a pallu saree. You can even take one corner of the drape and tuck it in, so it does not swing around. Pin the drape on your shoulder to secure it. Now you have the answer to the question – how to drape a saree like a lehenga?
Secure the pleats by pinning them up in a few places. You can accessorise the look with waist jewellery or kamarband and take the beauty of the lehenga saree up a notch. It serves as an easy way to cinch and highlight your waist and can even hold your pallu/dupatta in place.

What are the Different Ways of Wearing a Lehenga Saree?

The lehenga saree is worn in a different way than the traditional saree. A traditional saree would be wrapped and pleated around a petticoat, whereas the lehenga saree is draped around a skirt made of high-quality thick fabric like satin. 

Now, are you looking to stand out amongst the crowd and entice them with a unique look from your lehenga saree? Let’s check out the different ways in which you can wear lehenga sarees.

1. Classic Drape Style

Who does not love going classic every once in a while? This is a very easy drape style and takes very little time to master. Take one end of your saree’s dupatta, and pleat its entire length. Leave the longer side of the fabric at the front and pin the pleated fabric on your left shoulder.

Now, take the free end in the front, and take it all the way to your waist towards the back, which wraps it around your lehenga and blouse. Pull it towards your waist on the left-hand side, and tuck it in right at the centre of the waist.

Want to make this look even more stylish? Pair it up with a smaller dupatta, and carry it around your arms. This style is called the double dupatta, and is known to grab eyeballs!

2. Casual Drape Style

Want to flaunt your stylish blouse with intricate designs and cuts? Go for the casual drape style for your lehenga saree. 

Start by tucking one end of your dupatta on the waist towards your left side. Now loosen it a little bit, and bring the dupatta from behind, over your right shoulder. Secure the dupatta with a pin over your right shoulder, and let the free end hang towards the right side of your waist towards the front.

3. Bracelet Drape Style

This is a modern take on the casual drape style. It is perfect for gatherings with a majorly young audience, where you would like to stand out from the crowd and roll some eyes.  If you are wondering how to wear a saree in a modern style, try this lookout. 

Take one of the ends of your dupatta, put it over your right shoulder, and leave the longer part hanging freely behind. Pin the dupatta on your shoulder to secure it.

Now, form one pleat on the dupatta’s end that hangs behind, and pull it towards your left side. Wrap the fabric around your wrist, just like a bracelet, and secure the drape with a pin.

4. Hanging U-Drape Style

Want to go for a diva look? This one is for you. It flaunts your bareback and is also a great way to capture the attention of designer dupattas or those with detailed embroidery. 

Leave the longer part of your dupatta behind after pleating one end of it and securing it with a pin on your left shoulder. Now, take the front half of your dupatta, and then secure it with a pin on your waist on the right side. 

Take the longer part’s end, and pleat it tightly. After this, secure it with a pin on the right side itself. This will form a very attractive U-shaped fall for your dupatta on your back, hanging below the hip.

How to Enhance Your Look After Wearing a Lehenga Saree?

Let’s run by some tips which can help in further elevating your lehenga saree look:

1.Wearing heels would give you a much better posture, elevation, and will prevent the saree from getting caught under your feet.

2. Wear waist or neck jewellery that compliments your blouse or lehenga. Bangles that match with the fabric and earrings which complement the dupatta will elevate your look. Chandbalis, in particular, are a big hit during the wedding season. Some even opt for classic oxidised silver earrings.

3. Pick latkans as ornamented ends of your lehenga’s dori. They could be even added to the blouse’s borders or its back. 

4. Go for a custom made blouse. If you want to wear lehenga saree, it would be preferable to wear a choli style blouse as it pairs best with lehenga sarees.

5. Experiment with your hairstyle. If you have lustrous long hair, then you can go for modern braids or buns. Even consider more playful looks like a messy bun or a combination of waves and curls.

6. Make sure to moisturise your shoulders before putting on the blouse. It will help prevent any rashes from the blouse due to small amounts of friction caused when moving around.

7. A small purse can be seen as the icing on the perfect look. Not only does it allow carrying a few essentials such as cash, cards or even pins, it also adds some bling to your attire as well.

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Ryna Kapoor
Ryna Kapoor
2 years ago

I love experimenting with new fashion styles, but I was a bit confused with how to wear lehenga saree. Luckily found this article and nailed the perfect look after following the said steps. The style looks quite pretty and trendy

2 years ago

I recently attended my cousin’s wedding wearing a lehenga saree, post reading this blog on how to wear a lehenga saree. Everyone was complimenting me for the way I look.
It really gives you a trendy and remarkable style.