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Level up your fashion game with Lifestyle Stores


Are you bored with your everyday fashion basics? Are you always looking to upgrade your fashion to what’s new and trending? If you aspire to move up to the next level and take your style up a notch, you can make a style statement with the latest collection from Lifestyle Stores.

In this new era of the Autumn/Winter 2022 fashion trends, you can be whoever you want to be. Be the all-eyes-on-you fashion rulebreaker. The comfort-seeking casual dresser. The denim lover. The flamboyant diva dressed to the nines. Or the forever-elegant desi guy or gal.

Filled with easy-to-wear silhouettes, our new range from Code, Ginger, Fame Forever, Kappa, Bossini, Melange, Denimize, Forca and Juniors has edgy, contemporary styles for women, men and kids.

Be who YOU are – define your levelled-up style with the latest season collection and style up today!

Shop the Autumn/Winter 2022 fashion collection in-store or online now.

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