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Be a Secret Santa – with a little help from Lifestyle!


’Tis the season to be jolly and a time to give. This Christmas make gifting a little more fun and choose a unique way to find gifts for your loved ones. Instead of buying presents, up the fun with anonymous Gift Cards from Lifestyle. Keep them guessing who their Secret Santa is! Also, Gift Cards work very well as people can buy exactly what they wish for. And with Lifestyle Gift Cards you’re assured there is plenty of choice as well.

Here’s another idea you may wish to try out this season. Other than the list of close friends and family, make another list – in the true spirit of Christmas – of people who may not be expecting such a lovely surprise or to shop at Lifestyle. Reach out as Secret Santa to spread the cheer and happiness with your generosity. The warm and inclusive experience of shopping at Lifestyle will be much appreciated by all.

So go ahead be the Secret Santa, spread joy and light up lives with these gift cards.






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