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9 Best Beauty Tips for Winter that You Need to Know!



Maintaining a good skincare and beauty routine is important to protect your skin from pollution and severe weather conditions. With a fall in the temperature, it is vital to form a regime that consists of gentle cleansing, mild toning, and proper nourishment to protect the skin against the cold. Along with external protection, it is also essential to take care of your skin from within. So, here are some health and beauty tips for winter, which you must follow religiously to take care of your skin.

Skin Care and Beauty Tips for Winter Season 

To obtain that flawless and healthy winter skin, you should consider the following beauty recommendations, irrespective of your skin type. Please note that skincare in winter will vary from person to person, based on their skin type, but here we are sharing the primary beauty tips for winter, which anyone can follow. 

1. Moisturise Regularly

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In winters, cold and dry air can turn your skin dull and dehydrated. To combat this and retain the skin’s natural moisture level, it is necessary to keep it hydrated with moisturisers and body lotions. Also, for skincare in winter for dry skin, you can use oils and serums for extra hydration. You can choose from the extensive range of best skincare brands in India available exclusively on Lifestyle Stores. 

2. Hair Oiling is a Must


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Dry scalp is one of the most common concerns during winter. Furthermore, it leads to dandruff and frizzy hair texture, which can look unappealing and unmanageable. Avoiding these hair concerns is easy and achievable in just three steps. First, use nourishing hair oil and massage it into the scalp thoroughly. Second, use an anti-dandruff shampoo and then a hydrating conditioner to get shiny and silky hair.

3. Keep Lip Balms HandyCOLORBAR Oh So Happy Lippy Lip Balm

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Applying a moisturising balm can aid in healing dry, cracked lips and prevent them from getting chapped. There are tons of lip balm variants for you to choose from, available in different tints and flavours. For makeup, you can shop for the best creamy and glossy lipstick brands on Lifestyle Stores to avoid chapped and dried lips.

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4. Go for Natural Makeup

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In winter, you should try to keep your makeup subtle for everyday wear. So, opting for liquid foundations, creamy concealers, and dewy cosmetic products are some of the best winter makeup tips. You can also keep these pointers in mind if you want to create a heavy and bold appearance, such as a Diwali makeup look.

5. Apply Sunscreen

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Whether it is a sunny summer’s day or a gloomy winter evening, applying sunscreen is a necessity. It is one of the most important beauty tips for winter after moisturising. Also, regardless of whether you are indoors or outdoors, you should always apply a smear layer of sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

6. Wear Comfortable Clothing

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Many winter outfits are made from fabrics that can irritate your skin if worn barely on their own. Instead, wear layers made of soft, breathable fabric to avoid skin irritation and then gear up with heavy, warm sweaters or cardigans. Make a note of all these beauty tips for winter to look effortlessly flawless in your winter wardrobe. Shop for the latest winter clothes on Lifestyle Stores.

7. Opt for Winter FootwearGINGER Women Solid Casual Shoe - Beauty Tips for Winter

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It is essential to take care of your feet during the colder months as they can turn numb from the cold and freezing winds. So, it is highly recommended to wear ankle sandals, boots or shoes that cover the entire foot to prevent discomfort from the chilly weather. You can find all kinds of fashionable winter footwear for men, women and kids on Lifestyle Stores.

8. Stay Hydrated

Keeping yourself hydrated is key in achieving soft and supple skin. In addition, skincare during winter can go waste if you do not start by providing the skin and body with adequate hydration. This helps preserve the moisture content of the skin, keeping skin disorders and issues at bay.

9. Follow a Healthy Diet

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Along with the water intake, following a diet that is rich in Vitamin C can help boost the skin’s moisture level and elasticity. It is the golden rule in skincare tips for winter if you are looking to achieve healthy and glowing skin.  

We hope you found this blog helpful and insightful. Now that you know the essential beauty tips for winter, shop your favourite skincare products and best makeup brands on Lifestyle Stores and enjoy the cold season. 


How can I glow my face in winter?

Hydration and moisturisation are the best beauty tips for the winter season. Keep drinking water and have healthy foods to hydrate the skin naturally and from within. Also, apply face creams, oils and serums as per your skin type for moisturisation.

What is best for skin in winter?

Using a gentle face wash, a mild alcohol-free toner and a hydrating moisturiser are some of the best winter face care tips to follow. This helps the skin to retain its moisture content, giving you supple and glowing skin.

Which cream is best for face in winter?

Depending on the skin type you have, you can select different variants of hydrating creams. Some of the best creams in winter are: 

  1. L’oreal White Perfect Day Cream
  2. Faces Canada’s Hydro Face Moisturiser
  3. Lakme’s Absolute Hydra Pro Gel Day Creme

How can I moisturise my face in winter?

You can apply a generous coat of cream, moisturiser, face oil or serum to moisturise your face effectively as per your skin type. Also, you can reapply the same throughout the day, if needed.

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Tripti Sinha
Tripti Sinha
2 years ago

Truly amazing! These beauty tips for winter are a hundred-on-hundred; following them helped me manage my ultra dry skin.

devika Gandhi
devika Gandhi
2 years ago

I have very dry skin, and in winters, it gets drier; this blog has some great beauty tips for winter, which I am for sure going to try this winter!

Zeel Patel
Zeel Patel
2 years ago

I love taking care of my skin especially during winters, as it tends to make your skin more dry! This blog is very helpful for everyone. They have some great beauty tips for winter.

Pooja Rai
Pooja Rai
2 years ago

Even after applying soo many creams on my skin, It used to feel dry. And after going to this blog, I realized I was missing a lot in my skincare routine. Hopefully, the beauty tips for winter mentioned in the blog will help me get flawless and healthy skin.

Avinash kr shaw
Avinash kr shaw
1 year ago

Winter makes my skin super dry and I was in need of some excellent Beauty Tips for Winter. Great article!

Sandeep Kumar
Sandeep Kumar
1 year ago

It becomes difficult to take care of your skin in winter, It needs special care and attention. This blog is so detailed and has some great beauty tips for winter

Neya Kumaresan
Neya Kumaresan
1 year ago

My skin gets really sensitive in winter so I have been looking for good Beauty Tips for Winter for so long. None of the other articles had so many good tips!

Nayanika Singh
Nayanika Singh
1 year ago

Winter always makes our skin dry! I was looking for some Beauty Tips for Winter to maintain my skin. This blog is very insightful and suggests some great tips. Loved it!