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Best Backpack Brands for Your Wanderlust

Best Backpack Brands

Experiencing the blessing of the great outdoors is one thing most of us will not take for granted today. Having spent the majority of two years at home, the smallest possible chance of an outdoor adventure holds so much value for us. And when you do go on your next excursion, all you need is good spirits, a sturdy backpack, and your face mask—and you are all set to go! If you are yet to shop for a backpack, there are a variety of the best backpack brands that will make carrying around essentials fun and easy.

Keeping in mind all of your requirements, the best backpack brands in India incorporate adequate features to ensure you have no complaints. With the top backpack brands, convenience is guaranteed.

Here are some popular backpack brands you can shop from:

1. Wildcraft 

WILDCRAFT Printed Zip Closure Backpack - Best Backpack Brands

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Launched in 1998, Wildcraft is one of the best travel backpack brands in India. Known for their immense reliability, you can shop from their collections that come in various colours, prints, and styles. These are equipped with chain closure and a laptop compartment, also making it the best backpack brands for laptop. Wildcraft also offers two side pockets, so you can conveniently carry water or beverages.

2. American Tourister

AMERICAN TOURISTER Men Solid Zip Closure Back - Best Backpack Brands

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This is undoubtedly one of the best backpack brands with over 80 years in the market. All of their backpacks are crafted with years of knowledge to best suit their customers’ needs. Easily known as the best trekking backpack brands in India, these backpacks feature multiple compartments to help you keep your essentials organised. They also have other smaller compartments for cash, medicines, and other emergency items.

3. Sky Bags

SKYBAGS Printed Unisex Backpack with Rain Cover - Best Backpack Brands

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While this brand has only been in the market for over a decade, it has quickly become one of the backpack top 10 brands that everyone should shop from. With a stylish variety in designs, this brand gives you the perfect balance of convenience and style. Advertised by well-known celebrities like Varun Dhawan and John Abraham, this is an extremely trustworthy backpack brand. 

4. Lavie

LAVIE Women Solid Backpack - Best Backpack Brands

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Another trendy brand, Lavie, founded in 2010,  is currently among the most popular women’s backpack brands in India. They are known for having a large range of bags, from makeup storage bags and different types of handbags to sling bags and backpacks. You can shop from a variety of options, such as handheld bags and leather backpacks, which are very durable.

5. Ginger by Lifestyle

GINGER Women Solid Backpack

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A stylish brand launched by the shopping store, Lifestyle aims to cater to the needs of every fashion-forward woman. With stylish options embellished with sturdy chains, magnetic locks, and buckles, these will easily serve a functional as well as stylistic purpose. The use of high-quality leather makes it one of the best leather backpack brands in India, which you should get your hands on at once!

6. Fastrack

FASTRACK Women Embellished Backpack

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Ever since being established as an independent youth brand in 1998, Fastrack has become one of the best backpack brands that every young person owns. As is true for all other accessories offered by Fastrack, the various types of bags available are versatile, fashionable, and, most importantly, extremely convenient. The multiple compartments and secure closures will ensure you have nothing to worry about.

With the above-mentioned best backpack brands, you can rest assured you will be well equipped for all future occasions. From any outdoor excursions to regular usage for trips to school, college, or even the gym, these best backpack brands will surely become your best friend. Shop for their very best products from the carefully curated collection available at Lifestyle, one of the most popular shopping destinations in India!

Take advantage of exclusive deals and shop for your favourite products at affordable rates, right away!


Which is the No 1 bag brand?

There are many popular backpack brands in India that can fulfil all your needs, making the task of picking the best brand quite difficult. However, you can never go wrong with the classic and best backpack brands like American Tourister, Wildcraft, Lavie, Code, Fastrack, and more, if you are looking for reliable options at good prices.

Which backpack brand is durable?

Different backpack brands like American Tourister, HRX by Hrithik Roshan, Puma, etc., are quite popular for being durable. They design their backpacks for maximum wear and tear with high-quality materials that will last you a long time before they start to show signs of usage. Additionally, with proper care, you can increase the lifespan of your backpacks. You can shop online for these durable backpack brands and so much more on Lifestyle–one of India’s most beloved online shopping stores!

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Rohit Shah
Rohit Shah
1 year ago

I have been looking for a good Backpack for over 2 weeks and thanks to this article, I was able to find the one that works best for me within minutes. Additionally I also gained a lot of knowledge about the Best Backpack Brands that are available in the market.

Tanmay Dhawan
Tanmay Dhawan
1 year ago

Enjoyed reading this well-written and informative piece on backpacks. This article not only lists some of the Best Backpack Brands but also has links that take you to the brand’s collection on the lifestyle store, which makes shopping much easier and quicker.

Praveen Kumar B K
Praveen Kumar B K
1 year ago

I am a huge fan of backpacks, and I think they are the best type of bags available out there. However, before reading this piece, I always had trouble deciding which of the Best Backpack Brands to go for. Nevertheless, this was a very useful and informative read.