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7 tips on taking your outfit from day to night


Going for a movie, dinner or date after work? And you don’t have the time to go home and change into a new outfit? Fret not, you can easily transform your day outfit to a night one with these 7 best day to night outfit ideas. A few alterations like an on-point jacket or glittery jewellery to change your entire look instantly. Read on to know more…

1. Wear a one-piece

On a day you know you will need your outfit to work in multiple settings, you can get one step ahead of your styling woes by picking a statement outfit right at the start. A one-piece outfit can be so glamorous if you choose right. A pantsuit or dress is perfect for these types of occasions. And they are so easy to transform from day to night – all you need is a few accessories to switch up your office look to an evening one!

2. Switch up your handbag

Have you heard that accessories make the outfit? That couldn’t be truer than for the handbag you choose to carry. Ditch your boring office bag – you know the one, the Tan tote or laptop bag, and opt for something more stylish. Embellishments, sequins, metallic finishes and chain links will all add a bit of glitz to your casual outfits for women.

3. Add a layer

This can work in your favour in two ways, so add this to your day to night styling guide! To dress conservatively for work, you can always wear something a bit more stylish underneath and hide most of it with a traditional jacket during work hours. Simply slip off your jacket on your way out to be ready to flaunt your style at your evening out. Or you could always use a chic jacket to level up your work look, so all eyes fall on your outermost layer!

4. Wear jewellery

A little bit of sparkle can go a long way when you’re styling your outfit. Swapping your subtle jewellery for a statement necklace or bracelet or putting on a pair of dangling earrings will make even the most boring outfit look more striking instantly. Just keep a few pieces in your handbag and put them on before going out before work.

5. Say no to casual shoes

Noticed the difference between a pair of ballerinas compared to a pair of stilettos? Who hasn’t, right? Heels draw so much attention to your outfit, so swap your flats for a pair of heels and watch it transform your outfit in no time.

6. Redo your makeup

This is probably the easiest best day to night outfit idea you can implement. Add a few extras to your makeup bag before heading to work. Before going out in the evening, you can add a bit of colour and glitter to your existing makeup. Dramatic eyeshadow, thick lashes and colourful lipstick will all add to your party look.

7. Wear your hair differently

If you tie up your hair for work, now’s the time to let it loose! If your hair is a bit dull after a day outside, you can always apply a few drops of a hair serum to add some shine and lustre to it for your tresses to have that extra bounce and gloss when you’re out.

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