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Best Eyeliner Brands To Elevate Your Makeup Look


We can all agree that eyeliner has replaced the throne of lipstick in our vanity as now, courtesy of COVID-19, we are living in the era of masks. And so, eyeliners are the only other way to really accentuate our face through the eyes. Whether it’s a natural or a glamorous makeup look, eyeliners have earned a special place in our makeup kit and are here to stay. And so begins the never-ending treasure hunt for the best eyeliner. Since there are several brands out there with different kinds of formulations, various price ranges, and a variety of eyeliners, we are here to help you make your best. Read on to go through our list of the best eyeliner brands in India and their top features.

Top 5 Iconic Eyeliner Brands in India

The eyes are the most defining feature of our face. With that in mind, we have curated a compilation of the best eyeliner brands that are also safe for the eyes. All the attributes such as quality, formulation, and pigmentation have been taken into consideration while creating this list.

1. Get the Perfect Winged Eyeliner with Lakme

Get the Perfect Winged Eyeliner with Lakme - Best eyeliner brandsIf you are on a tight budget when it comes to makeup, you definitely want to invest in a good eyeliner. You can get your hands on Lakme’s Insta Eye Liner—one of the best affordable eyeliners that come in a long-lasting and water-resistant formula. The product has a super matte finish with intense pigmentation and is available in colours like black, blue, and green. Further, the compact size of this eyeliner makes it travel-friendly. Lakme is one of the top cosmetic brands in India and is renowned for its eyeliners among beauty influencers and makeup professionals alike. 

2. Go Bold with Maybelline Eyeliners

MAYBELLINE Lasting Drama Gel Eye Liner - Best eyeliner brands

Everybody knows Maybelline, and everybody knows it for its exceptionally good-quality makeup products that are long-lasting. Maybelline’s vivid range of cosmetics consisting of different types of lipsticks, foundations, mascaras, and eyeliners have given many loyal consumers to the brand. They offer various kinds of eyeliners, such as in gel, pencil, and liquid formations, which are easy to apply and easily last a whole day. Therefore, Maybelline is considered one of the best eyeliner brands to invest in. So for a tinge of drama and intense care for your delicate eyes, shop for the best quality eyeliners by Maybelline on Lifestyle Stores, and thank us later!

3. Create a Smokey Eyeliner Look with Colorbar 

COLORBAR I-Glide Eye Liner Pencil - Best eyeliner brands

As per the latest beauty fads, the smokey eyeliner look ranks on the top list of the most beloved makeup trends. So, if you want to own this trend like a makeup professional, we recommend using Colorbar eye pencil, which comes with a built-in smudger for an intense colour pigmentation with every blend. Further, they have a soft, velvety consistency that glides as smoothly as silk onto the eyelids. In addition, Colorbar is among the best eyeliner brands that offer magnificent colours like purple, green, red, and more, in their eye makeup range. They are helpful in creating countless makeup looks aside from the smokey eye.

4. Feeling Feline? Get Cat-Eyes with L’Oreal

L'OREAL PARIS Flash Cat Eye Eyeliner

Want to get that glorious cat-eye look? Shop for L’Oreal’s Flash Cat Eye Eyeliner, which is made especially to ease your cat-eye application. It features a 0.4mm precision applicator and a stencil attached to the lid. Use the stencil and ace the feline eyes in just a single steady stroke. L’Oreal has some of the finest makeup products such as the best long-lasting kajal, lipsticks, mascaras, foundations, eyeshadows, etc., sufficient to create full-face makeup. Also, they are one of the best skincare brands in India, well known for their skin essentials such as day and night creams, sheet masks, face serums, and more.

5. Ace Everyday Eye Makeup with Chambor Eyeliners

CHAMBOR Intense Definition Eye Liner Pencil

Many of us are cautious about the harmful chemicals present in makeup products because of which our eyes can become irritated. So if you want to be carefree while using cosmetics, you can shop for the best makeup products from Chambor. This brand uses vegan and dermatologically tested formulations that are gentle on the eyes and skin. Chambor is one of the best eyeliner brands as the product has intense pigmentation, a unique formula, and a pointed twist-up applicator for precision. 

Explore the Best Eyeliner Brands on Lifestyle Stores

We hope you find our list of the best eyeliner brands valuable in your hunt for the perfect one for yourself. You can shop these eyeliner brands on Lifestyle Stores from the comfort of your home, and leave it to us to get the products delivered to your doorstep!


Which eyeliner brand is best?

Apart from the above-mentioned brands and products, you can also shop eyeliners from the following cosmetic labels:

  1. Revlon 
  2. Faces Canada
  3. Sugar Cosmetics
  4. MyGlamm

Which eyeliner is best for Indian skin?

Black is one of the most universal and versatile eyeliners to adorn your eyes, irrespective of your skin tone. Though there are many options to choose from other than black, such as pink, blue, green, red, brown, and yellow, it would be best to opt for the most basic colours. So the safest neutral shades you could play around with are black and brown.

Which is the best liquid eyeliner in India?

The following is a list of the best liquid eyeliners in India:

  1. L’Oreal Matte Signature Eyeliner 
  2. Colorbar Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner
  3. Milani’s Stay Put Matte 17HR Wear Liquid Eyeliner

Which eyeliner is best for beginners in India?

As a beginner, you should either opt for a pencil or sketch pen eyeliner as they are easy to work with. Some of the best eyeliner brands and products you could shop for are:

  1. Lakme – Forever Silk Non-Retractable Eye Liner
  2. Faces Canada – Ultime Pro-Style Eye Liner
  3. Maybelline – Colossal Bold Eyeliner

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Kirti Ahuja
Kirti Ahuja
2 years ago

My use of eyeliner has drastically increased during the recent times and this article helped me find the Best Eyeliner Brands. I ordered the colorbar one and it’s one of my favourite makeup items now!

Disha Shetty
Disha Shetty
1 year ago

An eyeliner is an integral part of my everyday make up routine and for me it’s so important to find a perfect eyeliner. This blog came in really helpful and it has given me a comprehensive list of some of the best eyeliner brands that I can’t wait to get my hands on!

Zeel patel
Zeel patel
1 year ago

An eyeliner is one of the most important makeup products for the Indian makeup looks. This blog helped me know the Best Eyeliner Brands that I should look out for.

Pallavi Shah
Pallavi Shah
1 year ago

When it comes to make-up essentials you do not want to risk it. I personally vouch for some of the Best Eyeliner Brands mentioned in this article since I have used them for quite some time.

Vidhi patel
Vidhi patel
1 year ago

This article mentions some of the best Eyeliner Brands they also have mentioned unique pointers for each product. You can make your choice for these pointers or your own experience.

Nimisha Raut
Nimisha Raut
1 year ago

The article has once again touched the never ending question for the Best Eyeliner Brands. And as mentioned her you can not have just one favourite product.

Payal Rajapara
Payal Rajapara
1 year ago

So glad I came across this article! This piece is a perfect guide; it has descriptions of all the Best Eyeliner Brands and essential FAQs. No more chunky eyeliners that look cakey! All these brands have amazing products.