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6 watches to keep on top of your fitness goals


Is fitness part of your new year resolutions? If yes, then there’s no better workout companion than a smartwatch to keep track of your goals. Count your steps, monitor your heart rate or even track your sleep cycle… smartwatches today are the most reliable way to help you meet your health and fitness goals. Here are some of the best fitness watches you could opt for:

Best fitness trackers watches

1. Timex

1.TIMEX Unisex Full Touch Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch - TWTXW201T
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The Full Touch Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch from Timex is both functional and easy on the pocket. The broad dial in Black has an easy-to-read full touch display, while the silicon straps make it comfortable to wear day and night. You can connect it easily to your phone with Bluetooth connectivity. Including blood pressure monitoring, heartbeat monitor, activity and sleep tracking and oxygen saturation, this workout watch has everything you need to track your workouts. The unisex design makes it suitable for both men and women.

2. Helix

2.HELIX Digital Unisex Smartwatch - TW0HXW101T
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Motivate yourself to push further with the Digital Unisex Smartwatch from Helix. Designed with a simple square dial held together by the silicon strap, the coloured screen has a single touchpoint so you can easily access all the watch’s features. This fitness tracker watch gives you distance, calorie and step readings and includes a heart rate monitor. The bonus music controls mean you can blast your favourite tunes while you sweat it out.

3. Fossil

3.FOSSIL Gen 5E Women's Smartwatch - FTW6066
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The Gen 5E series for men and women from Fossil is definitely some of the best fitness watches you could ask for. With this watch series, you don’t just get the functional aspects of fitness tracker watches, but they will also meet all your style needs too. Choose from metallic, metal mesh and silicon straps to wrap the broad dial. Apart from the heart and activity tracker, this watch allows you to do so much more. Answer calls, get notifications, control your music, make contactless payments, download apps and even control your voice-activated home devices… what more could you want from a smartwatch?

4. Michael Kors

4.MICHAEL KORS Women Gen 5 Access Lexington Smartwatch - MKT5096
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The luxury brand, Michael Kors’ Gen 5 Access Lexington Smartwatch for women, is also a great bet for your workouts. If you want something stylish that also meets your fitness tracking needs, then this watch is made for you. It is powered by Wear OS by Google for easy-to-use features. The heart rate monitor, activity tracker and music controls will help you with your exercise regime, and Google Assistant will keep you updated on your notifications. The all-Black design makes it easy to pair with all your outfits.

5. Skagen

5.SKAGEN Men Falster 3 Men HR Smartwatch - SKT5202
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What makes Skagen’s Falster 3 Smartwatch for men really stand out is the swim-proof design that allows you to take it with you on all your fitness activities, making it one of the best fitness tracker watches for the gym. Its smart features are powered by Wear OS by Google. You can download all your favourite apps from the Google Play store alongside the existing features that include heart-rate tracking, smartphone notifications, GPS, activity tracking and more. Each silicone-strap watch comes with an interchangeable metal mesh strap and a magnetic charger.

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6. Emporio Armani

6.EMPORIO ARMANI Men Matteo Blue Smartwatch - ART5028
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Another fitness tracker watch that scores high on fashion and features is the Matteo Blue Smartwatch for men from Emporio Armani. This watch also includes the Wear OS by Google that also allows you to do more than a regular fitness tracker would. With plenty of notifications and functions to play around with, you can make this your go-to workout companion. And the Matte Blue stainless-steel strap helps it blend easily into your everyday wear.

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