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Top 10 Best Formal Shoes for Men

Best formal Shoes

Looking good will make you feel great; this is a widely known fact. So you should start with your feet by making sure that they are clad in the best formal shoes for men. But most men restrict themselves to just a few types of footwear that they are familiar with. You should not be one of them because you would be missing out on your style potential. 

It is time that you make those much-needed changes in your choices so that you can look dapper in all the best formal shoes for men. We can assure you that you will walk taller and command admiring looks in every gathering when you have the confidence of being well-groomed from feet to head. So if you are keen on knowing just which are the best formal shoes for men, then read further.

The Best Formal Shoes for Men

While there are many formal shoes available in the market, picking a pair that suits your preferences can be puzzling due to the sheer variety. Hence, here is a list of the best formal shoes for men that you can use to complete your footwear closet.

1. Oxfords

EGOSS Men Textured Oxford Formal Shoes

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No discussion about stylish formal shoes for men can be complete without the mention of Oxford. It therefore instantly is one of the must-have pairs on any gentleman’s shoe rack. The clean and polished design of the Oxford, which makes it one of the best formal shoes for men, is afforded to it by a short back paired with a low heel. 

This top formal shoe has a smooth upper with either a plain toe or a cap toe which gives them an elongated look to the foot. As for the lacing system, it is traditionally a closed one for Oxford that creates a neat silhouette. These pairs are a sure shot for every formal occasion, be it a black-tie event or corporate boardrooms. 

2. Brogues

CLARKS Men Textured Lace-Up Brogue Shoes

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Brogues have quite a history that can be traced to Ireland and Scotland. It started out as being rudimentary shoes for men, using untanned hides. It was in the sixteenth century that they got the name they are known by today because the word ‘brogue’ denotes a boring or piercing tool. The decorative perforated pattern which distinguishes such pairs as one of the best formal shoes for men was initially meant to drain out water when walking on marshy land. 

Brogues are constructed with multiple pieces of leather, sometimes even in different shades. There are a variety of toe cap types and closure styles such as Oxford, Derby, or Monk Straps which are found to have broguing. 

3. Derbys

CLARKS Men Textured Formal Derbys

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Also known as the Gibson, the Derby shoe is similar to the Oxford to the novice eye. But these dress shoes, which are one of the best formal shoes for men, can be quite easily differentiated from them. The open lacing, for instance, in which the quarters are stitched on top of the vamp, is a distinguishing factor. 

Further, the Derby has an extended heel unlike the closed variety of the Oxford. They are considered a step up in terms of comfort while also giving you that smart look. Derbys can pass off well as casual shoes too, given the diversity of choice available to you in terms of the ways they can be worn and also the combination of materials used in making them.

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4. Bluchers

The Blucher shoe is called one of the best formal shoes for men because of its minimal style. They got their name after the eighteenth-century Prussian field marshal, Gebhard Leberecht von Blucher who has commissioned the creation of a boot in this style for his troops that fought Napoleon. The design features open lacing with small shoelace eyelets tabs sewn onto the vamp. 

Bluchers are often mistaken for Derbys, but there is one significant difference between the two. While the upper of Derbys has large quarters with eyelets on top of it, in the case of Bluchers you will find that the upper is made of one single piece which gives their design a unique touch. 

5. Monk Straps


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One of the stand-out features of Monk-style shoes is the buckles or buckles used to secure them. These are some of the best formal shoes for men, especially for those who would rather not have to deal with laces. Most commonly, these low-heeled leather shoes have one or two buckles. 

The roots of these shoes may be traced back to fifteenth-century Europe, where a monk’s life demanded a lot of manual labour. To keep up with their tasks, they wore footwear with a double strap that would withstand rough terrains. Since then, they have evolved into a close design that is counted among the best leather formal shoes.

6. Loafers

EGOSS Men Textured Formal Loafers

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Also referred to as ‘slip-on’ shoes, loafers are classically low as well as lace-less kinds of footwear.  It is Raymond Lewis Wildsmith, of Wildsmith Shoes in London which is a bespoke shoe company that was established in 1847, who can be credited with introducing the loafers to the world. 

It all began when King George VI wished to have a casual country house shoe created for him.  The less casual dress loafer is made of side goring, and the shape resembles that of Oxfords. As one of the best formal shoes for men, these pairs have elasticated inserts on the sides. This allows you to slip them on and off conveniently while keeping them secure on your feet.

7. Lace-Up Boots

LEE COOPER Men Textured Leather Mid-Top Lace-Up Boots

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Lace-up boots have always been counted among the best formal shoes for men for many reasons. They have an understated utilitarian appeal that addresses the practical demands of footwear for a man who is out and about. As the name suggests, such boots have laces that are a prominent feature that runs down the front. 

It is a slim fit which fits snugly to your foot while lending a rugged edge to your outfits. They come either with a low-stacked heel or a flat sole. The height of lace-up boots can go up to the calves or slightly lower. The unique aspect of leather lace-up boots is that the patina will only make them look better with time and feel softer.

8. Chelsea Boots

ID Men Solid Mid-Top Boots

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They are also known as Dealer boots, in England, and it is Queen Victoria’s shoemaker J. Sparks Hall. The Queen wore them every day on her walks, and this is a testament to the longevity of its design. Chelsea boots are close-fitting, ankle-length and have a round toe. Instead of laces or buckles, they have elasticated panels on either side, enabling you to wear them and take them off. 

They also have a loop or tab of fabric at the back to help you pull them on smoothly, thus saving you time. You will find such boots with smooth leather or suede upper. They complement daily formals, semi-formal as well as cocktail attire especially well. 

9. Chukka Boots

Among the best formal shoes for men, the Chukka boot definitely warrants a place. While the origins of its name are ambiguous, it is stipulated that it denotes the seven-and-a-half-minute playing period in Polo. The word itself ‘chukka or ‘chukker’ mean ‘turn’ or ‘circle’ in Hindi. These ankle top boots are known for their no-fuss appearance with open lacing, low flat heel and a slightly pointed round toe. 

The stand-out feature of Chukka boots, which differentiates them from Jodhpur boots, is the presence of a maximum of three shoelace eyelets. Traditionally, these pairs have a suede upper and are recognised to be a cool weather option in men’s footwear, which has an easy-going vibe.

10. Sandals

LEE COOPER Men Textured Strappy Sandals

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Most people write off sandals in the same way they do men’s flips flops for dress shoes, but they are one of the best formal shoes for men. By definition, a sandal consists of a sole that is held to your foot with straps that go over the instep and also around the ankle sometimes. This open type of footwear is a sensible choice in the warmer months, keeping your feet feeling well ventilated. While all sandals are surely not black-tie appropriate, you can safely pick out leather ones when you buy formal shoes for an effortless look.

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Chinmay Sawant
Chinmay Sawant
2 years ago

I have a huge collection of formal shoes. But knowing the history of some best formal shoes for men was interesting. There were some that also talks about the occasions I can wear them on.

Rajesh Kumar
Rajesh Kumar
2 years ago

Although I’m a huge fan of stylish formal shoes for men, I didn’t quite know the difference between them. This blog with its detailed descriptions for all the different variants helped me finalise the best one for myself.

Jai Shah
Jai Shah
2 years ago

This blog has been helpful to me as picking up the right shoes was a big task for me from the wide range of options. And with the help, I have finally added the best formal shoes for men to my closet.

Saanvi Khatri
Saanvi Khatri
1 year ago

This blog not just covered some of the best formal shoes for men and the number of variety available but all the different styles of formal shoes mentioned above had detailed information which was extremely helpful

Ishit Chaturvedi
Ishit Chaturvedi
1 year ago

I absolutely love lifestyle articles! So glad I found this one about the best formal shoes for men just in time for my first presentation at work!

Joyendra Dey
Joyendra Dey
1 year ago

I’ve been searching for the best Formal Shoes for Men at reasonable prices for a month now and I was finally able to pick one from these! Great article.

Rudra Ghodke
Rudra Ghodke
1 year ago

This blog is so helpful and detailed for everyone especially for those who does not know about footwear. The list of the best formal shoes for men have really helped me as I am starting my new journey in corporate in next 3 weeks!