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Stylish and Comfortable with the Best Jeans for Women

Best Jeans for Women

Denim jeans are an absolute closet essential that you cannot go without. A good pair of jeans is all you need to look stylish every day but with countless types available in the market, it can be pretty exhausting to choose the right one. Plus, knowing your body type and fashion also plays a vital role in picking the fitting jeans. If this struggle sounds familiar to you, here are some of the best jeans for women that you can shop for!

Top 8 Best Jeans for Women to Explore and Experiment

Here are some of the best jeans for women for you to help you select the perfect ones for yourself today.

1. Skinny Jeans

KRAUS Women Stonewashed Skinny Fit Jeans

A must-have as far as jeans are concerned, skinny jeans are something that people of all ages and genders are quite comfortable with. The best skinny jeans for women have a slim fit right from the waist to the ankle so your legs have a lean edge to them that can be styled very fashionably.

2. Straight Fit Jeans

AND Women Solid Straight Fit Jeans

These are one of the top jeans for women that are more in tune with the latest fashion trends. Somewhere between a wide leg and skinny type, these jeans have a completely straight fit from your waist to your ankles. Popularly worn during the 90s, this retro look is back and here to stay.

3. Bootcut Jeans

VERO MODA Women Solid Bootcut Jeans

Very similar to bell bottoms, these are one of the most unique types of jeans you can have in your wardrobe. These have a slim, cosy fit from the waist to the bottom where the fabric flares out slightly. This gives it a fun shape that was also most popular during the 90s but is now making a strong comeback.

4. Loose Jeans

ONLY Women Solid Regular Fit Jeans

As the name suggests, these pants have a very loose fit that slightly flares out below the waist and cinches at the bottom. This makes them one of the most comfortable jeans for women with ample room for movement, regardless of the activity, you are taking up.

5. Mom Jeans

These jeans are pretty similar in appearance to loose-fit jeans with some extra tweaks. These were once the top jeans and are now back with their comfortable, high waist above-the-belly-button looks and cropped edges. Mom jeans have an incredibly laid-back look with the folded-over bottom and extra fabric in the crotch area.

6. Distressed Jeans

LEVI'S Women Distressed Tapered Fit Jeans

No list of the best jeans for women is complete without the mention of distressed denim. These are currently so popular in the fashion industry that you will never go without seeing high-profile celebrities don ripped jeans. Distressed jeans feature big and small tears on the surface, which gives them a worn-out look that is to die for.

7. Flared Jeans

ONLY Solid Mid Rise Flared Jeans

Another popular type of women’s jeans from the 90s, flared, or bell bottoms pants are a must-have if you like to experiment with fashion. Unlike bootcut jeans that flare out at the ankle itself, flared jeans flare out just below the knee to create a bell-like shape with the lower half of your jeans. You can pair this with overcoats, solid t-shirts, off-shoulder tops and such for stylish outfits.

8. High Rise Jeans

LEVI'S Women Mile High Skinny Fit Light Washed Jeans

Another denim essential for every woman is high-rise jeans. These pants often go way above the waist and cover your stomach to give it a uniform, toned look. Needless to say, high-rise jeans are exceptionally ideal for women who are not comfortable with their stomach showing but would still like to wear crop tops. 

Shop Best Jeans for Women Online

You can shop for all the above best quality jeans for women online on India’s no. 1 shopping store, Lifestyle. From the best black jeans for women to the blue ones, you can find your favourites in various washes with exclusive deals. So, if you are looking for some good jeans, start shopping at Lifestyle from the top jeans brands in India!


What is the best brand for women’s jeans?

There are many top brands for women’s jeans in India that you can shop from. These include Levi’s, Ginger by Lifestyle, Emporio Armani, Lee Cooper, Tommy Hilfiger, American Eagle and such.

What type of jeans are trending now for women?

The best jeans for women as per the latest fashion trends include bootcut jeans, wide-leg jeans and distressed jeans mainly. You can style these with a variety of crop tops for a trendy look.

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Savita Gupta
Savita Gupta
1 year ago

I was tired of skinny jeans and was looking to diversify my closet when I came across this incredible article. This gave me a very good idea of what would look best on my figure and I am definitely going to be investing in those.