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Best Men’s Accessories – The Ultimate Guide in 2022

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Some of the best men’s accessories out there have the potential to add some extra zing to an outfit. They instantly elevate your look, giving it a sophisticated finish.

Hence, we have compiled a list of the best men’s accessories to include in your next online shopping spree. Pro-tip, while figuring out which are the best men’s accessories that work for you, do not be afraid to experiment. Mix and match until you find the right piece that works for you.

Before we look at some of the best men’s accessories list, let us first understand why accessories play such a crucial role in making or breaking an outfit.

Why are Fashion Accessories for Men Important?

One of the primary reasons for the ascending popularity of men’s accessories is that it completes an outfit. Whether you are suited up or are just donning a formal shirt-pant attire, accessories like belts, watches and wallets are the final pieces that bring a look together.

They give you the option to create multiple looks with the same outfits. From cool shades to eccentric bracelets, you can choose from a vast pool of men’s accessories to effortlessly transform a day look to the night one.

Also, people gauge your personality by your choice of accessory. For example, if you are wearing a simple black watch, it gives the impression that the person is mysterious yet straightforward. On the other hand, opting for funky or quirky bracelets, give off a more chilled or laid-back vibe. So, it becomes imperative to choose an accessory that reflects your style and personality.

With that said, let us dive right into the blog and check out some of the best men’s accessories that would help you take your fashion game one notch up.

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What are the Best Men’s Accessories?

When deciding on some of the best men’s accessories, there is a vast pool of products to choose from. Here are some of our best picks:

  • Bracelets – First up on our list of best men’s accessories is the quirkiest one available – bracelets. Although it has a reputation for being eccentric, bracelets are one of the most stylish accessories if worn correctly. Whether you are going for a formal, casual or street style attire, there is a perfect bracelet for every occasion. For example, fans of Salman Khan can take inspiration from his classic link bracelet. Whereas, those with adventurous style preferences can give the chunky spiked design a shot.

However, when opting for bracelets ensure that they are not the centrepieces of your outfit, but are just a distinct part of the look.

Style Tip: Depending on the bracelet’s style, you can decide whether you want to go for one or multiple bracelets. The only thing to keep in mind while opting for bracelets is to try and avoid going for matching ones on both of your wrists.

  • Watches – Arguably one of the most popular and practical items on our list of best accessories for men watches never go out of style. Whether you are prepping for a formal meeting or a casual brunch with friends, watches go a long way in elevating your outfit. They are also a form of self-expression, so choosing a style that reflects your personality takes precedence.
EMPORIO ARMANI Matteo Men Analog Watch- AR11326
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Style Tip: When exploring brands in best digital watches for men, we recommend you to opt for at least two of them. The classical link design for formal events is a must-have. The silicon-strapped styles are the ones worth exploring when dressing up for casual and sporty occasions.

  • Rings – Probably one of the most underrated items in our list of best men’s accessories, rings can add that extra panache and class to your ensemble. However, the accessory is more than just wedding bands. With the advent of some chic rings, men can choose between subtle or flashy rings as per their preference.

Style Tip: When it comes to rings, less is more. Hence, make sure that you do not wear more than two or three rings on one hand as it can come across as tacky.

  • Sunglasses – When it comes to the coolest item in our list of best men’s accessories, sunglasses are the clear winners. Both practical and timeless, one can pair them with any attire. 

The key to making most out of your shades is choosing one appropriate for your face shape. For example, men with a round face would be better off selecting rectangular sunglasses, while round glasses look perfect on people with a sharp jawline. 

Some other recent top sunglasses brands that are worth the investment are cat-eye and square frames with gold hardware.

FILA Men UV-Protected Gradient Square Sunglasses - SF9973K58568
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Style Tip: If you are looking for statement glasses, then wearing a well-fitting pair is your best bet.

  • Ties – Ties are one of the classiest options available in our list of best men’s accessories. Contrary to popular belief, they are able companions in a casual setting too. Stick to conservative silk ties for formal meetings and eccentric patterns and textures for casual purposes.
CODE Woven Design Broad Tie Best Men's Accessories
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Style Tip: When shopping for ties, ensure that it does not stand apart or clash with the rest of your outfit. While it is supposed to look good on its own, ensure that the tie does not become a novelty item.

  • Cufflinks – While wearing French cuffed shirts, cufflinks are not an accessory, but a necessity. Generally, these types of shirts are ideal for a formal setting. 

When choosing cufflinks, there are a plethora of designs and colour options available. The cufflink you select should complement your outfit. 

Style Tip: The key to making the most out of your cufflinks is pairing them with appropriate dress shirts. To begin with, check for buttonholes in your cuffs and understand whether you can use them in the first place. If there are none present, then that shirt is meant for cufflinks.

  • Shoes – Shoes are the one accessory that no man can afford to miss out on. Whether it is a formal attire or a casual one, you can count on a classy, sophisticated pair to complete the ensemble. For example, when picking types of shoes for men, we recommend going for both casual low top shoes, and oxford or derby formal shoes.
ADIDAS Vs Set Low-Top Casual Shoes
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Style Tip: With the versatility that shoes offer, you can hardly go wrong with them provided you pair them with appropriate outfits. For example, pair formal shoes with formal outfits and casual shoes with casual outfits. Unless you are incredibly adventurous with style, avoid pairing casual sneakers with formal outfits.

  • Wallets – Wallets are among the most practical and stylish items in our list of best men’s accessories. The impression it can leave when opened in public can serve as a finishing touch to your sophisticated outfit. 
TOMMY HILFIGER Men Textured Leather Wallet
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Style Tip: When choosing a men’s wallet, try and go for ones that are plain and solid as they go well with any outfit, be it formal or part-wear.

  • Belts – When talking about minimalist yet stylish accessories, belts come to mind. No matter how plain the belt is, it can help tie your outfit together and make your pants snug your waist better. 

That said, it is recommended that you have a variety of belt styles to serve a wide array of outfits. Alongside the staple black and brown belt, it is ideal to have a statement belt for Friday night parties.

TOMMY HILFIGER Men Reversible Formal Belt
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Style Tip: For the perfect belt length, the dress belt should tuck inside your third last belt loop to maintain an appropriate length without creating a bulge gap.

  • Hats and Caps – If Peaky Blinders has taught us anything, Cillian Murphy wearing a baker boy cap was the best styling choice ever. Hats and caps are one of the more edgy items in our list of best men’s accessories. While picking them, ensure that you choose one suitable for your face shape. 

Pair it alongside a formal shirt and pant and throw a pair of complimenting suspenders into the mix for a fun, casual look. You could also don beanies or baseball caps for a more casual look.

ADIDAS Men Appliqued Cap
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Style Tip: While adorning hats, ensure that you pair it alongside complimenting outfits. The rule of thumb is that the hat you choose should be of a similar colour to your outfit. Contrasting hats may take all the attention away from your outfit, making them look that bit weird.

  • Fanny Bags – The strap-on bag trend from the late ’90s has made a massive comeback. The vibrant waist strap and compact storage space make them a great grab-and-go accessory for vacations and tours. You can shop styles from brands that feature suede and canvas in classic colours. 

Style Tip: Strap on your fanny bag over a T-shirt tucked into a pair of joggers. Complete the look with suede ankle-length boots.

Shop for the Best Men’s Accessories with Lifestyle Stores

With that, we have come to an end for our list on the best men’s accessories. We hope you found our style tips useful and are raring to incorporate the above-mentioned men’s accessories into your wardrobe. 

That is not all, take your fashion game to the next level by shopping for shirts, jeans and T-shirts for men and women. You can even find your favourite women’s accessories online on the Lifestyle Stores website or app and never run out of options. The platform also caters to those who prefer specific brands, such as the collection of fastrack watches for men below 3000 and women. So, go ahead and sign up today and experience online shopping, unlike ever before.

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Arnav Shah
Arnav Shah
2 years ago

Fashion wasn’t my cup of tea until I entered the Insta fashion world during the lockdown phase. The styling tips shared above for all the best men’s accessories have helped ace my fashion game. As a result, I recently bought all the must-have accessories & all set to upgrade my style.

Rajesh Kumar
Rajesh Kumar
2 years ago

Although I had made some stylish apparel purchases, my wardrobe still looked a bit incomplete. Thanks to this blog, I have now also stocked up on some of the best men’s accessories.