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8 accessories every fashionable man should own


It’s the finer details that give an outfit its true style. And accessories play a big role in that game. So whether you’re the type of man who keeps up with fashion trends or not, a few men’s essential accessories will help you leave an impression on everyone who sees you. Here are 8 accessories your wardrobe can do with…

1. Watches

This fashion accessory is probably one of the most common amongst men. There’s nothing easier than making a bold statement with an equally bold timepiece. Although most of us now use our smartphones to keep track of time, watches have not faded out. There are so many different watches to choose from in the market – automatic, mechanical, analogue, digital and now smartwatches. Find a versatile watch that goes with most of your outfits to make it easier.

1.CASIO Men Analog Watch with Mesh Strap - A1881

2.FOSSIL Men Gen 6 Round Multifunction Smartwatch - FTW4061

Casio’s Analog Watch with a Silver metal mesh strap is a good bet for something minimalistic that is easy to pair. If you’re a fitness buff, you could also opt for Fossil’s Gen 6 Smartwatch.

2. Sunglasses

A good pair of sunglasses can really elevate your outfit. And you don’t have to wait till summer to sport these stylish accessories. The sun’s harmful UV rays filter through the clouds throughout the year, so wearing a pair of sunglasses will not only protect your eyes but also add that chic touch to your look.

3.RAY-BAN Men UV-Protected Square Sunglasses - 0RB2283-901-31-55

4.ESPRIT Men UV-Protected Square Sunglasses - ET-39142-535-60

If you’re looking for a single pair that will make a statement with everything you wear, you could try classic styles like Ray-Ban’s Wayfarer Sunglasses in Black with Green lenses or Esprit’s Square Sunglasses with metal frames.

3. Shoes

This may seem like an obvious one when it comes to men’s essential accessories, but it’s definitely overlooked when it comes to fashion for men. Instead of slipping into the same pair of Black shoes with every one of your outfits, choose your shoes based on the look you’re going for. There are so many varied shoe styles, so pick the ones suited to your style.

5.CODE Men Textured Loafers

6.FORCA Men Colourblocked Lace-Up Casual Sneakers

A pair of Black loafers like the textured pair from Code is perfect for those semi-formal and formal looks, while lace-up casual sneakers like Forca’s White pair is essential for your relaxed apparel.

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4. Wallets

Men’s wallets are undoubtedly an important accessory to have, not just for fashion but also for function. Wallets with a combination of card and money holders are the most popular style you can find. When it comes to fashion, finding a wallet that isn’t so bulky that it bulges in your trousers or sticks out of your pockets is the best way to go.

7.ALLEN SOLLY Men Striped Bi-Fold Wallet

8.TOMMY HILFIGER Men Printed Wallet

If you’re looking for a slim wallet, Allen Solly’s Black leather wallet for men is a stylish choice. The Tommy Hilfiger Blue and Brown printed wallet will better pair with casual styles.

5. Backpacks

9.AMERICAN TOURISTER Men Solid Zip Closure Backpack

10.KAPPA Men Typographic Print Laptop Backpack

A backpack is a great addition when it comes to casual dressing, especially when you have a few things to carry. And for those weekend trips? A travel backpack is perfect. Kappa’s laptop backpack in Olive Green with stylized typography can be paired with your denims and sneakers for everyday use, while the American Tourister Rust Orange backpack is all you need for that road trip.

6. Belts

11.BULCHEE Men Textured Casual Belt

12.TOMMY HILFIGER Men Textured Reversible Casual Belt

A simple touch to your outfit, the best way to wear a belt is to match it with the rest of your accessories. If it’s a formal outfit, then you could match it to your shoes and maybe even your wallet. For occasions like these, Tommy Hilfiger’s Brown belt for men will look smart. For more casual events, you can consider the Black textured belt with a braided look from Bulchee.

7. Caps

13.KAPPA Men Applique Detailed Cap

14.FREE AUTHORITY Men Deadpool Applique Cap

Hats require you to step out of your comfort zone to wear, but their far more casual and relaxed counterparts – caps for men can easily be added to your laidback outfits. Like anything on your face, it’s one of the first things that will be noticed about you, so choosing the right cap for your outfit is key to pulling off this look. Some failsafe options to pick are the Black and White applique detailed cap from Kappa or the more fun Deadpool cap in Black, White and Red.

8. Ties

15.CODE Men Printed Formal Tie

16.LOUIS PHILIPPE Woven Design Tie

Usually saved for more formal events or business meetings, men’s ties are a big part of formalwear. A suit creates a noteworthy fashion statement without you having to do much, but you can still play with different colours, patterns and textures with your ties. The polka-dotted Black tie from Code and the floral-printed Navy Blue tie from Louis Philippe both have that style appeal. If you want to go all way, you can even add cufflinks and pocket squares to your suit.

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