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Most Comfortable and Best Running Shoes for Men in 2022

PUMA Mesh Detailed Lace-Up Running Shoes

On the hunt for good running shoes for men? You have arrived at the right place. Lifestyle is home to footwear from premium and high-end brands. We house a vast selection of running shoes for men in the latest styles. A pair of good running shoes is a must-have for anyone into fitness. Whether you like running outside or on the treadmill, the right footwear can enhance your experience.

Best Running Shoes for Men Collection by Lifestyle Stores

There are various running shoes in the market, each shoe designed to cater to your unique needs. But how do you go about selecting the right shoe? We bring you the best running shoes for men in 2022. Categorised by function and style, these shoes make for a valuable addition to your sports shoe collection.

1. For outdoor trails

ADIDAS Ax3 Ind Outdoor Running Shoes

Nothing feels as refreshing as running outside. Whether you are running in your favourite park or exploring a new trail, a pair of good running shoes is essential. Outdoor running shoes are unlike regular ones, they are designed for durability, excellent traction, and an unbeatable fit. Lifestyle brings to you running shoes from premium footwear brands. 

One such product from our collection is Adidas Ax3 Ind Outdoor shoes. They are perfect for those who prefer outdoor trails. These durable running shoes for men are built for running across rugged terrain. The rubber outsole offers a better grip as you run across rough and wet trails and ensures that you do not have to compromise on speed.

2. Lightweight shoes


Every runner knows how a pair of lightweight running shoes can enhance their running experience. Lightweight shoes are not only comfortable but also help you run faster and perform better. You can find a plethora of lightweight running shoes at Lifestyle from 100% original brands. We have a few favourites for lightweight running shoes, Adidas Furio Lite and Puma Softride Vital shoes being the top two.

As the name hints, Adidas Furio Lite is a sleek pair of running shoes engineered with a light strike IMEVA sole. It also has a breathable and lightweight upper that offers the utmost comfort. The Puma Softride Vital shoes are also perfect for anyone looking for stylish and durable lightweight shoes. They feature a soft ride midsole that keeps you light on your feet.

3. Jogger running shoes


Looking for the best jogging shoes for men that work even when you amp up the speed? You should invest in Puma Pure Jogger Propel Foam shoes. These jogging shoes are designed to offer support and keep you comfortable, whether you are jogging or running. The shoes are equipped with extra responsive cushioning that allows fluid and fast movement. The plush cushioning offers a seamless running experience. These shoes are also perfect for anyone new to running and jogging. From neutral shades like blue and black to bright red, you can find these shoes in a plethora of colours. Skechers Go Run 600 is another great option for jogging shoes. When shopping for jogging shoes, look for medium cushioning and a lightweight upper.

4. Stylish running shoes

REEBOK Men Solid Sports Shoes

Who does not want to look stylish while they are working out? There are various running shoes available on Lifestyle from brands such as Skechers, Fila, Reebok, and more. If you prefer a classic style, you should check out the printed and Legus mesh shoes from Adidas in neutral colours. If you love experimenting with bold styles, check out the vibrant shoes from Fila or the colour block shoe range from Puma. The best way to add a pop of colour to your monochromatic workout outfits is with shoes in neon colours.

5. Performance-enhancing shoes

PUMA Speed Fusefit Peacoat Lace-Up

Lifestyle brings to you a trove of high-performance running shoes for men that help you run better and faster. The Puma Speed Fusefit is one of the best performance-enhancing running shoes. The shoe is designed with enhanced technologies that enable you to run faster and stay in form. It has a sock-like fit and comes with customizable lacing. Skechers Gorun Vulcan shoes are another pair great for the gym and outdoors. This shoe is perfect for those who are looking for running cum training shoes. It also comes with pillow-soft cushioning that ensures the utmost comfort.

Men’s Shoes- Latest Men’s Running Shoes Online at Lifestyle

Shop for the latest selection of running shoes for men from brands like Skechers, Fila, Adidas, and more on Lifestyle. In addition to running shoes, we also bring to you fashionable apparel and the best men’s accessories. Sign up now and enjoy a plethora of perks only on Lifestyle!

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Shekhar Sinha
Shekhar Sinha
3 years ago

This helped me clear my doubts about which running shoes should I buy. The different styles and their description has undoubtedly helped me in making the right buying decision.

Romil Shah
Romil Shah
3 years ago

I agree with the concept; we often run behind fashion and look and miss out on the comfort that we need from our shoes while running or jogging. And the features mentioned above are surely going to help one find the best running shoes for men.