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10 Best Skincare Brands in India to Cherish your Skin

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Maybe you’re someone that takes those extra ten minutes to moisturise and massage your skin every day before going to bed, or you’re someone who believes in a highly effective skincare routine. Whatever your skincare routine may be, we can all agree that the extra love is something our skin will always appreciate. 
Great skincare is the foundation to looking and feeling healthy from the inside. Thus, the proper routine can work wonders on your complexion and elasticity, especially as the skin ages and matures. If you are considering investing in great skincare, we urge you to consider the following top ten skincare brands in India. We are confident you won’t be disappointed.

10 Best Skincare Brands in India

Cheat your way to great skin with a list of the ten best skincare brands that offer quality products at highly affordable prices:

1. Lakme


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Lakme is known as one of the best makeup brands ever since its inception in 1952. Having given the Indian woman the power to embrace their skin, the brand is close to the hearts of many women as the skincare formulations are impeccable, and the shade ranges are inclusive. In addition, it follows international safety standards to the tee, cementing its position as the best Indian skincare brand in the market.

2. Sugar


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Sugar cosmetics is relatively new compared to other names mentioned in this list. Ever since it took off in 2012, it has solidified its position as one of the best skincare brands in India. While a significant part of the product range caters to beauty, their skincare products are equally appreciated. 


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Sugar’s most popular skincare products include their extremely popular illuminating moisturiser along with the retractable hydration stick. You can get your hands on both the products on Lifestyle.

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3. L’oreal Paris


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L’oreal Paris aces the art of maintaining ageing skin. This luxury skincare brand offers top-notch formulations designed to prevent skin ageing. Whether it’s the L’oreal Revitalift, the Hydrafresh Anti-Ox Mask Essence or simply a restoration night cream, each product resolves long-term skin woes and helps you deal with them in the best way possible. So get your skincare fix by browsing L’oreal Paris’ skin range today!

4. The Face Shop


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This Korean-origin brand is one of the few skincare producers that believe in the magic of natural remedies. It sources about 600 natural ingredients from over 25 countries across the world and combines them with the ancient Korean knowledge of skincare. 


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Thanks to Lifestyle, you can get your hands on the entire The Face Shop range, including premium sheet masks, lifting creams, brightening cleansing foams, and so much more. So if you are looking for the best organic moisturiser or any other skincare product, The Face Shop will come to your rescue.

5. Innisfree


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Innisfree is another South Korean brand that has reached heights of popularity amongst many other best skincare brands in India. Just like The Face Shop, Innisfree also believes in the magical powers of natural herbs and remedies and derives its ingredients from the pristine island of Jeju. 


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In addition, the brand further endorses its high commitment to healthy skin through its broad product range, including body lotions, serums, sheet masks, eye creams and much more! One product worth every penny is the Innisfree Green Tea Balancing Lotion that is designed as a treat for all skin types.

6. Mamaearth


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Explore the goodness of nature through skincare products from Mamaearth. Their wide range offers relief to young mothers with growing infants. Their products are well-crafted from 100% natural ingredients that are gentle, non-toxic and 100% safe. Grab your very first skincare product from Mamaerath by exploring the Lifestyle skincare category. 

7. Bombay Shaving Company


Click Here to buy BOMBAY SHAVING COMPANY Charcoal Face Pack

The hunt for the best skincare products for men ends with the Bombay Shaving Company. So whether you are looking to tame your mane or looking to treat your skin without having to visit the salon professionally, this brand is for you. Browse through various products like charcoal face packs, shave balms, beard oil and more with Lifestyle online shopping platform.

8. Colorbar


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Words can never do justice to how Colorbar has played into the Indian skincare industry and has established itself as one of the popular lipstick brands. The brand offers some of the best cleanser and toner combinations of all skin types, along with makeup remover wipes, day creams, boosting oils and more. So if you’ve been looking for the entire gamut of Colorbar products starting from sunscreens to priming formulas, take a visit to Lifestyle online right now and grab your favourites. Check out the COLORBAR Cellular Dry Oil Moisture Boosting Treatment that is a complete skincare package in one bottle.



Click Here to buy LOTUS Organics Precious Brightening Night Creme SPF 20

LOTUS is another Indian-origin cosmetic company that has been wowing many for well over a decade. The brand is hugely sought after for its outstanding skincare products ranging from high SPF sunscreens such as the LOTUS Organics Precious Brightening Night Creme SPF 20 to gel-formulated moisturisers for oily skin types. So the next time you want to shop from some of the best skincare brands in India, give Lotus a shot. We promise you won’t regret it!

10. The Man Company

THE-MAN-COMPANY-Charcoal-Cleansers-Face-Combo (1)

Click Here to buy THE MAN COMPANY Charcoal Cleansers Face Combo

Bring the salon right at your doorstep, stocking up on some essential skincare products and goodies from the Man Company. The brand offers curated kits that take care of your hair, beard and skin, right from shaving boxes to soothing face oils.

Shop from the Best Skincare Brands in India on Lifestyle

The time has finally come to stock up on all your fashion and makeup essentials. So what are you waiting for? Log onto Lifestyle today and gear up for the massive skincare explosion!

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5 months ago

I always love natural and paraben-free products, so after coming across this blog on the best skincare brands in India, I brought few products that are not harmful to my skin as it is very sensitive.

4 months ago

I always find it challenging to find skincare brands in India. This blog has been very helpful to me with some great options of skincare brands

Sarika Raiturkar
Sarika Raiturkar
29 days ago

After trying many cosmetic creams, I wanted to settle down to a particular brand that offers a wide range of natural herbal skincare products & suits my skin. So I opted for Innisfree 3 months back & now I can finally say it’s one of the Best Skincare Brands soo far.