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8 outfits to gift your SO this Valentine’s Day

8 outfits to gift your SO this Valentine's Day

Heads up! Valentine’s Day is finally around the corner. So take your significant other out for a nice dinner and gift them a gorgeous outfit. But here comes the dilemma, “what if she doesn’t like it?” – the question that haunts every man.

If you often find yourself in this position, here’s a catalogue of the ‘best Valentine’s Day dress for women’. We’ve handpicked these eight outfits for the love of your life, so you don’t go through the hassle of shortlisting tons of looks only to question your choices all over again! Just skim through these Valentine’s Day outfits and go with the one that catches your eye. In the end, we also have a few bonus tips lined up for you, so make sure that you don’t miss out on our valuable nuggets of information about buying Valentine’s dresses for ladies (it could improve your gifting game, at least when it comes to Valentine clothes).

LATIN QUARTERS Textured Casual Jacket

1.LATIN QUARTERS Women Textured Casual Jacket

A Valentine’s Day dress for women can be something flashy, or a casual jacket that she can pair with anything. Women love multipurpose clothing, so we assure you that she’ll love it if it goes well with most outfits in her wardrobe. The neutral Pink colour of this jacket makes it even more in demand because you can practically style it with colours of any shade, dark or light! If you find your girlfriend/wife going through her closet again and again, complaining how she has nothing to wear, this could be a wonderful gift option because she can wear it with most clothes. Let her rock that sleek yet casual look with this attractive jacket this Valentine’s Day.

GINGER Sequinned Sheath Dress

2.GINGER Women Sequinned Sheath Dress

Is she a party animal? Or just someone who loves fancy clothing? Check out this sequinned sheath dress. Don’t gift her this if you’re the jealous type because she’ll be turning heads if she walks into any room wearing this bedazzling dress. Every woman should own a dress that shimmers and glistens when the light falls on her. This is our Valentine’s Day special dress; it looks so sultry and bold that she might get tired of all the compliments.

GINGER Bodycon with Lace Detail

3.GINGER Women Bodycon With Lace Detail

Women love to flaunt their curves, and this bodycon dress with lace is tailor-made for that! A body-hugging Red dress for Valentine’s Day? Now that’s a gift most women would die to receive from their man. The fabric is not just plain old Red; it has intricate lace designs that add to this dress’s classy look. Let’s make our women more confident by encouraging them to love their bodies and appreciate them in their truest form, which is always beautiful!

GINGER Solid Sleeveless Playsuit

4.GINGER Women Solid Sleeveless Playsuit

This outfit is perfect for enjoying the thrill and adrenaline rush of an outdoor adventure while looking your absolute best. The Beige colour makes it a good fit for minimalistic clothing if your significant other loves to dress simple. She can also style it with long jackets or any other accessory because it is a great neutral dress that can become the base of any outfit.

GINGER Distressed Skinny Fit Jeans

5.GINGER Women Distressed Skinny Fit Jeans

Nothing’s better than a comfortable pair of skinny jeans that look chic. Jeans are a necessity for every wardrobe and also last you the longest. Don’t we all know the feeling of slipping into worn-out jeans?  Ultimate satisfaction! If you want to gift her something that lasts long and reminds her of you every time she puts it on, even after years? Then these skinny-fit jeans are your best bet.

CODE Textured Asymmetric Hem Skirt

6.CODE Women Textured Asymmetric Hem Skirt

An asymmetric hem skirt should be a wardrobe essential. It is simple, easy to pair with anything, and looks stunning! Plus, it is even more gorgeous in Black because let’s be honest? Every piece of clothing looks amazing in Black. Needless to say, a Black hem skirt would steal the show at any event. This quirky-looking skirt is valuable because it can go with almost any top she owns. We promise you; she will wear it a lot more often than you think.

GINGER Textured Casual Shorts

7.GINGER Women Textured Casual Shorts


Not just Valentine’s Day, but summer is around the corner as well! We can’t be wearing our old baggy and long clothes in the heat; that’s just a recipe for disaster. So, try gifting her these cute shorts with lovely fabric. Again, these shorts come in Black, so she can wear them with literally anything in her wardrobe. Plus, they are slightly high-waisted, making them even more appealing and a great buy for fashionistas.

GINGER Striped A-line Midi Skirt

8.GINGER Women Striped A-line Midi Skirt

This funky skirt is an attention grabber! Made and gifted with love for women who don’t shy away from trying something unique once in a while. This skirt would go so well with solid tops and tunics. It is also just a fun piece for her to wear on vacations or her day-offs.

Bonus Tips

You’ve waited long enough, and we will surely reward you for that with our bonus tips! This is what you need to do while picking the Valentine’s Day special dress for your significant other.

  • Make sure she doesn’t already have something extremely similar to what you are gifting. But we are sure that your significant other would still appreciate your effort even if you mess up a little bit!
  • Think about her favourite colour or the one she wears the most and try to gift something closer to that shade.
  • Try to picture her in whatever you are choosing, instead of impulsively picking up the first thing you see.
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