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Best Yoga Pants for Women – Twenty Gym Wear Style Ideas


The time has come to embrace the new normal and resume our lives after an unexpectedly long pause. The long periods of inactivity and binge eating during the lockdown have left many of us out of shape and low on energy. If you too want to get your heart rate up or need to cheer up your spirits, you’ve come to the right place.

We can all agree that a great workout starts with the right clothing. But what if you could find clothing that helps enhance your workouts, and make you feel good every time you slip into them? Because we assure you that you can find some of the best yoga pants for women along with comfortable gym wear that can instantly lift your spirits as well as your glutes!

20 Best Yoga Pants for Women to Style this Season

Several prints, patterns and colours in women’s yoga pants or other gym wear can bolster your confidence and get you back into a regular fitness routine.

Several prints, patterns and colours in women’s yoga pants or other gym wear can bolster your confidence and get you back into a regular fitness routine.

1. Mesh Yoga Pants

KAPPA Women Solid Mesh Detailed Tights

There is a misconception that mesh clothing is slightly revealing. If the mesh details are placed at the right spots, there is no need to worry about the material tearing away or making you feel uncomfortable. The season’s best yoga pants for women feature mesh panels running down the sides or strategic placements to prevent seam ripping.

Style Tip: Pair these women’s leggings with a matching mesh cropped top and a sports bra with neon details.  

2. Colour-Blocked Yoga Pants

KAPPA Women Colourblocked Elasticated Tights - Yoga Pants for Women

Yes, you read that right. The colour-block trend in women’s clothing has been here since 2012, and we’re not complaining. The trend can create the illusion of a much smaller frame and add a colourful vibe to your gym wear. 

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Style Tip: Style colour-blocked women’s yoga pants with monochromatic T-shirts or sports bras. Allow the colours of the leggings to be the highlight of the outfit.

3. Tummy Compression Yoga Pants

TRIUMPH Tummy & Thigh Shapewear - Yoga Pants for Women

Tummy compression yoga outfits are fantastic for when you feel bloated or demotivated to go to the gym. These are designed to make you feel good by keeping all the excess bulge tucked onto the waistband, keeping you comfortable, secure and confident. 

Style Tip: Since compression leggings tend to have a wide waistband, it makes more sense to style crop tops or sports bras with them. You can even style mesh design V-neck bras as they will slim you down even more.

4. Yoga Capri Pants

The best gym wear is both uber-stylish and comfortable. One of the least explored styles in yoga pants is the Capri style. These yoga pants offer more coverage than shorts without the discomfort of extra fabric restricting the legs. 

Style Tip: Show off your style by pairing some chunky sneakers with the Capri style along with a fitted vest. Double up the outfit as a casual Sunday look by adding a cropped denim jacket. 

5. Yoga Pants with Side Pockets

Side pockets add functionality to a gym wear look and add some interest. You can choose for slightly baggy styles with a drawstring to tighten the waist or ones with an elasticated waistband. 

Style Tip: Choose a crew-neck form-fitting cropped T-shirt with the baggy style. Add some cool kicks to the ensemble and a pair of vibrant ankle-socks.

6. Tie-Dye Print Co-ord Set

The tie-dye trend is back with a bang, and we couldn’t be more excited! As one of the best gym leggings and vest sets, these look fun and great for working out. You can find designs that feature various colour schemes such as browns, blues, pinks, reds, greys and more.

Style Tip: Style the leggings and vest combination with white sneakers and a smart fabric duffle bag.

7. Animal Print Leggings

UNITED COLORS OF BENETTON Girls Animal Print Elasticated Leggings - Yoga Pants for Women

Animal prints with dalmatian, cheetah, leopard and snake yoga pants for women have been trending for quite some time now. Shop for T-shirt and leggings sets and make a statement the next time you visit the gym.

Style Tip: Style monochromatic sneakers with the coordinated set. Opt for a headband to keep your hair out of the way.

8. Camo Print Yoga Pants

KAPPAN Women Camouflage Print Joggers - Yoga Pants for Women

Who said military print isn’t appropriate for women? Camo prints give off a boss vibe like no other pattern in yoga pants. The best yoga pants for women in camo print are the ones that have a thick waistband to keep you feeling toned and secure. 

Style Tip: Throw on some cool kicks in black, white or grey and be the centre of attention wherever you workout.

9. Side-Striped Yoga Pants

The side-stripe trend is all over the place with the pattern available on jeans, skirts and even trousers. The pop of colour makes the bottoms more fun and adds interest to the overall outfit.

Style Tip: Choose to pair up the piece with a cropped vest and a pair of colourful kicks to match the strip design.

10. Metallic Gym Wear Coordinate Sets

Metallic ensembles are quite on-trend as predicted by 90’s sci-fi movies. The style is quite out there and meant for women who feel confident in their body. The fabric contours to the body like no other material, making you look super toned.

Style Tip: Style the set with some funky sneakers. Switch up the lace with some metallic ones to complete the whole vibe of the outfit.

11. Sustainable Yoga Pants

Various sustainable materials have come into the fashion scene with the vocalisation against fast fashion. Fabrics that are recycled from plastics or built from natural fabrics are considered excellent for the environment. Opt for sustainable materials, especially if you prefer low-intensity workouts. 

Style Tip: Style the best yoga pants for women built from sustainable materials with cotton blend vests and tops. 

12. Laser-Cut Detail Yoga Pants

The laser-cut detail gym wear is for the days you feel your best. These are known for their durability, resistance to wrinkling, light weight, and non-absorbency. Thus, any moisture from your skin will evaporate without the fear of being drawn into the material.

Style Tip: Match the leggings with racer-back vests. Play around with colours and create unique looks. 

13. Scuba Leggings

These yoga pants for women feature a slit in the centre of the legs upto the ankles. Several brands such as Reebok and Nike have designs in this style and are great for working out.

Style Tip: Shop for a soft bodysuit in a basic colour to pair up with these yoga pants. 

14. Reversible Yoga Pants

Save up by opting for yoga pants that are reversible and feature unique patterns on both sides. Not only are these cost-effective but are also a sustainable option for the modern woman.

Style Tip: Opt for opposite colours on the spectrum. Choose lighter tops with dark bottoms and vice versa. 

15. Wrap Detail Yoga Pants

Often worn by ballerinas, lace-up yoga pants feature laces that tie around the ankles. These are quite appropriate for Zumba and functional training as they offer an improved range of motion.

Style Tip: Seamless cropped camisoles with tie details will match the bottoms perfectly. Opt for contrasting coloured sneakers.

16. Racerback Jumpsuit

If the conventional top and yoga pants look boring to you, polyester jumpsuits designed to work out would be a perfect option. The elastane or spandex ensures you are comfortable and have ample room for movement and breathing space.

Style Tip: Carry your essentials in a bum bag tied around the waist. Match the colour of the bag with your footwear.

17. Slogan Yoga Pants

Various yoga pants for women feature motivational one-liners or slogans on one side of the legs. These can be a great way to kickstart your daily workout routines.

Style Tip: Style crop tops or camisoles in basic colours, and opt for some chunky sneakers with colourful laces.

18. Performance Yoga Pants

Workout activities can tear away clothing quickly, especially if the fibres are weak or built from poor quality materials. This need has given birth to the best workout leggings for women referred to as performance clothing—these last several years without needing a replacement. 

Style Tip: Style form-fitting ribbed tank tops that offer a wide range of motion with these bottoms.

19. Sweat Resistant Yoga Pants

That icky and wet feeling after a fitness routine can be quite annoying. Even a sixty-second quick on the spot running can break you into sweats. Thus, some of the best yoga pants for women and vests feature sweat resistance materials that do not absorb any moisture whatsoever. You will not feel wet or sticking when working out in such materials. 

Style Tip: Opt for similar materials in tops and never break a sweat again!

20. Faux Leather leggings

Leather yoga pants are some of the most on-trend pieces out there at the moment. The style is super chic and helps you create an edgy look even outside the gym.

Style Tip: Style the leggings with a caged-sports bra and bright red sneakers.

Shop from the Ultimate Selection of Yoga Pants for Women

That ends our list for the top twenty best yoga pants for women. Make your way to the gym wear section on the Lifestyle Stores shopping website and get back into shape in no time!  Hit the Lifestyle Stores online shopping app or website and explore the latest workout wear the platform has in store for you. Also experience prompt deliveries, easy returns, reliable refunds like no other platform. Get your hands on the latest selection by downloading the online app; the best clothing brand for women awaits you.

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Navya Burman
Navya Burman
2 years ago

With the lockdown weight-gain, my old Yoga pants do not fit me anymore. As listed on this blog for best yoga pants for women, I bought two pairs after reading it, and they are really comfortable and skin friendly.

Shehnaz Abdul
Shehnaz Abdul
2 years ago

Since work from home started last year I was always on the lookout for some of the best yoga pants for women that I could wear both at home as well as outside. So this blog with its unique styling tips proved to be quite helpful.