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5 essential bottom wear for the fashion-forward man


Bottom wear for men needs to tick many boxes. And for the fashion-forward, even more so. Juggling with work, family and leisure calls for a coming together of trends and a high level of ease-of-wear. So here’s the moot question: What pants should every guy have?

Lifestyle does the research and brings you handy suggestions:

Casual Trousers

This type of bottom wear for men is designed to suit any relaxed occasion and is a must-include in the list of essential men’s trouser styles. The even interwork of the fabric keeps the pants largely free of wrinkles, and along with the wide range of vibrant colours, these are your go-to for all times you want to be in trend but feel super comfy as well.

Brands such as Code, Bossini and Allen Solly fit the bill as they design pants that tops the list of ‘most comfortable men’s pants styles.’ The textured, slim chinos by Code are well-fitted, rests above your ankles, and pairs well with T-shirts and casual shirts; the elasticated cargo trousers from Being Human too, vie for a high position on the list of most comfortable men’s pants – don them with casual shoes or sneakers and you’re set.

1.UNITED COLORS OF BENETTON Men Solid Slim Tapered Fit Casual Trousers

2.BOSSINI Men Solid Slim Tapered Elasticated Cargo Trousers

3.CODE Men Textured Slim Straight Chinos

Formal Trousers

This category of bottom wear for men creates an impressive look and enhances your confidence while creating an impact. They are comfortable to be worn for long hours as well. Well-tailored formal trousers reflect the traditional aura of masculinity while holding up a polished professional look that carries you from the boardroom to on-sight visits with peers.

Louis Phillipe and Van Heusen have some great choices, bringing you the most comfortable formal pants, which, speaks equally of classy elegance. Fine cotton dominates the choice of fabric here and makes for softer, comfortable and versatile lowers that may be worn throughout the year.

1.BLACKBERRYS Men Solid Slim Straight Formal Trousers

2.LOUIS PHILIPPE ATH WORK Checked Slim Tapered Trousers

3.LOUIS PHILIPPE Men Textured Slim Tapered Formal Trousers


The most essential men’s trouser style that can take you through casual gatherings as well as a fair amount of rough and tumble, are your durable denims. Generally shaped out of a mix of cotton-synthetic fibres, denims look cool and weather well. Forca, with a range starting from only Rs. 999, has stone-washed jogger jeans that create a charming silhouette of casual cool. The same brand’s distressed jeans are easy-to-wear and comfortable, and may be listed under the most comfortable men’s pants.

1.FORCA Men Stonewashed Jogger Jeans

2.DENIMIZE Men Solid Skinny Fit Jeans

3.FORCA Solid Slim Tapered Fit Jeans

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People are catching on to the trend of a healthy lifestyle, and this is where brands such as Kappa, Adidas and Nike come into the picture, merging fashion with fitness, creating an energetic buzz. This type of bottom wear for men needs to be selected carefully to ensure the best support when you are on active mode.

Kappa’s activewear products range from solid knitted lowers to slim-fit track pants. The bottoms are generally made of soft, durable, wrinkle-resistant and stain-resistant material such as polyester. A stylish pair of track pants from the brand that you can grab for just Rs. 999, with multiple pockets and an elasticated waistband, creates the perfect gym outfit, especially when paired with upper-wear from the same brand. When the question of ‘what pants should every guy have’ arises, this must find a place in the list – even if to encourage you to get moving!

1.KAPPA Men Solid Knitted Trackpants

2.KAPPA Men Solid Slim Fit Joggers

3.KAPPA Solid Slim Fit Track Pants


It is so convenient to wear a crisp white shirt tucked into your super-comfy shorts to attend a meeting while working from home! Definitely a top reason you don’t want to go back to the office. Right? Whether it’s a casual day out with friends, a house-warming party, a pool party with colleagues or simply hanging around the house – this category of bottom wear for men is the perfect fit.

Kappa’s casual regular fit shorts paired with a graphic tee are great for casual wear; or choose the elasticated cotton shorts from the same brand to hop across to the local store or even head out for a short jog. Also, check out Code’s mid-rise, printed button fly shorts – combined with a clean striped shirt, the look can create some fabulous Instagram-worthy vacation pictures.

1.FORCA Men Printed Regular Fit Casual Shorts

2.CODE Men Printed Woven Shorts

3.KAPPA Men Printed Elasticated Shorts

Go on, check your wardrobe – do you have the 5 types of essential bottom wear for men that puts you squarely in the zone of the well dressed, fashion forward? If you do, add more to your repertoire to up your fashion quotient; if not, rush to bag the essentials now!

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