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Top 5 Branded Face Mask in India in 2021

FAME FOREVER Men Printed Reusable Mask

The inclusion of face masks has perhaps been the most significant life change owing to the pandemic. Unlike before, the daily ritual of stepping out to run errands is incomplete without a well-fitted, clean and sanitised face mask. This change was brought about as soon as it was recognised that double masking helps block disease spreading particles more effectively than anything else. As time has passed, several brands have been launched that sell face masks. Branded mask fit all the required criteria to ensure optimal protection from virulent particles. 

Many brands cater to selling face masks for men, women and children. Here is a brief list of the various branded mask you can explore online. 

5 Top Branded Mask for Men in 2021

If you are unsure of which brands to try when it comes to face masks for men, here are a few of our top picks:

U.S. POLO ASSN. Men Reusable 3-Layered Face Masks - Pack of 2 Pcs.

1. US Polo Assn

Branded masks from this label are tailored from premium poly-cotton and feature details such as stripes and text. The masks are designed for more than just filter minute droplets but also coarse particles. The make also prevents moisture build-up, so these masks are ideal for working out or during the humid monsoon season.

KAPPA Men Textured Reusable Masks - Pack of 2


This is another fantastic face mask brand for men that is known for being pretty effective, soft and easy to maintain. These branded masks come in a set of two with a textured outer finish and a soft inner three-ply lining. Each mask is designed to sit comfortably over the mouth, featuring soft elastic loops.

CODE Men Solid Reusable Face Masks - Pack of 4


This homegrown brand from Lifestyle Stores’ also offers tailored cotton face masks. The antimicrobial design accompanied by soft loops ensures safety and comfort at the same time. The brand offers a set of two masks that are easy to wash and maintain.

FAME FOREVER Men Textured Reusable Face Mask - Pack of 2

4. Fame Forever

These masks come in a unique assortment of colours ranging from black to salmon stitched entirely from breathable cotton. The three-layered design, along with an antibacterial finish, ensures you are protected against disease-spreading droplets without having any breathing difficulties.

FREE AUTHORITY Men Printed Bandana Face Mask

5. Free Authority

If you are looking for branded face masks that are effective and add spunk to your look, this is the brand for you. Free Authority offers graphic print masks with Superhero and Friends’ themes. Like other branded masks, these are tailored from soft cotton materials, offering a snug fit to the wearer.

5 Top Branded Mask for Women in 2021

Branded masks for women are designed to be a lot more fun and vibrant than the styles for men that are rather basic. Here are the face mask brands to watch out for:

VAN HEUSEN Women Textured Anti-Viral Melt-Blown Masks - Pack of 4

1. Van Heusen

The brand features masks with wider coverage, accompanied by a textured outer surface to is easy to wash and sanitise. The well-blended cotton and polyester material ensures the mask is stretchable, breathable and comfortable for all-day use. You can purchase a set of four branded masks at highly affordable prices.

BIBA Women Printed Straight Kurta with Face Mask


The label features some stunning embroidered face masks that filter any coarse particles and droplets. The elasticated loops ensure a comfortable and breathable fit. The style is appropriate to pair with Indian ethnic wear for special events and parties.

MELANGE Women Embroidered Face Mask - Pack of 3

3. Melange

If you prefer to tie up your face masks, this brand offers plenty of options. There are two sets of ties attached to the mask. Both of which are supposed to be tied to the back of the head. These stunning face masks are highly durable and can last multiple washes.

GINGER Women Printed Face Mask with Headband

4. Ginger

If you’ve been on the hunt for some floral face masks, then this brand from Lifestyle Stores’ is perfect for you. The label features masks tailored from soft cotton and elastic loops that ensure a snug fit. Each face mask comes with a matching bow-detail headband to create fun looks.

NEERUS Women Solid 2-Layered Reusable Face Mask- Pack of 5

5. Neerus

The brand offers two-layered masks that are very soft against the skin. The materials are also sweat-proof owing to the absorbent fibres in the inner lining. They are highly effective in blocking out external contaminants due to wider face coverage.

Choose Lifestyle Stores for Your Next Face Mask Purchase

We hope you learnt some insightful information regarding branded masks and which ones will best serve your needs. All the brands mentioned above are available to shop on both the Lifestyle Stores’ website and app. Some exclusive brands like CODE and Ginger, however, are exclusive to the platform. Stock up on the essential pieces today and ensure you are well prepared to tackle the pandemic several months in advance.

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11 months ago

In the last two years, masks have become essential. However, as maks are available everywhere, it becomes challenging to pick the one that protects you & is trendy as well. This blog has some great recommendations for the Branded mask!

Godson Fernandes
Godson Fernandes
11 months ago

I have been looking for a stylish branded mask for quite some time now but have been confused due to the number of options available. This blog proved quite helpful with the best of the brands that I can rely on