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Chinos Fest: How best to wear this style


Besides jeans, chinos are undoubtedly the other type of pants every man should own. While jeans can be worn in every casual setting, chinos are for the times a pair of jeans just don’t cut it. Namely, going to work, interviews, semi-formal events or any business casual occasions. This is why chinos for men are a wardrobe essential.

Chinos hit the right balance between comfort and smart style as a trouser. And what’s more, they’re perfect for summer or any kind of tropical weather. The soft cotton fabric is breathable and comfortable for everyday wear, even in humid conditions.

Like jeans, you can dress up or dress down chinos depending on the vibe you are going for. All these elements make chinos one of the most versatile styles of pants for men to wear.

But before learning how to style chino pants for men, let’s look at what chinos are.

What are chinos?

Chinos originated in the 19th century during the Spanish-American war. As the war was being fought in the Philippines, a hot and humid place, the need for an easy-to-wear and breathable uniform came about. This was how chinos were born. The pants differed from others during this time because they used lesser fabric due to the lack of deep pockets and pleats around the waistband. So what started as military wear for soldiers, this pair of no-nonsense pants became a fashion favourite in men’s fashion over time.

What to know about chino pants

  • Fit: While other pant styles can be baggy or tight, chinos fall in the middle. They are loose to the point of comfort while still accentuating the lines of your body the right way. The best way to pick chinos for you is to ensure they fit you right. The tailored fit should make finding the right size for your body easier.
  • Colour: When it comes to picking chino colours, the sky is the limit. The casual pant style comes in various colours; the staples are neutral hues such as navy blue, khaki, beige and black. But that shouldn’t stop you from trying bolder colours like olive green, sky blue or even maroon.
  • Material: A distinguishing feature of chinos is the material. Typically, chinos are made with pure cotton fabrics or cotton blends because they are lightweight, comfortable, and breathable. This makes them ideal for Indian weather.

What shoes to wear with chinos

As chinos are smart casual attire, the best shoes to go with them would be casual or semi-formal styles. Ideally, dressier shoe styles like Oxford shoes or Derbys are not worn with chino pants. For casual settings, nothing’s more stylish or more relaxed than a pair of squeaky clean white sneakers – minimalist, of course. On the other hand, more formal shoes with chinos would be loafers. You can always try wearing ankle boots or chukka boots for the perfect in-between.

Pro tip: Always remember to match your shoe style with the rest of your outfit. Formal shoes with a more traditional look and casual shoes with relaxed outfits are easy combinations to follow.

Best chino brands you need


These men’s blue chinos from Celio are a great option if you are looking for something more casual. While navy blue can be chosen for formal outfits, this shade of blue can be worn for relaxed occasions. Wear it with this white Polo t-shirt with black highlights and matching sneakers to enjoy a laid-back but well-dressed vibe.

If you want to add a bit more colour to your wardrobe this summer, you can opt for these camel brown chinos over the more traditional dark brown or beige ones. The tapered fit gives them a tailored appearance, and you can pair them perfectly with a casual black shirt and white sneakers.


Lighter colours are a given for spring and summer, making these beige chinos a must-have. The slim, straight-fit silhouette gives them a sophisticated look, so you can style them for a variety of events. Team these chino pants with a casual white shirt and sneakers to prepare for a weekend brunch, or wear them with a dark blue shirt and loafers to impress your SO on a date night.

Blackberrys Casual

You can’t go without these navy blue chinos. Designed with a slim, straight-fit cut, this classic pair of pants are the most versatile for your wardrobe. Wear it with your semi-formals or more casual looks – the styling options for these pants are endless. Here we have these men’s blue chinos paired with a printed blue Polo t-shirt and white slip-on shoes.

Fame Forever

Light grey chinos are another fantastic choice for the warm weather. When worn with blues and blacks, be it a denim shirt or sweatshirt, you will end up with a cool look that no one will forget.

Indian Terrain

These light blue chinos for men will be a game-changer in your wardrobe. Break out of the tried-tested colours and go with pastel hues this season. And what’s better to go with these Brooklyn-fit flat-front chinos than the formal white shirt with subtle light blue prints to complement the pants? The brown accessories are the cherry on top. 


Detailed with a denim-finish blue, Code’s tapered fit chinos are an elegant pair made to ace formal and semi-formal looks. You can wear these chino pants for men to the office and other occasions that call for dressy attire. This outfit combines navy blue chinos, a light pink shirt, and brown monk-strap shoes.

Code’s flat-front chinos are a great alternative to Celio’s camel brown pair if this colour suits you better. The darker finish adds a sophisticated touch. These chino pants will look their best with brown accessories.

If you love a good pair of khaki chinos, look no further. These men’s slim fit chinos have a fitted silhouette that would work well with any other neutral colour. You could also try pastel shades to complement these pants. This look mixes these khaki chinos with a casual printed beige shirt and casual lace-up shoes in brown.

Another favourite colour for chino styling is olive green. Break the monotony with this colour that is distinct yet neutral enough to be worn with many colours. A combination that always works is blue with olive green, as seen in this outfit that pairs these chinos with a check blue and white shirt.

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