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Master the color blocking trend in style


What first became popular back in the ‘60s with a resurgence in the ‘80s, color blocking outfits are back in full swing. With new designs and color blocking techniques, there are exciting new styles to choose from. With the right color blocking tips, anyone can master color blocking style trends. Before we get into some stylish trends for men, let’s learn how to do it the right way first…

What is color blocking?

Color blocking (or colorblocking as it is sometimes written) is a fashion trend by which more than one solid colour is worn as part of an outfit. It’s an outfit created by finite blocks of colour, usually two or more colours. This can be multiple complementary or contrasting colours or just shades of a single colour – the latter trend is part of another famous one doing the rounds, monochrome outfits. Prints and patterns usually take a backseat in color blocking, so the result is very chic looking blocks of colour, which is where this trend gets its name from. To achieve color blocking outfits, you don’t have to stick to just top or bottom wear. Play with colorblocked or solid-coloured accessories to add to this effect.

Style Secrets about Color Blocking

Since color blocking looks involve several bold colours put together, it could end up looking messy or a bit over the top if not done correctly. Following a few easy color blocking tips will let you pick your colours, clothing pieces and accessories better so you can put together an outfit that is stylish and on-trend.

The first tip to help you get started with colorblocking your outfit is to choose whether you want to stick to one colour in several shades or mix pieces of different colours together. If you’re mixing different clothing pieces together, you can try bi-tonal outfits that have only two colours or multi-tonal outfits that have more than two colours.

Once you’ve figured that out, the next step and most important one is finding the right colour palette for you. You can either go for contrasting colors like matching Reds with Greens or Blues with Yellows. If bright or neon colours aren’t for you, then colorblocking with analogous colors may be better for you. Colorblocking with analogous colors means using colors of the same family. For example, if you’re choosing Green as your main colour, you could add Greenish-Blues and Greenish-Yellows to your look. Remember, colorblocking doesn’t have to only be done with bright colors. You can play around with pastel and subdued colors to ace this trend as well. The main thing is finding what works for you.

When you’ve picked out your main color and one or two colors to add to it, the next step is completing your look with neutrals. Neutral colors like Greys, Browns, Blacks, Whites, Camels and Beiges will blend into your outfit well so that your colorblocked piece is the centre of your look – as it should be!

If you’re a newbie to colorblocking, it is better to start off with solid blocks of color rather than trying out prints and patterns that are much trickier to match with the rest of your outfit. But that doesn’t mean you have to stick with the basics. You can try colorblocked stripes and various other blocking types.

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Another way to colorblock effectively is by including your accessories into it. Whether it is your shoes, a scarf, cap or any other accessory that you may want to add to outfit, go for solid neutral colors or subtle colorblocked patterns that will match the rest of your look.
You can also leave the colorblocking to the experts and try some of these colorblocked t-shirts and shirts for men. Match it with your bottoms and accessories and you’re ready to slay this look in style.

Colorblocked topwear for men

Everyday t-shirts

Make color blocking fashion easy by upgrading your everyday t-shirts. Bossini’s regular fit crew neck t-shirt comes in a White and Grey colour and can be paired effortlessly with Black denims. A similar color blocked crew neck t-shirt in White is from Celio, this one with an ombre-like effect in Orange.

4.BOSSINI Men Colourblocked Regular Fit Crew Neck T-shirt

8.CELIO Colourblocked Slim Fit Crew Neck T-shirt

You don’t have to stop at bi-tonal color blocked t-shirts. The regular fit crew neck t-shirt from Fame Forever is designed with three vertical panels in Red, Navy-Blue and White with a small typographic print in the centre. Try Jack & Jones’ t-shirt in two shades of Blue with a patch of Yellow for a perfect match for your Blue denims.

9.FAME FOREVER Typographic Print Colourblock Regular Fit T-shirt

7.JACK & JONES Men Colourblock Regular Fit Crew Neck T-shirt

Collared topwear

Elevate your casualwear with Polo t-shirts like this one from Louis Philippe Sport. Designed with a Black collar and bust, the bottom half of the t-shirt is in a vibrant shade of Navy Blue. Pair it with Beige chinos and sneakers or casual loafers. Another Navy Blue shirt your wardrobe will love is from V Dot – a full-sleeved casual shirt with broad Navy Blue and Maroon stripes.

6.LP SPORT Men Colorblocked Regular Fit Polo T-shirt

2.V DOT Colourblocked Slim Fit Casual Shirt

Full sleeves for added effect

With monsoon coming in, now’s the time to bring your full-sleeved t-shirts to the forefront of your wardrobe. Arrow Sport’s Red and Navy Blue colorblocked crew neck sweatshirt is a good option. Made in a cotton blend, it’s all you need on a cooler day. Another bright mix of colours comes from Bossini’s full-sleeved t-shirt with a Yellow collar and sleeves contrasted by Black and White. For a more neutral colorblocked pattern, you can always turn to UCLA’s crew neck sweatshirt with broad horizontal panels in Black, Tan Brown and White.

3.ARROW SPORT Men Colourblock Crew-Neck Sweatshirt

5.BOSSINI Men Colourblocked Crew Neck T-Shirt

1.UCLA Men Colourblock Crew-Neck Sweatshirt

Layering with color blocks

Perhaps the easiest way to ace wearing color blocking outfits is by layering a neutral or monochrome outfit with a colorblocked jacket or hoodie. Try out the Blue and Black zip-front sweatshirt from Allen Solly thrown over a Black t-shirt and Black denims. The Yellow and Navy Blue hooded jacket from Levi’s has white panels around the zippers and a bold typographic print of the logo down both sleeves – a stylish addition to any athleisure look!

10.ALLEN SOLLY Men Colourblock Zip-Front Sweatshirt with Insert Pockets

11.LEVI'S Men Colourblock Hooded Jacket

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