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Dazzle Everyone with Traditional Diwali Makeup Looks

Dazzle Everyone with Traditional Diwali Makeup Looks

The festival of Diwali is swiftly rolling in, and many of us are rushing to purchase the perfect ensemble. From women’s clothing featuring bedazzled fabrics to sequined kurtas and kundan jewellery, the festive season has an abundance of bling, pattern and colour. The same applies to your Diwali makeup and hair.

Dress up and make the most of the festival of lights by donning the most on-trend Diwali makeup looks of the season. Whether you’re just rocking a unique ensemble for Laxmi pooja or catching up with family through a video call, ensure your Diwali makeup is on fleek. 

To guide you on this journey, we’ve rounded up the biggest makeup trends of 2020 that are bound to make you look and feel great this Diwali.

How to Prepare Your Skin for Diwali Makeup?

But before we begin, here is an essential skin preparation routine to get a flawless Diwali makeup finish:

1.Cleanse: Clean pores reduces the chances of clogging. So, use some lukewarm water and a face wash to clean out your pores. After which, wipe the face with cotton doused in micellar water.

2.Exfoliate: This step requires one to scrub away dead skin cells and prepare the skin for product absorption. Invest in a quality face and lip scrub for an improved Diwali makeup application.

3.Hydrate: It is essential to hydrate your skin prior to applying Diwali makeup. Supple skin allows makeup to last longer and keeps your skin nourished. A hydrating face mask, serum or an intense moisturizer will do the trick.

4.Prime: A primer performs the task of smoothening the skin and filling up pores. Furthermore, it enhances the foundation’s application and its staying power.

5.Avoid experimenting with new skincare or makeup products: When indulging in online shopping, avoid opting for products that are new to your skin before the festive season. This can help you avoid skin allergies or unwanted reactions.

Make Your Instafam Drool with these Diwali Makeup Trends this 2020

Here are some of our picks from the top 10 Diwali makeup trends this 2020:

1.The Soap Brow Trend

One technique that has left a long-lasting impression with beauty gurus and influencers alike is the soap brow trend. All you need is a bar of clear soap, a spoolie and some water to achieve this look. Simply add a few drops of water to the bar of soap and lace the spoolie by brushing it across the bar.

Apply the soap by brushing the eyebrows upwards, thereby creating a faux lamination effect. The technique individually combs each hair, and the soap allows them to keep the desired shape. 

Despite there being several eyebrows trends out there, this is the most natural and effective eyebrow shaping routine. Switch up your traditional saree makeup with intense eyebrows to a more subtle and precise one with the soap brow trend.

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2. The Holographic Floating Liner Trend

Who said that your eyeliner must cling onto your lash line for dear life? 2020 Diwali makeup has brought a new eyeliner trend that highlights the crease, creating a unique look. Various celebrities such as Shay Mitchell and Lucy Hale have rocked this trend by applying iridescent eyeliner directly onto the crease. 

The rest of the face can be left simple with a nude lip and subtle highlight to ensure the liner is the centre of attention. Remember to match the eyeliner with one of the colours from your Diwali outfit.

3. Neon Makeup Trend

The neon Diwali makeup trend is not going away anytime soon as it can elevate just about any look. The trend can be incorporated into eye makeup by applying neon yellows to the inner corner of the eye, or applying several shades of neon and blending them to create an ombre eye look. Similar to the floating eyeliner, neon makeup helps add some oomph to any festive look. Remember always to apply neon colours with a precise brush to avoid adding excess product.

4. Dramatic Eyelash Trend

Several online marketplaces offer a variety of lash-enhancing tools and mascaras. Whether it’s the Loreal Paris Volume Million Lashes Mascara or the Revlon Water-tight Smudge Proof Mascara, both products are bound to bring life to just about anyone’s eyelashes. Currently, blue coloured mascaras have been makeup influencers go gaga since the colour makes the eyelashes appear significantly more prominent and gives a subtle Hollywood-inspired look.

If you want to make the best of the products you own, carefully dab some talcum powder on your eyelashes and then coat them with mascara. The powder helps add texture and creates the required fluffiness for a dramatic Diwali makeup look.

5. Colourful Lower Lash Trend

Another 2020 Diwali makeup trend that has been making waves since the beginning is the colourful lower lash trend. This look is an extension of the cat eyeliner. Simply blend the lower lashline with colours to match the lid. Simply use a powder or cream eyeshadow on a brush and apply it to the lower lash line to create a colourful look. Always remember to blend out the look to prevent it from smudging. When styling women’s ethnic wear, always line the lower lash line with some colour or kajal as it helps enhance the eyes and makes you appear wide awake. Another alternative to this technique is to dip a mascara spoolie into some aloe-vera gel and rub it into a matte coloured eyeshadow before rolling it across the lower lash line.

6. Glossy Eyeshadow Trend

Once upon a time, Diwali makeup was incomplete without a matte eyeshadow. But before you buy makeup products this 2020, remind yourself that the glossy finish is back in trend. The trend looks just as sultry as a smokey eye look, that too with half the effort. 

Start by adding a few dots of eye gloss right across the lid, then use your finger to blend it towards the crease. You can coat the lower lash line too. If you do not have the time to purchase some eye gloss, use a liquid or powdered highlighter mixed with some makeup spray and apply it directly.

7. The Minimal Lip Stain Makeup Trend

Diwali may be one of the most prominent festivals in the country, but that should not stop minimalists from having fun. If you are planning to go all out with your Diwali makeup, remember that less is more. So if an intense eye makeup look is on your mind, minimalistic lips with a lip stain is the way to go. The product gives a subtle and natural flush of colour to the lips giving them a simplistic vibe. Directly apply the stain to the lips and blend it out using your fingers.

8. Red Smokey Eye Trend

Several Diwali makeup tutorials have been featuring a bedazzled red smokey eye, a considerable jump from the traditional black look. For this look, opt for a brown matte transition shade and blend it into the crease. Follow it up by brushing an intense red matter eyeshadow on the lid and blending the shades together. Once you are done blending, add more red eyeshadow to increase its intensity. Finish off the look by applying some pearl eyeshadow to the centre of the lid and winged eyeliner.

9. The Evergreen Pressed Glitter Trend

Pressed glitter can never go out of style simply because it can take any makeup look from zero to a hundred. Since women’s ethnic wear consists of various metallic embellishments, glitters can help balance the shimmer out. After you are done blending your eyeshadow, press on or glue glitter to the inner corner of the lid. Remove any excess product by peeling it off with a strip of tape. You can also apply pressed glitter onto the centre of the lips for an extra Diwali makeup look.

10. The Watercolour Eyeshadow Trend

Graphic eye looks are all the rage thanks to Christian Siriano and the South Korean makeup industry. The look inspires creativity involving the use of contrasting colours. The technique requires you to combine contrasting shadows instead of creating the conventional smokey eye looks or ombre effects. Try mixing colours like blue and orange, orange and neon pink, purple and red etc. for a unique eye look. And always remember to blend out any harsh edges. Style this Diwali makeup look with a modern frill saree and crop top.

Explore Lifestyle Stores to Create Diwali Makeup Looks

That does it for our top 10 Diwali makeup trend recommendations. Make sure that you choose to opt for these looks if you are fully convinced of their appeal. Your comfort and confidence should take precedence when you choose a Diwali makeup look. 

Hit the Lifestyle Stores online to curate your festive wardrobe this year. Experience a plethora of perks such as prompt deliveries, easy returns, reliable cash refunds and a super helpful customer support team. Shop your favourite Diwali ensembles including women’s and men’s ethnic wear. Achieve the perfect finish with a variety of makeup looks from brands such as Maybelline, Loreal, Chambor, Lakme, and many more, this festive season. Sign up now!

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2 years ago

As a makeup enthusiast, this article is a boon; all the best makeup trends in one article. Even though the article is about Diwali makeup ideas, I tried one of the looks for my Instagram page and OMG!! It looks so fab in the video.

2 years ago

I am not an expert with makeup and I wanted to do learn some basic makeup for this Raksha Bandhan, I loved this Diwali makeup idea, I can defintley use this Diwali makeup idea for other festivals as well its so nice! I loved how great details are mentioned in the blog from prepping your skin to methods of application.