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Dress for Occasion: Spruce up with formals this season

Dress for Occasion for men

Be it dressing for the office, an interview, a wedding or a date night with your significant other, formal outfits for men are a must-have addition to any fashion-conscious man’s wardrobe. Yes, casual clothing and relaxed styles can be more comfortable for everyday wear, but there’s nothing like getting spruced up for a special occasion. Not only will formal dressing make you look neat and polished, but it will also give you a sense of renewed confidence.

There are many different types of formal attire for men. The key to enjoying dressing up formally is finding what works for you. Do you prefer to stick to the basics – a full-sleeved shirt and trousers? Or do you like going the whole nine yards, getting dressed in a blazer and tie as well? The answer is in the occasion and what your personal style is. The best way to never go wrong when picking your formal wear is to ensure it is occasion and weather appropriate.

But, before we get into different formal outfits you can choose from, let’s look at what defines formal wear.

What is formal wear for men?

The best example of formal wear in the context of western wear is what you would wear for a formal party or wedding. It includes a full-sleeved formal shirt, formal trousers, a blazer, neckwear like a tie or bowtie, formal shoes and other accessories like a belt.

Semi-formal wear, on the other hand, allows for more versatile dressing. You can experiment with colours and accessories and don’t have to wear all the pieces that make a formal suit. It also allows experimentation with shoes – you can opt for dress shoes or trainers.

Tips for dressing in formals or semi-formals

  • Wear lighter colours for daytime events and darker colours for evening or night-time events. You can try pastel colours in this season.
  • Wear socks with your dress shoes.
  • Make sure your formal attire fits you well. The fitting shouldn’t be too tight or too loose.
  • Wear accessories such as a belt to match your dress shoes, cufflinks, or a pocket square.
  • Ensure your trousers are the perfect length. They should neither be too long or too short.
  • You should be well-groomed, so your outfit goes along well with the rest of your appearance.

Formal clothes for men you should own

Park Avenue has a wide range of men’s formal wear, including full-sleeved and half-sleeved shirts and formal trousers in different styles. You can build your formal wardrobe by adding these four types of garments to your dressing rotation:

Full-sleeved formal shirts for men

PARK AVENUE Men Solid Formal Shirt

The key to getting formal wear right is by keeping things simple. A classic full-sleeved shirt is more than enough to give you a sophisticated look. You should have a few solid shirts in your wardrobe, like this light blue formal shirt. A few neutral colours like white, black and beige will also pay off.

PARK AVENUE Men Checked Regular Fit Formal Shirt

If you like having some print or pattern on your clothes, you can opt for something minimalistic like this light green formal shirt. The subtle checked pattern adds a style boost without overpowering the entire outfit.

PARK AVENUE Men Printed Full Sleeves Slim Fit Formal Shirt

The same goes for this formal white shirt. Designed with a slim fit and a subtle print, it can be effortlessly added to any formal or semi-formal look.

PARK AVENUE Men Striped Slim Fit Formal Shirt

This light orange shirt is the way to go if you’re looking for additions to your semi-formal wardrobe. The formal shirt has full sleeves and white stripes and can just as easily be added to a pair of chinos as it could be added to formal trousers.

ARROW NEWYORK Men Printed Slim Fit Formal Shirt

And if you want to stand out, look no further than this dark green shirt. The exciting print will grab attention no matter what you wear it with.

Half-sleeved formal shirts for men

You can turn to half-sleeved shirts for a lighter take on men’s formal outfits. They are better for the hotter weather and more comfortable to wear throughout the day. They make an excellent option for office wear.

PARK AVENUE Men Printed Regular Fit Formal Shirt

The light blue regular fit formal shirt from Park Avenue is a must-have. The printed details add to its overall look, and you can easily wear it with a variety of neutral trousers.

Men Printed Regular Fit Formal Shirt

Make the most of the summer by adding soothing pastel shades to formals for men. The pale yellow regular fit formal shirt would look uber-stylish when paired with white or beige trousers.

PARK AVENUE Men Solid Half Sleeves Regular Fit Formal Shirt

This pale red shirt will be perfect if you like a pop of colour. You can wear this half-sleeved shirt with grey or black lowers.

PARK AVENUE Men Solid Half Sleeves Formal Shirt

The formal blue shirt is another way to amp up your everyday work wear. Let the colour be the focus by clubbing this shirt with black trousers and accessories.

Polo T-shirts

Take your semi-formals or casual formals to the next level with Polo t-shirts. Be it an outdoor meeting, daytime event or office party, Polo t-shirts give a smart, polished vibe without the stiffness of formal wear. Always pick your Polo t-shirt based on the occasion – solid Polo t-shirts would work better in more formal settings, while Polos with prints or stripes would better suit more relaxed occasions.

PARK AVENUE Men Striped Half Sleeves Regular Fit Polo T-shirt

Take this dark green Polo t-shirt. The vibrant colour mixed with the stripes on the top half makes it more relaxed. Wear it with chinos or formal trousers and dress shoes.

PARK AVENUE Men Solid Regular Fit Polo T-shirt with Contrast Tipping

The grey Polo t-shirt with contrast tipping has a more subdued look that can work well with many different outfits.

PARK AVENUE Men Solid Slim Fit Polo T-shirt

For a summer addition, nothing beats this lime green slim fit Polo t-shirt. Wear it with light-coloured trousers for a truly summery vibe.

PARK AVENUE Men Solid Slim Fit Polo T-shirt-Blue

An evergreen look to add to your wardrobe comes from this bright blue Polo t-shirt. The slim fit and contrast tipping give it a sporty look that is great for casual formals or business casuals.


Think of trousers as the grounding element in formal looks for men. It adds value to the rest of your outfit but is rarely the centre of the look, especially for formal or semi-formal looks. That is why most trousers are in neutral colours such as navy blue, black, dark brown and grey.

PARK AVENUE Men Striped Super Slim Formal Trousers

These dark blue trousers are a perfect example of this. Only enhanced by the mild white stripes, the super slim fit pair will sculpt your figure and look good with any shirt.

PARK AVENUE Men Striped Full-Length Super Slim Fit Formal Trousers

If you don’t want to go fully black, dark grey trouser is a stylish option. It goes with a variety of other colours and looks smart, no matter what accessories it is paired with.

PARK AVENUE Men Checked Super Slim Fit Formal Trousers

Instead of stripes or solid colours, opt for checked trousers if you feel like experimenting. Styling tip: Wear trousers like these with plain or solid shirts.

PARK AVENUE Men Solid Flat Front Super Slim Formal Trousers

A pair of fully black trousers will always have your back when all else fails. When you want something tried-tested or a classic black-and-white look, you can pick these super slim formal trousers.

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