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How to accent your outfits with pop colours


The arrival of summer means a whole new colour palette and fabric types after the dreary winter season. You can finally put away the dull and dark neutral colours and swap them for bright and lively colours like sunshine yellow and berry pink. Adding a pop of colour to your outfit, be it in the form of a florescent green handbag or a pair of carrot orange jeans, will liven up your outfit instantly and breathe new life into it. The added colour adds interest to your looks, leaving a lasting impression on anyone who sees you.

If you want to achieve this look, you can curate a style that resonates the most with you. If you have a more conservative dressing style, pop colour accessories would probably suit you better, but if you have a loud dressing style, you would love outfits with both top and bottom in pop colours. But whatever your style is, adding some pop colour accessories is one of the easiest ways to create excitement with your everyday summertime outfits.

Lifestyle Stores’ newest collection of handbags and shoes has that color pop style we can all get behind. Scroll down for the highlights of this collection.


A subtle way to add that pop of colour without looking too flashy is by choosing a bright-coloured wallet for everyday use. Fastrack’s yellow bi-fold wallet comes with a quilted design on the PU leather that adds to its style. You can carry this wallet for your daily errands or drop it into a more oversized handbag for a day out.

Spacious and featuring a chic design, what more could you ask for in a handbag than this handheld bag from Elle? The minimalist handbag is what you can call an evergreen handbag style that you can carry with you at any time. And to go with the latest trend, the royal purple colour is a bonus!

Sling bags are a favourite amongst women because of their relaxed style and convenience to carry around. The small sling bag from Ginger is a good example of this style. The distinct green hue and gold accents give it a style boost. How do I match the handbag with outfits? Pair it with other earthy colours to complement your look.

Love a bold accessory whose style speaks for itself? Look no further than this duffle bag from Caprese. The hot pink colour, textured material and elegant design will put you in the spotlight on any occasion. Pairing it with an-all black dress or neutral-coloured outfit is how to carry the handbag with style.

One of the best handbag colours is blue. The versatile colour allows you to combine various colours and outfits. Caprese’s shoulder bag is an excellent option for handbag pop colour ideas. It is similar to a tote bag in terms of spaciousness and is definitely made for those who like a little more room to play with.

If you’re wondering how to choose a handbag for everyday use, a sling bag with an attached smaller pouch is ideal. You can wear it cross-body, get on with your day, and store your essentials in the pouch for easy access. And this sling bag from Ginger is suitable for the job as the orange colour is synonymous with the colour pop style trending this season.


A pair of purple slip-on ballerinas are probably one of the brightest coloured shoes you can add to your wardrobe. The vivid hue mixed with the simple ballerina design means it isn’t over the top and can be comfortably added to your more casual outfits. Picture a pair of white trousers worn with a lavender top, accessorised with these shoes.

For times when comfort trumps it all, you will fall in love with Ginger’s open-toe sliders. Designed with a chunky cushioned sole for the best support, it comes in a hot pink colour, making it perfect as shoes with outfits chosen for the pop colour trend.

Two things about these shoes scream summer – the iconic brown sole and the mustard yellow colour. These strappy heels are how you add that extra something to even a basic outfit. If you’re matching shoes with clothes, try these stilettos with a frilly white summer dress embellished with mustard yellow flowers.

Flat sandals are an absolute classic in summer shoes. The casual easy-to-wear slip-on design always stays in style. Take your everyday sandals to the next level by choosing Ginger’s sandals. The bright red velvety strap comes together nicely as an appliqued bow. From a summer dress to a full-length ethnic skirt, styling options for these sandals are only limited by your imagination.

Show off your style by wearing pop colours with even your most relaxed attire. Whether you’re lounging at home or taking a walk to stock up on groceries, these comfy flip-flops from Ginger are a must-have for the hot summer months. With shiny straps and an orange foot-bed, these flip-flops are essential for all Garfield comic book lovers. Match these shoes with outfits or dare to let them stand out.

Red shoes have always been a major head-turner in any season. Save these glossy stiletto heels from Code for the occasions you want to make an impression. The eye-catching shoes with a simple strappy design will give your outfit that extra punch.

Tips for wearing pop colour accessories

  • Choose a colour palette: If you’re someone who loves colour, it can be tempting to wear a lot of different colours together, but bear in mind not all colours go well with each other. And to create a stylish outfit, you want the individual pieces to tie together to look like a coordinated whole. The best way to achieve this is by picking a colour palette of 2-4 colours and sticking to it.
  • Match colours to your skin tone: The same way that not all colours go with each other, not all colours look good on all skin types. Some shades stand out against darker skin tones, while some look better on lighter tones. Experiment with colours and choose ones that complement your natural skin.
  • Use colour to flaunt your body: Colours, especially bright ones, draw attention. When people see you, their eyes will automatically be drawn to anything distinct. You can use this to your advantage by wearing colour on the body parts you want to flaunt. Want to show off your long legs? Wear a pair of hot pink trousers. Love your toned arms? Wear a bunch of colourful bracelets.
  • Try a statement piece to start with: If you tend to be conservative when dressing up in colour, you can begin slowly by wearing a statement piece in a pop colour and, when you get comfortable with that, build on it.
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