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Build your athleisure wardrobe with these key pieces


Whether you follow a strict workout regime or just like wearing activewear, athleisure blurs the lines between comfort and style so well that it’s hard to resist having a few pieces in your wardrobe. The body-hugging fits let you show off your curves, while the fabrics and designs are great for a comfort-first aesthetic. So if you’re wondering how to build the perfect athleisure wardrobe, these foundational pieces will get you started. Read on to know more…

Tees & Tanks

As with any wardrobe you’re building from scratch, the foundational piece you will rely on most when trying to ace athleisure style is a basic tee. Find what suits you the best, be it a longline tee, crop top or tank top. You can style them based on the bottom wear you choose. For example, wear a crop top with high-rise leggings to flaunt your sculpted body. You can also play around with different sleeve lengths. If you want maximum versatility in your wardrobe, go for one of each length – sleeveless, half-sleeved and full-sleeved.

Jackets & Hoodies

The best athleisure looks come from a combination of tight-fitted and oversized pieces. This is where jackets and hoodies come in. A baggy jacket or hoodie is not only a great way to layer for colder or unpredictable weather but also a chance to contrast your top or overall outfit. Minimalistic designs in neutral colours like black, white, beige or navy blue, or even simple colour-blocked patterns are ideal for foundational pieces.


For cooler weather or a more comfortable silhouette, a sporty sweatshirt will do the job nicely. You can pick slouchier fits for a more relaxed vibe or a tighter one to make a bigger statement. Paired with leggings or even biker shorts, this outfit will look effortless and chic every single time.

Leggings & Joggers

You will always find a pair of leggings mentioned if you look up ‘how to build the perfect athleisure wardrobe’. Just like a basic tee, leggings and joggers make a big part of nailing athleisure style. There are so many options to choose from when it comes to leggings, so you can really customise them based on your preferences. From varying lengths to stylish mesh panels, style them the way you want to!


If those who want to show off some skin or if you’re looking to beat the heat, a pair of shorts never fails. You can try different outfits with shorts – paired with a crop top and a baggy jacket or teamed with a relaxed sweatshirt. If it’s your first time adding sports shorts to your wardrobe, experiment with different lengths to see what you’re comfortable with.

Sports Bras

While sports bras are worn mostly while exercising, they’ve now taken over the fashion world. Unlike before, it’s now fashionable to show off your bra! So throw on a loose sleeveless tank top over your stylish sports bra, or wear it on its own with a layer on top to look on point.


Last but not least, grabbing a few pairs of sneakers to complete your athleisure looks is a big part of how to wear athleisure style. Choose between a pair that doubles up as your gym shoes or a lifestyle pair you wear only with your athleisure. There’s no right or wrong way to wear sneakers, but if this one is your foundational pair, a neutral, minimalistic pair is the best way to go.

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