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How to pick the right jeans for YOU


There’s no denying that jeans are a much-loved staple in every household. Everyone has a pair (or a few) that they wear regularly. From a black skinny fit pair for a more formal event to high waisted boyfriend jeans to get your shopping done, jeans have become a huge part of our daily life and personal style. While you can buy jeans for just about anyone, the variety of cuts, styles and colours they are available in could make it difficult for you to find the right fit for your body. When choosing a pair of jeans, you should always find something that compliments your body, making you look your best regardless of the occasion you’re dressing for.

So, we’ve simplified things for you and have created a simple guide to help you pick from various jeans types and find the right one!

Find the right rise

Before getting into the right rise, what exactly is the rise in jeans? Rise is the distance from your leg break to the top of the waistband. Jeans are usually divided into a high rise, mid rise and low rise. As such, high waisted jeans have a much longer rise than low-waist jeans would. Finding the proper rise will rid you of unwanted problems and enhance your natural body type, making it essential to look out for when choosing your jeans.

If you want to show off your curves, low-rise jeans are the ones for you, but if you’re on the heavier side and you want to cover up any muffin tops, you may want to avoid this style. High-rise jeans, on the other hand, are great for an hourglass figure as they accentuate the natural shape of your body – a small waist and curvier hips. This style is also considered old school, so it’s ideal if you want to rock that retro chic look. Lastly, mid-rise jeans are meant for all body types. They sit comfortably in between both rises, making them an all-rounder.

Look out for the wash

Denim washing is what gives your jeans it’s the final look. It’s responsible for the whiskers, strategic fading and other patterns you will find on jeans, giving the garment its colour. Getting the suitable wash for you depends on the occasion you will use them.

Dark washes, like a pair of jet-black jeans, have a slightly more formal look and can be paired with your work wear and semi-formal outfits.

Medium washes in dark blue hues are the most versatile, as they work well with any kind of top or outerwear and can range from looking super casual to smart casual.

Light washes and white washes are synonymous with summer. The light colours have that pep to them, and you can pair these jeans types with other pastel shades.

But wait, it doesn’t end there! Coloured jeans in all sorts of shades, like pink, red or green, are available now, so you further customise your denim looks.

The right fit matters most

The key to finding a pair of jeans you will wear out is getting the best fitting jeans you can get your hands on. There are a few tell-tale signs of ill-fitting jeans, and you can easily spot them if you try them out before making your purchase. Look out for the fabric bunching up around your crotch and around your ankles, sagging in some areas and also wrinkles. These could be signs that they are too big for you. Alternatively, if the fabric is stretched to its limit, the waistband is cutting into you and sitting or moving around feels too restricted it could be because the jeans are too small for you.

You want to opt for a size that sits snugly on your body without causing you discomfort or pain. You should also be able to move your body freely, with no restrictions to your movement. For more relaxed fits, they should be loose enough to look good but not so loose that the jeans hang on your body without any shape.

Look out for fabric

From flare jeans to slim fit jeans, you can find any style in denim, but not all are the same. What makes jeans so durable to the weather and wear and tear is the thickness and ruggedness of the fabric. Generally, the thicker and heavier the denim (higher thread count), the better the quality. Besides the fabric, the quality of stitching, no loose threads, secure buttons, and a well-working zipper are also good ways of judging the garment.

Although thicker and heavier jeans are supposed to be better quality, keep in mind the weather you will be wearing them in. Thicker material is also much warmer and takes much longer to dry. Thinner and more lightweight fabrics may be better suited to certain climates and occasions.

Keep an eye out for stretch

Stretch jeans are far more flexible than their non-stretch counterparts. The stretchiness is why these jeans are so comfortable, allowing you to move your body any way you want to without hindering you. This also means that stretchiness is the cause of jeans losing their shape far more quickly than non-stretch ones, also meaning they don’t last as long. You may notice the fabric starting to sag in certain places with a lot of use. So picking stretch jeans or non-stretch jeans is more of a personal choice in what matters the most.

Here are a few more tips for buying jeans

  • If you don’t know your size and it’s your first time buying from a brand, you’re probably better off trying it in-store instead of ordering online. Different brands carry different sizes, and although you may know your general measurements, there’s nothing better than wearing it on, feeling the fabric in your hands, and seeing yourself in the mirror to convince yourself to buy it.
  • Don’t confuse yourself with trends. Yes, trends are exciting, and who doesn’t want to try a new trend, but the garments that have a permanent spot in our wardrobe are usually the ones that match our personal style and make us feel confident and comfortable.
  • When buying a new pair of jeans, always match them to your body type. Some types of jeans work better on some bodies. For example, pear-shaped bodies do better with boot-cut jeans as they balance out the figure.
  • If you want the colour and look of your jeans to last a long time, you should pay attention to the care instructions label.
  • If you find the right pair of jeans for you, but they’re just slightly off what you need, don’t be afraid to get them tailored. If it means taking in an inch at the waist or shortening the length by a few, it’s easy to get done. You don’t have to pass up a perfectly good pair.
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