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#ImperfectlyPerfectRules with Ginger by Lifestyle


Some live by the rules while some just rule – rule with their quirks and slay with their imperfections. Which one are you? Embrace your imperfectly perfect sense of style with us and show them what you bring to the table! If you’re a rebel without a cause who loves living on the edge, Ginger by Lifestyle celebrates YOU with its new collection.

The Chic Beach Look:

The Chic Beach Look

The Ginger collection is for all the boss ladies away on a vacay, recharging their boss batteries. Turn up the heat by wearing a quirky co-ord set for your beach look. Sip on your Pina Coladas while looking your best and unapologetic self at the beach. Ginger girls say goodbye to the flowy and chic and hello to the snappy and sleek! We expect nothing less from a fashionista.

The Effortless Date Night Look:

The Effortless Date Night Look

We know you are told to never try hard on dates and take the chill approach. There is a fine line between too much and too little, and you cross that line with your heels on! Because you genuinely don’t care about what people say, and you never hold back. Our Ginger collection caters to women with this mindset and shows appreciation for them with our date night dresses that keep it blingy and go all out!

The Sassy Party Look: 

The Sassy Party Look

Is plain and simple too dull for you? Channel your sassy inner diva for parties and dress boldly with our new Ginger collection. Shut the door on your old and lousy fits, and welcome the new and sassy ones with open arms.

The best part? We know you are young and wild, but stay true to your budget. We support the hustle by making our clothing oh-so affordable too. Our dresses start at Rs.799 and tops at Rs.399, so you can be imperfectly perfect without the guilt of over-spending. So, break the cookie-cutter fashion rules and own your style with the Ginger collection.

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