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Sunglasses on Trend: All You Need to Know


Here’s the latest news on shades that is guaranteed to blow you away. The brand new O2GEN sunglasses available at Lifestyle Stores have caught the pulse of Gen Y, and like how!

Made for the bold and confident “OXY Generation” who are unapologetically themselves, O2GEN offers a range of sunglasses that is all about individual style and are the ideal fashion accessories for any outfit. Check out the superb high-quality lenses, sleek frames, and oh, the styles – from the classic Aviator reinterpreted and snazzy rounds, to quirky geometric shapes in myriad colours and prints – it’s a sunglasses fest out there! Get the global buzz on sunglasses from O2GEN – My Style, My Tribe, My OxyGen.

But before that here’s the icing on the cake. The much-awaited O2GEN sunglasses, available only at Lifestyle Stores, are opening at a whopping 15% discount. Rush to be the early bird – the offer is on till July 12th only!

Here are some expert suggestions that you may want to equip yourself with:

Trendy Aviators: Fashion Perennials

Aviator sunglasses are an evergreen style but O2GEN gives it a whole new spin. The Black O2GEN aviator sunglasses take the story of styling to a new high. If you like a slight roundish edge to your aviators, the Brown pair you see in the collection does well – it creates an elegant silhouette. Remember Brown is the colour you must use for greater clarity of vision when playing golf, sailing or engaging in any activity that needs you to look into the distance.

And O2GEN sunglasses for women? Aviators are a favourite with the ladies too – try a chic pair with a thick gun-metal frame. Slay the cool look. To push the trend envelope, all you ladies who love to experiment, opt for the forever-in-fashion aviator sunglasses with royal purple lenses – yes, purple pulls those looks! And if you want to go a little girlie, try pink.

Women’s Trends

1.O2GEN Women Solid Aviator Sunglasses - O2-21-013-C1

2.O2GEN Women Solid Aviator Sunglasses - O2-21-013-C4

3.O2GEN Women Solid Aviator Sunglasses - O2-21-013-C3

Men’s Trends

1.O2GEN Men Polarized Aviator Sunglasses- O2-21-002-C3-P

2.O2GEN Men Polarized Aviator Sunglasses- O2-21-003-C4-P

3.O2GEN Men UV-Protected Aviator Sunglasses O2-21-004-C3-P

Keep In Mind:

• Quality aviator sunglasses such as the ones from O2GEN are sturdy and offer you the best lenses while helping you ace your style feed.
• This is a shape that enhances almost all face shapes and adds a neat look of refinement to your overall presentation.
• Don’t clutter your look with too much colour on ensembles or a mix of accessories – let your O2GEN take centre-stage.

Round frames & the perfect match

Take the advisory to match your sunglass to your face shape with a pinch of salt. With confidence, you can wear pretty much any shape and colour.

But here’s a fail-safe approach for those with oval or heart-shaped faces: round sunglasses. The O2GEN round glasses call out carefree fun loud and clear. We are crushing on the pair of deep Green sunglasses with gradient lenses. Pair this with an Olive Green, cool outdoorsy outfit and you’ll level up your look like never before. Dress those delightful rounds with a printed frame and wow the besties. Bag more than one of these classic round sunglasses from O2GEN and match to outfit and make the most of summer chic.

1.O2GEN Women Solid Round Sunglasses - O2-21-012-C4

2.O2GEN Women Printed Round Sunglasses - O2-21-018-C1

3.O2GEN Women Solid Round Sunglasses - O2-21-005-C3

When Geometry Becomes Fashionable…

…It becomes sunglasses. One of the top trends in sunglasses for Gen Y is geometrical sunglasses. Wear them oversized for greater impact. These sunglasses are a style statement for the man who doesn’t need to try too hard. A plain t-shirt, dark jeans and sneakers, topped off with a pair of O2GEN geometric sunglasses, and you’re a trendsetter. Purple, Brown or polarised lenses, with matching or contrasting frames, it doesn’t really matter – in this, the hero is the shape. Go for it!

1.O2GEN Men UV-Protected Geometric Sunglasses- O2-21-007-C2

2.O2GEN Men Solid Polarized Geometric Sunglasses- O2-21-007-C3-P

3.O2GEN Men Solid Rectangular Sunglasses - O2-21-016-C1

4.O2GEN Men Solid Rectangular Sunglasses - O2-21-006-C2

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