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Must-Have Makeup Products The Permanent Essentials

Must Have Makeup Products

The best makeup products are those that stand out and provide a dash of individuality and vitality to every look. You can achieve whichever style you want with the right makeup products, whether it is a special evening, a casual day out, or a formal event.

And nothing comes close to being able to shop for all your beauty necessities in one place! Skim through a wide selection of essential makeup products at Lifestyle to give your vanity an instant upgrade. We offer a variety of products for beginners as well as makeup artists’ must-haves. From face prepping products such as to highlighters for finishing touches that are suitable for everyone’s needs.

Let Lifestyle’s Assorted Makeup Products Enhance Your Features

Since cosmetics have become essential to the new beauty standards, we all scour beauty aisles in pursuit of the ideal product. But worry not because your quest is over as Lifestyle offers you 100% genuine makeup products that will help you achieve your desired makeup looks. Browse our extensive selection from the following categories:

1. Face Makeup Products

Lifestyle offers a great selection of face makeup products comprising the must-have contours, blush, highlighter, foundation, and concealer. These are basic products that help you achieve any makeup look you desire. We have face makeup products to suit every skin tone and type, and for a myriad of moods and occasions. You can go from day to night flawlessly with these essentials. Purchase face makeup products from top cosmetics brands in India to achieve a glowing complexion and a stunning makeup look.

COLORBAR Be Who You Want To Be Makeup Kit - Retro Chic 004

2. Lip Makeup Products 

Lip products bring life and radiance into any makeup look. No matter what type of lipstick finish you prefer — matte, creamy, glossy, or tinted — the top picks for lip care and makeup at Lifestyle will make your pout better. You can achieve a variety of looks, from bold and vibrant to delicate and mysterious, using the best lipsticks, liners, and tints from our lip makeup line-up. 

FACES CANADA Ultime Pro Belle De Luxe Jewel Cut Lipstick

3. Eye Makeup Products 

Your eyes are powerful communication tools that you should emphasise. Fortunately, now you can enhance your appearance using the most sought-after eye makeup products from the best makeup brands available on Lifestyle. The line-up includes Kajal, Eye Liner, Eye Shadow, Mascara, and more. Give yourself the appearance of your choice, either dramatic or angelic, with mascaras or a pop of colour on the eyeshadows.

FACES CANADA Ultime Pro Glitter Eyeliner - Blue 03

Must-Have Makeup Products: The Tools of Artistic Experiments

Here are some looks you can explore if you are looking for makeup ideas to rock at upcoming festive occasion or just feel confident every day:

Rhinestones and bright eyeshadow are trending right now, and you can also embrace your adventurous side with this new style. Use a good primer on the eyelid before playing with colours like lavender, sage, or aqua. You can also use a darker eyeliner to enhance the depth of your eyes. Add a few rhinestones to your brows, lid, and under-eye region, and you are sure to look Insta-worthy at the next party.

Any makeup enthusiast should master the classic smoky eye, which is a versatile and timeless style. The most well-known variant includes an intense eyeliner that gradually thins outward, giving a smoky appearance to the black eyeshadow. You can swap the black and dark colours for pale tones, like dusty rose or golden, for a summery look. 

If a dewy appearance is what you are looking for, make use of your foundation, highlighter, and bronzer to create an attractive sheen. Contour and highlight your features and use a shimmery blush for a radiant glow and tint that looks natural. Lastly, top it off with a tinted lip gloss that makes for an ethereal, glowing appearance.

Shop the Latest Must-Have Makeup Products at Lifestyle 

You can now ace your looks for any occasion with Lifestyle’s extensive selection of new makeup products. Shop from the convenience of your home for top-notch makeup products that are a must for your cosmetics range such as foundations, highlighters, eyeshadows, mascaras, lipsticks, and so much more. With our incredibly simple checkout process and secure payment options, Lifestyle makes your online buying experience simpler.


1. What all products are needed for basic makeup?

All basic must-have makeup products for beginners as well as professionals remain the same. You should have a moisturiser, primer, foundation, concealer, compact, blush, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, and lipstick in your makeup kit.

2. What is the most important makeup item?

A seamless application of makeup depends on a good face primer. A concealer and foundation combo are strongly recommended to get an even skin tone. Likewise, mascara is key to accentuating your eyes, while any lip product of your choice will draw attention to your lips. All these are important makeup items. 

3. What are some of the best-recommended makeup products?

The two most commonly recommended cosmetics are waterproof mascaras and matte lipsticks. Matte lipsticks provide a dramatic, full coverage look that is subtle enough to wear from morning to night. Waterproof mascara prevents smudging when you are in contact with sweat or tears.


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