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Stylish timepieces to mark National Watch Day

national watch day

National Watch Day is observed on June 19th to remember the invention of this piece of technology. With ever-changing trends and styles over the years, watches have been a constant on runways across the world. Celebrate this iconic fashion accessory on this day by buying yourself or a loved one a statement watch. Check out this selection for men and women…

Classics in men’s watches

One of the best ways for men to accessorise your outfits is by finding the right statement watch that will really set off your look. A good watch can make or break your look so invest in the right timepieces that are ageless and forever stylish.

Whether you like metal straps or traditional fabric ones, there’s a watch that will suit all your looks. Tommy Hilfiger’s water-resistant multi-functional watch has a detailed round dial in Black and Yellow encased in a broad stainless steel strap. You can pair this watch with casuals and formals alike so accessorise your jeans and t-shirt combination or work suit with it.

2.TOMMY HILFIGER Men Water-Resistant Multi-functional Watch - TH1791559

A more formal watch that will go better with shirts and trousers is Titan’s water-resistant analog watch with a White and Gold dial and a contrasting Brown leather strap.

3.TITAN Men Water Resistant Analogue Watches- NL679WL01

For the fitness buff, there’s always a smart watch or fitness band to choose from like the simplistic Timex design in all-black with all the features you need to track your exercise goals. Fossil’s Hybrid FB-01 Touch Smartwatch is another all-black design that is versatile and comes with many functions for an active lifestyle.

1.TIMEX iConnect Unisex Premium Active Smartwatch - TW5M38600

4.FOSSIL Men Hybrid FB-01 Touch Smartwatch- FTW1196

Accessorizing with women’s watches

There are many ways in which women can style watches into their outfits, be it with a statement watch that is the centre piece of your accessories or as a part of the rest of your jewellery. Look for timepieces that have different colours and patterns so you can match all your looks with the right one.

An all-metal watch like the Rose Gold piece from Michael Kors would be a stunning addition to your look. Enhanced by a studded circle, the minimalistic round dial is encased in a mesh strap of the same colour. Another metallic watch that is a must-have is Timex’s Solid Analog Watch in Silver with a subtle Blue dial. Both would pair well with casual and formal outfits, but especially with something more formal.

1.MICHAEL KORS Women Embellished Analog Watch- MK3845

4.TIMEX Women Solid Analog Watch- TWEL14801

If you like embellishments and stones, Titan Raga has beautiful options to choose from like the water-resistant analog watch with a studded bracelet and an elegant watch face. Pair this one with your evening wear or wear it for special occasions.

2.TITAN RAGA Women Water Resistant Analog Watch - NM2606WM01

If you’re looking for a smartwatch but want that touch of style to it as well as function, Fossil’s Gen 5E Women’s Smartwatch is perfect for you. Its countless features will help you track your goals while the broad silicon strap and Black and Pink studded dial makes it as much of a fashion accessory as any other watch on the market.

3.FOSSIL Gen 5E Women's Smartwatch - FTW6066

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