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All Glam New Year Makeup Looks that will Change the Game

gliter eye shadow

Celebrating new year’s eve with friends, family, and partners to cherish the new beginnings is a tradition held with a lot of warmth and positivity. And looking glamorous is undoubtedly the main requirement for these events, well at least for those of us who wish to look our best to mark the day.  Over the top, the main concern has always been about the new year makeup look and how to ace it. 

Whatever the tradition or occasion, the celebrations always start by putting on some impressive clothes and getting an impeccable makeover by putting some makeup on. Yes, even dancing, singing, and giggling with the people continues!  

How to Ace a New Year Makeup Look?

Even if celebrating it lowkey, there are no rules for wearing makeup and a dress at home. And why should there be? Isn’t new year’s eve for dolling up and feeling pretty? Here are some ideas which can be used for new years eve makeup

1. Show up with classic red lips

red lipsticks

Wearing a solid lip colour is the prompt approach to enriching the appearance if women have decided to carry the bold look, so the rest of the makeup can be as natural as they like. This classy red lip makeup is ideal for a new year makeup look. Anyone can find a red lipstick they like, wearing and shaping their lips with a lip liner giving a darker shade to ensure the colour stays on. Use lipstick with a Matt finish to give it a more subtle look. 

2. All the glitters are not gold, but anyone can be


gliter eye shadow

Take on an eyeshadow looks for the new year to hold everyone’s attention just like a shimmery work of art. Doing gold glitter on the eyelids and dramatic lips takes very little time. On top of that, using an eyeshadow brush, and applying glitter to the eyelids before applying bright lipstick will make women look chic. To make the eyes appear more uniform, they can use a single colour as the base on which to apply their glitter. Using this eyeshadow trick to apply the shimmer can give women a smooth look.

3. Get a rose-like glow

A foolproof strategy to enhance the new years eve makeup look without using many products at once is to apply the same colours on the lips, cheeks, and eyes. All anyone has to do to recreate this look is by applying the same colour’s eyeshadow, blush, and lipstick on their lips, cheeks, and eyes. They can consider applying contrasting colours in the corners of the eyes for a finishing touch if they want to add a slight twist. 

4. Put some tremendous graphic eyeliners 

graphic eyeliners

What makes graphic eyeliner so cool? It doesn’t appear easy, but it is effortless to put. Additionally, simply by trying this look, anyone can set themselves apart from the crowd because everyone else’s New Year’s makeup will probably be some mild shade of black. Coloured eyeliners are some of the must-have makeup products. One can use red or coloured eyeliner to trace their top lash line, then continue the line to the edge of their brow. Now they have just perfected this trend if they sweep it up and beneath the brow bone.

5. Purple is the colour of the year

Although purple doesn’t go very often with everything, new years eve eyeshadow looks are all about venturing beyond the comfort zone. Using an eyeshadow palette with vivid, monochromatic tones, get ready to experience a magnificent change in the new years makeup look. 

Grab a purple shade and swipe it over the eyelids and up to the brow bone after applying the preferred eyeshadow primer to the lids. Use a fluffy makeup brush to blend colours and put a pinkish shimmer inside the corners of the eyes to add dimension. To finish the look, add artificial eyelashes and a glossy nude lip.

purple eye shadow

6. A starry night look 

Shiny star stickers and crystals are counted among the best makeup products. Want to be the star of the show? To ensure, keep the rest of the makeup aside. And don’t worry; some glitter glue will hold them in place permanently. Get the crystals to enhance the new year makeup look

7. A lip stain for the night 

Wearing a lip stain is a great way to incorporate a current beauty trend and be ready for whatever the night may hold on New Year’s Eve. Apply the chosen lipstick shade to the centre of the lips, preferably in a bolder shade. To achieve a light, washed-out colour effect after applying, one can use a fluffy brush or finger to smooth the lipstick outward to the rest of the lips. The perfect finishing touches for this impression are bristle eyebrows and radiant skin. Use some of the best makeup brands to get stained lips. 

Tips for Creating a New Year Makeup Look

As winters are here, before getting the favourite makeup looks for new years eve, here are some of the winter makeup tips to effortlessly ace the everyday chic look:

  1. Hydrate the skin with an excellent moisturizer to eliminate dry and dead skin.
  2. Use sunscreen, even in winter, to protect the skin from harmful UV rays and pollutants.
  3. Use lip butter to give the lips the proper nourishment. 
  4. Use different serums according to the skin type to have a dewy look. 
  5. Prepare the skin with face cream and primer to have a flawless makeup base. 
  6. Use eye primers to get perfect eyeshadow looks for new years


Getting ready for the new year and achieving a flawless look can appear like a task, but deciding on the makeup look and knowing how to kill it can make it much easier, more than it sounds. So slay the fashion game this New Year’s eve by following the New Year Makeup Look tips shared by us.

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