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8 beauty products for the perfect night-time skincare routine


No make-up can achieve what good skin does! Sure, sunscreen and moisturizing is critical, but it is your night skin care routine that helps to deep cleanse, allowing for the cells to breathe and thrive. Your night time skin care routine also helps to nourish your skin to keep it glowing with good health.

Here is a tried tested regime broken up into easy night skin care routine steps. Sequences and choices of products may vary but several experts recommend you follow this sequence for your night face routine: Makeup remover, cleanser, toner, serum, eye cream, spot treatments, moisturizer and face oil.

Remove all traces of makeup

If you wear makeup, the first thing you need to do by way of your night-time skin care routine is to use a makeup remover to get rid of the makeup and the day’s pollution and grime accumulated on the face – to allow your skin to breathe easy.

Wash your hands, moisten a ball of cotton with the makeup remover and remove the makeup in gentle upward sweeps. Be particularly careful around the eyes where your skin is most fragile.

FACES CANADA Makeup Remover
FACES CANADA Makeup Remover – Click here to buy now.

The Faces Canada Makeup Remover is a good choice because it is water-based and therefore gentle on the skin. It moisturizes as it cleanses and also infuses healthy antioxidants into your skin – a veritable skin tonic!

Get to a clean base

Dirt, pollution, excess sebum and dead cells all accumulate on the face. Your night care routine for the face must include cleansing to remove all this and allow the skin to breathe and absorb the goodness of night potions optimally. Also, if you let the grime sit on your face overnight, it tends to seep into the pores clogging them.

THE FACE SHOP Master Blending Foaming Cleanser- Peach And Figue
THE FACE SHOP Master Blending Foaming Cleanser – Click here to buy now.

For those who like to have a foaming cleanser, the Face Shop Master Blending Foaming Cleanser is a great option. It comes with pore-controlling peach and fig extract that softens the skin and is deeply moisturising.

Prep the skin to absorb nutrients better

A toner helps to get rid of traces of grime and pollutants that may be lurking after cleansing and is good to include as part of your night face routine. Toners can also help minimize the appearance of pores. It balances the skin’s pH levels enabling the skin to absorb nutrients better.

LOTUS Organics Divine Petals Toner-Mist
LOTUS Organics Divine Petals Toner-Mist- Click here to buy now.

Fragrant, certified organic firangipani flower extract is the main ingredient in the Lotus Organics Divine Petals Toner-Mist. It soothes, refreshes and is an alcohol-free skin energizer.

Serums for that extra glow

Lighter than moisturizers, serums are fortified with vitamins and antioxidants, and penetrate the skin deeply to take care of blemishes, dark spots, acne, fine lines while nourishing the skin. Highly recommended for oily skin as part of the night care routine for the face.

LAKME Absorb Argan Oil Radiance Overnight Oil-in-Serum
LAKME Absorb Argan Oil Radiance Overnight Oil-in-Serum- Click here to buy now.

The Lakme Absorb Argan Oil Radiance Overnight Oil-in-Serum provides advanced nourishment and is a must-add to your night time skin care routine.

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Eye Cream is not an option

The skin around the eyes is fragile and prone to quick aging, and needs special care and extra hydration. You need to apply eye cream sparingly, and delicately. Don’t go too close to the eyes.

MYGLAMM Youthfull Hydrating Eye Cream With Water Bank Technology- 13g
MYGLAMM Youthfull Hydrating Eye Cream- Click here to buy now.

The MyGlamm Youthfull Hydrating Eye Cream comes with hyaluronic acid which helps trap moisture within the skin; shea butter which firms up skin and may help in reducing dark circles; and a mix of nutrient-rich seaweed and algae extracts.

Free your face of spots

Most of us suffer from this problem at some point or other: spots and blemishes left over from acne and other skin irritations. Spot treatment products are best used at night when they have maximum impact on the skin in rest mode. The treatments may include alcohol, salicylic acid, tea tree oil, charcoal, kaolin, bentonite and zinc sulphate.

INNISFREE Brightening Pore Spot Treatment- 30ml
INNISFREE Brightening Pore Spot Treatment- 30ml- Click here to buy now.

The Innisfree Brightening Pore Spot Treatment is a Korean origin, brightening spot treatment that may be used daily and can leave you with visibly clearer, brighter skin.

Moisturize and fortify

Dehydration, sun exposure, imbalanced diet and aging all reduce the skin’s natural moisturizing ability. Moisturizing is therefore critical and night-time moisturising even more. When one sleeps, the skin gets into healing mode, and the absorption and efficacy of the products are enhanced.

SUGAR Citrus Got Real Daily Moisturizer
SUGAR Citrus Got Real Daily Moisturizer- Click here to buy now.

The Sugar Cirtus Got Real Daily Moisturizer is packed with goodness: Vitamin C, orange peel oil, arginine, glycerine and castor oil. All this helps firm up, brighten and hydrate skin and that may prevent blemishes and dark spots. It is light, gets absorbed easily and has a beautiful refreshing citrusy scent.

Face oil for that deeper care

Emollient rich, these heavier products are a good add-on to your night time skin routine, and need to be used sparingly to avoid clogging up the skin. Face oils provide your skin with essential fatty acids and vitamins. Must-use for those with dry skin.

NYKAA Skin Potion 24K Gold Face Oil
NYKAA Skin Potion 24K Gold Face Oil- Click here to buy now.

The Nykaa Skin Potion24k Gold Face Oil provides super rich nourishment. The cold pressed oil from the Nykaa Natural Carrier Oils range is suitable for all skin types. A little goes a long way.

Now that you are equipped with this know-how, go ahead and upgrade your night time face routine!

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