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8 colours to wear this festive season


Colours take on different meanings and often evoke different emotions in people. Colours can say a lot about someone’s personality too, which is why we also associate certain colors with certain people. You’ll also often hear compliments that a specific color may really suit you. Despite that, it’s always a good idea to explore and fill your wardrobe with a myriad of colours.

We rounded up this year’s outfit color trend 2022 with different outfit colors to wear this festive season and here’s what we’ve got for you!

1. Blue

It symbolizes stability and reliability, and is associated with calmness, tranquility and order. The colour blue is a perfect balance between the monotony of the colour black and other bright shades. When paired with silver or gold jewelry, this colour almost gives off a regal vibe and is perfect to top the list of outfit colors for Diwali.

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2. Yellow

It is very common to associate yellow with all things happy and bright, and rightfully so. This color conveys warmth, hope and optimism in its every hue. Add a touch of brightness to your Diwali colored outfit with a splash of yellow from Lifestyle Stores. It will surely light up the occasion and you’ll be turning heads before you know it!

3. Pink

If you’re still wondering what to wear on Diwali, a pink outfit might be a good choice. A colour associated with affection, it’s often a popular choice for festive occasions. Pink is a versatile colour that matches every skin tone and every combination. Whether you pick a dark or light shade, this colour will never disappoint!

4. Red

Don a red ethnic dress and show off your confidence! Red is associated with passion, love, power and even anger. This colour is a bold choice, especially if you’re keen on making a fashion statement. So, get festive-ready with a red outfit that you like and chances are you’ll have everyone positively gushing over it.

5. Purple

Purple is a combination of warm and cool colours that universally looks good on everyone. Try a purple ethnic outfit and pair it up with some silver jewelry for extra oomph. Associated with royalty and power, this colour can really help you level up on your ethnic wear game.

6. Green

In many cultures around the world, the colour green is said to represent nature, harmony and growth. The festive season is all about that harmony! It’s a time when we reflect on our relationships and spend time with our loved ones. Moreover, this optimistic colour can be combined with various other shades. This means, you can pair it up with colorful accessories to go with your ethnic dress.

7. Beige

Closely related to the colour gold, this shade is a celeb favorite! This is what you’ll most likely find while browsing for trending colored outfits this Diwali. Beige makes you appear sleek and modern, and works well on all types of fabrics. The best part is that it can be paired with accessories of any colour and texture due to its versatility.

8. Brown

One of the most sought-after colours, brown is a crowd favorite. It comes in several warm, earthly and nutty hues that can be paired with just about anything in your wardrobe. However, the best part is that an ethnic brown outfit usually gives off an aura of sophistication, modesty and simplicity.

Whether you believe in the power of colour theory or not, these shades are sure to transform you into a goddess this festive season. Shop your favorite colours and ethnic outfits at www.lifestylestores.com or visit the nearest store in your area!

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