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Stylish Plus Size Outfit Ideas for Women

Plus ISze A line Skirt - Plus Size Outfit Ideas

Inclusivity is one of the most important aspects of fashion. It is only now that inclusivity is being given the importance it deserves. From gender-neutral clothing to plus-size outfit ideas, modern fashion is a space that welcomes and celebrates everyone without trying to change them. 

With more acceptance of all body types, plus-size outfit ideas and trends are currently all the rage. So, if you’ve been looking for some ideas, we have listed some of the best plus-size fashion ideas for you. Incorporate these in your style and wardrobe to dress unapologetically like yourself!

Plus Size Outfit Ideas to Explore and Experiment

Everyone is entitled to enjoy the latest trends and fashion-forward outfits. So, here is a list of best plus-size outfit ideas for women to flaunt some style.  

1. Shirts

These are an absolute essential for all the plus size ladies out there! From basics like white and black shirts to loud prints and flowy fabrics, you can flaunt a new look with every shirt. You can embody a curvy outfit idea with a pair of denim, ripped shorts, and a tank top with your favourite printed shirt over. Finish this casual plus size outfit idea with gladiators and a tote bag.

2. A-line Dresses

Dresses work great in accentuating curvy bodies, especially A-line ones. These are designed to give a snug fit on the upper body while flaring out at the waist, giving an A-shaped silhouette. You can rock this plus-size western outfit idea on your next day out with friends. Wear a block printed dress with a pair of ankle-length boots and turn heads!

3. Stretchable Jeans

Any wardrobe is simply incomplete without a good pair of jeans. And for a style and comfort win-win, opt for stretchable ones! These jeans will give you complete freedom of movement with a stylish, close fit showing off your curves. Not to mention, you don’t have to worry about chafed thighs. For the most comfy casual look, put together a cosy look with an oversized sweatshirt, stretchable jeans, and sneakers.

4. Overcoats

Overcoats and jackets can add an unmatched level of sophistication to your outfits, and there are so many to choose from! Needless to say, having an overcoat, such as a longline coat, and a denim jacket, cropped jacket, trench coat, or open-front coats goes a long way in elevating your favourite looks. For instance, you can style a longline coat over a solid top and trousers for a formal look.

5. Straight Fit Pants

While many different types of jeans are ideal for plus size body shapes, straight fit pants bring about a level of elegance you surely want in your wardrobe. Looking for business casual outfit ideas for plus-size ladies? Get a polished look that you can flaunt at several occasions by pairing white coloured straight fit pants with a solid black shirt and boots.

6. Skirts

Skirts are just about the best clothing item to invest in if you want to highlight your curves while also feeling comfortable and stylish. So, pair your favourite plaid flared skirt with a racerback top and chunky sneakers for a trendy and aesthetic outfit. You can wear this for special events as well as a casual day out, such as lunch with your girlfriends.

7. Off Shoulder Tops

Many outfits look even better when they highlight certain areas of your body, accentuating the right curves. Sleeveless and off-shoulder tops are definitely amongst these options. You can put show-off a plus-size brunch outfit idea with an off-shoulder top, skinny ripped jeans, and a pair of stylish block heels. You can tie the look together with a sling bag.

8. Bodycon Dresses

Finally, plus size or not, one simply cannot go wrong in a bodycon dress. They are extremely flattering and offer a snug fit that looks great at party or even formal occasions with the right accessories. Style your favourite bodycon dress with a pair of strappy heels, and carry a small handbag for all your essentials.

Put these Plus Size Outfit Ideas to the Test with Lifestyle 

At Lifestyle, you can shop for the products mentioned in the plus size outfit ideas above and more from the top clothing brands in India. We offer a convenient shopping experience both online and offline, so you can visit our local stores as well. We are proud to offer high-quality and affordable clothing for all, including all body types and shapes. So start shopping right away!


What looks best on plus-size?

Many different types of clothes, like straight fit pants, skirts, bodycon dresses, and shirts, look great on plus size bodies. You can style these in various ways according to the occasion, and don’t forget to wear whatever you want to with confidence!

What clothes to wear if you have a big stomach?

You can try out some simple tips, like creating an illusion with vertical stripes, drawing attention to another part of your body, pairing loose clothes with fitted ones to conceal a big belly. All of these tricks will help you highlight your curves in a flattering way.

You can visit Lifestyle Blog to check out Latest Fashion Trends, Clothing Ideas, and Accessories for Men & Women.

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Nikita Narayani
Nikita Narayani
1 year ago

Lifestyle stores are my absolute favourite not only because they have good clothes, but also they are size inclusive. I loved reading this piece on Plus Size Outfit Ideas for Women, and all the answers to the FAQs were a cherry on top. 

Nikita Narayani
Nikita Narayani
1 year ago

Lifestyle stores are my absolute favourite not only because they have good clothes, but also they are size inclusive. I loved reading this piece on Plus Size Outfit Ideas for Women, and all the answers to the FAQs were a cherry on top.

Rithik Agrawal
Rithik Agrawal
1 year ago

Not many online stores have plus-size clothing, but Lifestyle’s range is super inclusive. As a plus-size woman, I can say that all of these Plus Size Outfit Ideas for Women are gorgeous and will look stunning on anyone who tries them.