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Refresh your style: How to be more stylish in 2023


The countdown has begun, and we are only days away from starting the new year. With the celebrations of the new year comes the hope of new beginnings. The chance to start afresh. Have you penned down your new year’s resolutions as yet? It’s not just about promises to hit the gym or get started on that project collecting dust in a corner. Add some excitement to 2023 by refreshing your style! The new year brings with it new trends and styles and maybe even revives old ones, breathing fresh life into them. So why not give yourself a makeover? Explore and experiment, and who knows, you may find something better than before!

Here are some easy ways you can refresh your wardrobe and look like a brand-new you:

Look for inspiration

Don’t know what you can do differently? Social media platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram, or fashion magazines are great places to find style inspiration. You can also start paying more attention to the clothes your favourite celebrities and influencers wear to see how you can implement them into your own style.

A word of caution, though, blindly recreating the exact ensembles may not give you the same look you want. Let other people’s style inspire your own, meaning put your personal touch to it. Choose clothing and accessories in cuts, colours and designs that suit your body so you will always feel confident and look stylish no matter what you wear.

Check out the year’s trends

Each year’s season brings new trends, so keep looking for new ways to upgrade your wardrobe. Lifestyle Stores continually refreshes our collections with the latest in contemporary fashion. From casual and work wear to ethnic looks and athleisure, there are so many styles to choose from across our many categories. Look out for the latest fashion trends in 2023 by heading to our website!

Plan your outfits for the week

One of the downsides of hurriedly putting together an outfit with whatever you find at the front of your wardrobe is that you can’t make the most of your collection. You can look more stylish just by planning your outfits. It gives you the time to really think through how the overall look will appear, and you can make any changes you want.

When planning, add your shoes and accessories, even down to the tiniest of things like rings or socks, to your list so you can be sure how they will look.

DIY your old clothes

Are you getting bored with your old clothes? No, don’t throw them out. If you have some basic sewing skills, you can easily repurpose some of them with DIY. Cut off the sleeves to make a full-sleeved top a sleeveless or halter top variant. Trim the bottom of a top to create a crop top, or turn your jeans into shorts with a single snip. There are a lot of different ways you can reuse your old clothes instead of getting rid of them.

Try new combinations

If you’re not good with your hands to take up a DIY project, you can always wear your clothes differently to create new looks. For example, wear a belt tightly around your waist over a baggy shirt and wear it as a dress instead.

Have you noticed how you always reach out for the same combination of clothes? If it’s those blue jeans, you reach for that black t-shirt, or if it’s that red dress, it’s always those gold heels to go with it. One of the easiest ways to refresh your style in the new year is by trying different outfit combinations with your existing wardrobe. Don’t wait for 2023 fashion styling trends; go through what you have and think of ways you can give yourself a style makeover with them.

Change the finishing touches

Accessories can make or break your outfit. They’re an easy way to glam up even the most basic outfit. Think of a white t-shirt paired with blue jeans. If you were to add a necklace, bracelet, belt and handbag, it would spice up the look instantly. That’s the power of using accessories as part of your style. Depending on your preferences, you can go heavy or light with accessories and choose what works for you the best. Overdoing accessories could make your ensemble look gaudy, so try to balance them with your clothing.

Experiment with new makeup & hairdos

Looking more stylish doesn’t have to end with women’s fashion trends in 2023. You can get a complete makeover by changing the way you do your makeup or trying a different hairstyle.
Everyone gets into their comfort zone and does their hair and makeup the same way, with a few variations for occasions. Use this opportunity to try something new. Find a different way to do your eyeliner or wear new shades of lipstick. As for your hair, you could try a haircut to get started. Hair accessories go a long way in helping you create various hairstyles.

Ask a friend

Lastly, when in doubt, ask a friend! It never hurts to get a fresh perspective. If you have a friend whose style you like, why not get fashion advice from them? Many people get advice from their friends before they pick up a new dress or pair of shoes. That’s one of the reasons why changing room selfies or ‘chelfies’ have become so popular. So use it to your advantage and get some style advice to upgrade your look in time for the new year!

Here are a few more tips that are worth mentioning, so you have your best fashion year yet:

  • Don’t ignore comfort: No matter how stylish something may look, if it doesn’t feel comfortable to wear, it should be a no-go. You don’t have to choose between comfort and style.
  • Be authentic: Trends will come and go, but true style comes from authenticity. While taking inspiration is okay, you should aim to always express yourself the way you want.
  • Wear the right undergarments: Make sure to keep in mind the type of underwear you will be wearing when choosing your outfit. You want undergarments that will create a smooth silhouette and become one with your clothing, instead of creating creases and lumps.
  • Prioritise footwear: Glamourous footwear will always elevate your outfit regardless of how simple. A few pairs of eye-catching footwear will make dressing so much more fun.
  • Learn more about colour, prints & texture: These three elements add more interest to your outfit, and one of the key ways of stepping up your style is by learning how to mix and match the three.
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