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The Athleisure Obsession: How You Can Slay It


Who doesn’t love the idea of athleisure? Super comfortable, loose silhouettes that make you feel like you’re at home while still being as stylish as ever.

One well-picked athleisure outfit can take you from the gym to a casual day with friends and back to the desk for that video call. With sports-influenced collections by Kappa and Bossini, you can choose that effortlessly cool look every day.

Here are a few styling tips to keep in mind when donning that athleisure:

  • Pick solid colours: Embrace the minimalist in you to ace the athleisure trend. The best part about solid colours is that you can mix and match them with ease and create many different outfits along the way. Pick a few staple colours like whites, blacks and greys for your joggers and t-shirts.
  • Comfort is key: The best part about wearing athleisure is the super relaxed and comfortable feel of them. So pick pieces that are not too small or too big and fit you well so you are comfortable no matter what.
  • Balance and fit: Think about fit when you invest in athleisure. Even though comfort is important, the wrong fit will make it look sloppy and messy. You don’t want to wear oversized joggers or sweatshirts. Pick slim-fits or tapered joggers to look sharp.
  • Layer for swag: Top off your look with layers for that extra oomph. Whether it is a zipped sweatshirt or a bomber jacket, it is a sure-fire way to give your outfit a boost. Contrasting colours or even monochrome looks work as well.
  • Don’t forget the sneakers: No outfit is complete without a pair of sneakers for that finishing touch. They offer a level of comfort, style and versatility that a lot of other shoe styles don’t. Try an all-white or black pair to match several outfits.
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