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Unmissable Summer Makeup Tips to Nail Your Every Look This Season

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Summer is a beautiful time to bask in the warmth of the sun and explore your fun side. Long trips to the serene and picturesque beaches are a given. But, amidst all the frolic is the heat and humidity, closely followed by oily skin, melting mascara, awful tan, and runny makeup, to ruin your vibe. So, how can you do your makeup to match the cute summer outfits you’ve picked out for the fast-approaching summer? Fret not. We’ll give you some summer makeup tips to keep you well-prepared. 

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We know you’re bombarded with tons of content on makeup on Instagram and on the internet. But, even then, getting the best summer makeup tips is nearly impossible. So, we’re bringing you the eight best tips compiled after researching what top stylists from across the world suggest to their clients. So, let’s get started.

1. Hydrate Your Skin 

Excessive summer heat is known to dehydrate your skin. So, moisturising your skin to help beat the heat should be at the top of your summer makeup looks repertoire. Why? The dreaded oily skin. During the summer, your body increases sebum production – an oily and waxy substance to keep your skin from drying out, and even causing wrinkles. That’s why you should buy the best summer moisturizer Lifestyle has on offer and grab it right away.

2. Prioritise Sun Protection

Before you begin your search on how to do daily makeup in summer, zero in on good sunscreen. A good sunscreen keeps your skin protected from the harmful rays of the sun and prevents tanning. So, keep one of these summer makeup tips in mind, and get a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher. Also, make it a habit to apply it every four hours when indoors and every two hours if you’re out and about for maximum results. Of course, this goes for men as well. While shopping for summer outfits men should also invest in a good sunscreen. 

3. Sometimes less is more!

When you’re going against the mighty sun, you most likely will see your makeup cake out and get runny. In such cases, less is always more. So, if you can ditch your summer makeup products, you should consider it. One of the easier alternative summer makeup tips would be to use sunscreen, moisturiser, and toner to keep you looking your elegant best.

4. Get waterproof products

Ask any makeup artist for long-lasting makeup tips, especially for summer, and they’ll recommend you switch to waterproof formulas. That’s because the rising summer temperatures and the heat emanating from your body will make your makeup streak and ruin your mascaras. So, next time you’re shopping for products to pull one of your hot makeup ideas, pick up the waterproof versions of your favourites and avoid needing to touch up every few hours.

5. Don’t Miss Your Primer-Time

When you’re following your summer makeup routine step by step, always remember to use a primer first. In the summer heat, your pores work overtime and your makeup tends to slip off. One of your go-to summer makeup tips would be to use the primer at the start. An added tip if you’re going for a primer would be to invest in a good makeup remover, to get rid of it easily at the end of the day.

6. Embrace the Bronze

Last but not the least, when you’re googling for summer outfits women don’t forget to add a bronze highlighter to add the oomph to your outfits. Always ensure to top off your makeup with a metallic glow and bring out your complexion. Let your makeup sit for a couple of minutes, and then brush the highlighter onto your cheekbone, nose, and jawline to complete your show-stopper look.


1. How should I do my makeup in the summer?

One of the summer makeup tips experts believe in going with the less is more formula during the summer. So, opt for a moisturiser, a toner, and sunscreen.

2. How do I keep my makeup from melting in the summer?

You’ll need to invest in a good primer to prevent your makeup from melting due to the summer heat.

3. Is cream or powder better for summer?

When compared to cream, the powder is a much better makeup alternative for the summer. That’s because cream tends to turn shiny and even moves around your face in the heat.

4. Which moisturiser is best for summer?

Choose a light lotion or a gel-based moisturiser, as they’re adept at countering the oiliness your skin produces during the summer.

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