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The 8 best bras for different occasions


Have you ever felt like you have the right outfit but the wrong bra to wear? Well, you’re not alone! These 8 bras will solve this problem, so you have that seamless silhouette no matter the occasion. If you’re always wondering which bras you should buy when shopping, this guide is for you…

1. Seamless bras

As versatile as bras get, one of the best bras for daily use is the seamless bra. Unlike seamed bras, these bra styles have moulded cups that don’t have any visible lines. You will notice the benefits of these bras when you wear tight-fitted clothing. They give a much smoother, rounder appearance to your bust. You can choose between non-padded and padded bras depending on the day. Padded bras have the added advantage of nipple coverage too.

Amante’s seamless bra in Pink is a good place to start when looking for this type of bra style. The underwiring adds more support and lift, while the light padding gives a more sculpted look.

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2. Strapless bras

Want to wear a halter top or an off-shoulder dress? Then a strapless bra is what you need! As the name suggests, strapless bras don’t come with shoulder straps, or even if they do, they are detachable. Just like with seamless bras, you can find different styles to figure out what kind of support you need and when. Pick from padded, push-up or wired styles.

Show off your shoulders and wear those more daring looks in your wardrobe with a strapless bra like the pretty one from Enamor. The Mint Green bra has a detailed floral print and a broad band for extra support when you go strapless.

3. Sports bras

Sports bras are essential types of bras you should know about if you’re someone who loves to be active. They are designed in such a way to provide your breasts with extra support while you exercise. They minimize movement that prevents discomfort and pain when running or jumping. You can also find sports bras that specially cater to your physical needs – low impact bras for light exercise like yoga or Pilates, medium impact bras for a moderate movement like cycling or power walking and high impact bras for cardio workouts, running or sporting activities.

Start your collection with the Olive Green sports bra from Kappa. The full coverage bra with a broad band and thick straps come with bold prints on the surface – style and function altogether!

4. Minimizer bras

Meant for women with a bigger bust, minimizer bras are definitely among the best bras for different occasions. These bras have full coverage cups reinforced with additional seams that provide more support than a traditional bra would. They provide the comfort and support you need to go through your daily activities without shoulder, back or breast pain. Minimizer bras also give the appearance of smaller breasts.

Enamor’s minimizer bra in Purple with a lacy overlay is a stylish choice in this category. Made with adjustable straps, it has a non-padded and wired design.

5. Push up bras


Push up bras are designed to give the appearance of having bigger breasts. These bras do the exact opposite of what minimizer bras do. They give your cleavage a boost naturally and come in various designs that will suit anything you wear.

Amante’s wired push-up bra in Dark Blue is a simple, elegant pick for your outfits.

6. Bralettes

If you want to wear a bra without the hassle of underwire poking you or elastic bands pinching your skin, the perfect answer is a bralette. Made to look like a bra but feel like a crop top, these make great special occasion bras. You can style them in many different ways – under an open blazer or jacket, as a blouse for a sari or lehenga, as a crop top with a skirt or jeans… the styling options are endless!

Try out the lace-detailed bralette from Triumph. The wire-free design has White cups, a pretty Green lace overlay, and a broad supportive band.

7. Maternity bras

As your breasts grow while pregnant, your old bras won’t fit anymore, and it’ll soon be time to switch to maternity bras. This type of bra style comes with a soft lining for added comfort, but they also have a broader band and thicker straps for additional support. Some maternity bras also double up as nursing bras. This means they come with detachable cups to make breastfeeding easier.

Triumph’s Beige maternity bra with straps in a darker shade has detachable cups that you can unhook from the main strap.

8. T-shirt bras

Like seamless bras, t-shirt bras are also some of the best bras for daily use. And just like seamless bras, they are either seam-free or have minimal stitching for a smoother look. Made to be worn underneath a fitted t-shirt, these bras can be worn under any clothing, be it western or ethnic wear.

The Red wired t-shirt bra from Triumph is embellished with a glamourous print on the surface.

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