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The only men’s fashion checklist you need for a vacation

The only men's fashion checklist you need for a vacation

If you love the warm weather, you’re definitely looking forward to a sunny vacation, a chance to escape the humdrum of everyday life. Don’t think about it too much. Go ahead, and book those tickets now! And if you need a checklist to ensure you’ve got all the clothing you need to enjoy your holiday, keep scrolling to know more. These essential travel clothes for men are all you need…

Essential Men’s Fashion Checklist For A Vacation

Black t-shirt

Keeping things simple and relaxed yet stylish is the key to acing vacation style, and what better way to get started than with the versatile Black t-shirt. Definitely one of the essential travel clothes for men, what makes a solid Black t-shirt so perfect for a vacation is that you can pair it with just about everything else you carry with you, be it shorts or pants. And you can dress it up by adding a jacket if dinner dates or meetings are on the cards.

Casual shirt

Another effortless way to level up your holiday look is by adding a casual shirt into the mix. If you pick the right styles, you can team it with a variety of bottoms, just like the Black t-shirt. You can carry a few different shirt designs to go with different looks – a tropical print half-sleeved shirt for the beach, a printed full-sleeved shirt to pair with shorts to go sightseeing and even a solid full-sleeved shirt to wear with chinos for dressier events.

Lightweight hoodie

A holiday classic that will work with most of your vacation attire is a lightweight hoodie or sweater. You can save it for cooler evenings or even for when you’re stepping out of the water. Pick a neutral colour like Black, Brown, Navy Blue or Grey so you can team it with various bottoms.


Shorts are all you need to really get into the holiday spirit and melt into your beachside lounger. You can pick from different designs depending on your style. Chino shorts or flat front shorts would look good with a Polo t-shirt or casual shirt, while athletic shorts or cargo shorts would pair perfectly with a simple t-shirt. So, go ahead, add a few pairs of shorts to your must-have men’s packing list items!


For days when shorts may not be appropriate for the setting, you can never go wrong with chinos. Much more comfortable than denim with as much style as casual or formal trousers, a pair of loose-fitted chinos are ideal for a vacation, especially a warm weather one. Usually made in breathable fabrics like cotton and linen, they’ll let you move around with ease as you go about your exciting day.


If you are spending some time relaxing in your hotel room, you could opt for the more versatile pair of boxers for your innerwear over briefs or boxer briefs. Since they are designed to look like shorts and come with pockets, you could easily just wear them on their own while indoors.


If you pick your sneakers correctly, you could wear them just about anywhere while you’re on vacation. Their comfort and casual style make them a classic go-to in men’s fashion, and this way, you don’t have to worry about carrying a few different pairs of shoes. A neutral pair with a minimal print and neutral colours like White or Black should be added to your fashion essentials for a seamless travel experience.


A must for a sunny holiday, a cap or hat will not just add some style to your outfit but also keep you protected from the sun. Spending long hours at the beach or walking about exploring your holiday destination will expose you to harsh sun rays that cause sunburn in the short term and could lead to other problems in the long run. Wearing a cap is the easiest way to keep you safe while enjoying your time.


As with a cap, sunglasses, too, have a two-fold benefit – great style and sun protection! An iconic pair of sunglasses like Aviators or Wayfarers will create an unforgettable fashion statement, and they can be teamed with your entire vacation wardrobe. Wearing sunglasses will also protect your eyes from the sun and its many damaging effects. So, don’t forget to add this fashion accessory to your travel packing checklist for men.


Last but not least, apart from your main suitcase or travel backpack, having a smaller one to carry around town while you sightsee will come in handy. It’s much more convenient than a handbag, and the comfort of carrying it over your shoulders will let you move more freely.

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