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The work wear essentials all men need in 2023


It’s no secret that men’s work wear has changed over time, and more and more people are embracing a more relaxed style. This is truer after the pandemic ended and people started returning to work. If you work from an office in 2023, this work wear guide is exactly what you need.

If you have a year-round men’s wardrobe filled with the right essentials, you don’t have to worry about creating different outfits throughout the year. Whether your office follows a strict dress code or has a start-up vibe, turning up to the office looking professional goes a long way in how you are perceived and how confident you feel about yourself. So that’s why we’ve curated this list of essentials for the year. From casual shirts to cosy socks, this list has it all! It’s got everything you need to ace that 9 to 5 style.

Clothing essentials

Casual Shirts

A fundamental part of men’s fashion, casual shirts are so versatile in how you can style them. From floral prints to pinstripes, they should be your go-to option for everything from a brunch to a work meeting. For work, a solid shirt like this rust-red shirt from Levi’s will smarten up any outfit for the office.

Formal Shirts

The stiff collar, tighter fit, and fabric primarily differentiate a formal shirt from a casual one. They also come in more conservative colours like white, black and navy blue, but you do get patterned formal shirts too. If there is one formal shirt your men’s wardrobe essentials require, it is a plain white shirt like Code’s slim-fit formal shirt. You can wear it with a variety of pants.

Polo T-shirts

It’s not just about fashion shirts for men. An excellent option for work wear is a Polo t-shirt. Polos are the perfect way to get a casual vibe while being impeccably dressed. You can wear them with formal or informal trousers, chinos or dark-wash jeans. Blackberrys’ pink Polo t-shirt with a subtle print elevates any ensemble.

Henley T-shirts

For casual Fridays, or if you have to go to the office over the weekend, you can opt for Henley t-shirts. They are dressier than crew neck t-shirts but as comfortable. The collarless full-sleeve shirt is a classic in men’s clothing and works well in the colder months. Allen Solly’s navy blue Henley shirt will help maximise your work wear style. So upgrade your basic men’s t-shirts to a Henley today!

Bomber Jackets

Besides blazers and coats, you can choose to wear a minimalist bomber jacket over your work ensembles. The black zip-closure bomber jacket from Fame Forever Active will personalise your style.

Casual Trousers

Enhance your everyday work wear with casual trousers – a must-have in every man’s wardrobe. The blue, slim, casual trousers from Arrow will take any outfit to the next level. These classic trousers can be teamed with shirts and your t-shirts so you can make an impression at the office.

Formal Trousers

Ace your dressing style for men with formal trousers. Try Park Avenue’s slim-fit formal grey trousers with a mild striped design. Ideal for meetings and other formal events, the well-fitted trousers will get you compliments everywhere you go.

Dark Wash Jeans

Wear jeans to work? We say yes! If done right, dark wash jeans can become a part of men’s fashion style for the workplace. Paired with a Henley or Polo t-shirt and quality shoes, dark wash jeans are business casual appropriate. Pick a fitted pair like these black slim-fit jeans from Jack & Jones for your work outfits.

Innerwear essentials

Inner Vest

There are many advantages of vests and undershirts in men’s clothing. Wearing a vest under your shirts will protect them from sweat stains as the vest absorbs the moisture instead. Wearing one is especially helpful when you are wearing light-coloured shirts. Vests or undershirts also shield your skin from the fabric, so your skin doesn’t get chafed or irritated. Stiff and starched shirts tend to feel uncomfortable against the skin. Lastly, they also add a layer of warmth for colder days. If adding vests to your wardrobe, you can try Fame Forever’s solid round-neck inner vests made of soft cotton.


Briefs or trunks designed to sit tight against your body are the best for work wear. Casual and formal trousers and slim-fit jeans tend to be tighter around the hips compared to loose-fitted styles. And loose underwear like boxers may bunch up, causing unsightly seams and lumps. Fame Forever has a collection of solid trunks in dark colours that are ideal for this.

Accessory essentials

Analog Watch

These watches are the oldest in design but have yet to lose their appeal over the years. The minimalist and classy design always lends a sophisticated charm to any outfit, making them suitable for work wear. The black Tommy Hilfiger watch is a timeless option.


While sunglasses aren’t usually a part of work outfits, there are times you would need to wear them, especially in the summer. When making your choice, go for classic designs that blend into your look, such as Wayfarers or Clubmasters. Opium’s Wayfarer sunglasses in black are a great example of this.


Although ties have lost popularity over the years, nothing looks better than a formal suit. You should have at least one tie to go with your men’s style clothes. Code’s dark blue formal tie will go with most of your outfits.


Wallets are functional and look presentable when paired with office wear. They also give you a chance to coordinate your accessories. One of the ways to do this is to have the same colour wallet, belt and shoes. Tommy Hilfiger’s textured bi-fold wallet is a choice you can’t go wrong with.


Not only are belts a great accessory to add interest to your formal wear, but they also help your pants fit better on your body. The solid reversible formal belt from Tommy Hilfiger with black on one side and brown on the other will look smart on any pair of pants.


Socks help to absorb excess moisture and control foot odour. They may also make stiff shoes more comfortable. The key to wearing socks with formal pants is to match the sock colours to the colours of your outfit. Code’s set of five striped socks comes in the neutral colours you need most for office wear.

Footwear essentials

Chukka Boots

Chukka boots are a great alternative to classic boots. Reinvent business casuals with these refined boots. If you pair Lee Cooper’s brown chukka boots, add them to dark brown trousers and a beige shirt.

Lace-up Shoes

If you want to wear casual shoes like sneakers with formal or business casual, the way to do it is to go for sleek designs like these shoes from Louis Philippe. Stay clear of bright colours and chunky-styled sneakers, and choose muted, minimalistic ones instead.


These shoes are trendy in men’s fashion. They are a dressy alternative to laced shoes and are usually styled without socks. Code’s brown loafers have the formal demeanour needed for trousers and dress pants.

Formal Shoes

From Oxford shoes to Derby shoes, there are quite a few formal shoe options for men’s wardrobe essentials. The black formal shoes from Clarks have a textured finish for extra style. Regardless of the type you choose, having at least one pair of black formal shoes is a must for your work wear.

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