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Top 18 Fashion Tips for Men on How to Dress Sharp

Fashion Tips for men

As is true for many other things, there is always more to learn about fashion. Contrary to popular belief, dressing right is a lot about knowing the little tidbits of fashion tips for men that will elevate your look in an instant. This quick style guide includes 18  style fashion tips for men that will change your fashion game forever.

Fashion Tips for men

Classic Fashion Tips for Men

1. Wear a Suit Well

One of the best fashion tips for men is to always have a suit in their wardrobe. You can never go wrong with classic neutrals. The key is to buy one that fits just right.

2. Invest Wisely in a Watch

Watches are the best men’s accessories that will build a solid foundation for other pieces. This stylish piece is also an investment that will be passed down through generations so invest in a timeless analogue.

3. Don’t Shy Away from Colour

Regardless of what traditional society often has to say about men’s fashion, colour adds life to your wardrobe. Never shy away from the opportunity to flaunt a vibrant red, green, yellow or even pink!

4. Wear your Jeans Until they are Yours

Denims are a street style men’s fashion staple in any collection and the key to wearing them right is waiting for that worn out, distressed look. Among fashion tips for men, remember that jeans look the best when they have lost the crisp element to your fit.

5. Spend Money on Shoes

It has been rightfully said that no men’s fashion clothing range is complete without the right footwear. Make sure you keep in mind fashion tips for men to spend money on classics like Oxfords, sneakers, loafers, boots, and more so you have just the pair for every occasion.

6. Dress for the Occasion

While it is important to dress the way you find best, it is also important to know the occasion you’re dressing up for. Dressing right for any occasion is essential to fitting in.

7. Accessorise Appropriately

Fashion tips for men dictate that accessories will always add to any outfit you’re wearing so choose some staples like rings, bracelets, etc. and enhance them with earrings, lockets, watches and such when the occasion commands.

8. Know When to Stick to Classics

Fashion is a lot about experimenting but never forget the value of classic fashion pieces. Know when classics will be the most impressive choice and go simple for the event.

9. Incorporate Prints and Patterns

Only solids can get boring real quick so make sure to add fun prints to your looks. Not only does this enhance the style element, it also mixes some personality in your outfits, especially in summer outfits for men!

10. Cologne for the Win

An essential men’s dressing tip is to never skip out on cologne. Your natural deodorant more often than not doesn’t work so find a prime scent and stick to it.

11. Don’t Be Scared to Overdress

There is nothing wrong with being the best dressed so if you feel the need to, go overboard! 

12. Skincare is Essential

Fashion tips for men are simply more fun if you have clear skin to compliment your look so take proper care of your skin. Have a clear routine with basics like cleansing, moisturising and sunscreen, at the very least.

13. Find Sunglasses that Complement Your Face

Sunglasses instantly become a part of your outfit when you put them on. Remember to find a pair that adds to your face shape.

14. Establish a Comfort Zone

Experimenting is surely fun but for days when you don’t feel up for it, establish a comfort zone with essential items that you can always fall back on.

15. Take Your Layering Game Up a Notch

When it comes to layers, it’s a whole new world out there so incorporate some layers like leather jackets, varsity jackets, and men’s denim jacket outfit into your looks. This is an important fashion tip for skinny guys as it helps add some bulk.

16. Follow Trends that interest You

Fashion trends will always be coming your way and if a particular one interests you, let go of any insecurities and give into the rage!

18. Remember Your Measurements

An essential fashion tip for men’s dressing is to always know your size. The wrong size can make even the best outfit look poorly coordinated. This is an especially necessary fashion tip for tall guys.

19. Dress Your Age

While it is common to feel the need to dress younger or older, trust that dressing your age is the only way to dress smart. All else turns into sleazy combinations that you can definitely go without.

Keep Up With Essential Fashion Tips for Men

Needless to say, you will never go wrong with these simple fashion tips for men. Keep them in mind and shop from the top clothing brands in India at Lifestyle!

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Shray Gupta
Shray Gupta
1 year ago

These are some of the best fashion tips for men I have read in over a year. The ones about accessorizing more, skincare and prints are something that I will be following from now on. This was an excellent read!

Ayush Kothari
Ayush Kothari
1 year ago

Styling is not my strong forte but this article has listed some great Fashion Tips for Men that helped me in reshuffling my wardrobe.

Aarti Gade
Aarti Gade
1 year ago

What a unique and extensive list of Fashion Tips for Men! One of the best pieces I have read on Men’s fashion in a while. The best part was that the writing was to the point. I am definitely going to upgrade my wardrobe after reading this.

1 year ago

These are some really good Fashion Tips for Men! I have an important meeting and get-together in a few days and I am very happy I stumbled upon this article tight on time! All for these ideas are really chic and trendy.